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  1. I'm really excited about this game coming up this year. Since PS2 times we didn't have a Fatal Frame / Project Zero game on Playstation consoles. Now the real question is, will it be physical version or digital only?
  2. Tekken Tag Tournament HD
  3. Had that problem. I just stopped trying to buy in the vita store for a week and when I came back to buy, the problem disappeared.
  4. Well, this feels good, now I have ''enough time'' to buy every game I want. The bad thing is that they are quite expensive. Should we hope a PS3/VITA sale? Maybe not
  5. Yeah, it used to be on the EU Stores for €9.99, now it's only available on the US Store for $19.99
  6. Is the patch necessary (NA version) for the platinum? or the trophies will unlock normally without updating?
  7. Fixed links for ninja info card requeriments: This helped me a lot.
  8. Pac-Man World series 1,2,3 and Pac-Man World Rally, all in one pack Also Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross
  9. One of my favorite games back in the day
  10. Super Meat Boy I also have Dragon's Crown, if you want to do coop DM me
  11. Not sure if there is a post with this topic but as I could see there is not. Basically that, share one of your favorite videogame intro. It could be cinematic or playable intros, so feel free to comment below. I start with this one: