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  1. I agree subnautica was one of my favourite survival games because you actually felt like the world was against you. Seeing that ghost reaper and that weird glowing crab thing for first time are things I never forgot. However in below zero there really wasn’t anything scary or too difficult. Getting to the lava zone for the first time in subnautica felt so satisfying but getting to that Crystal looking place in below zero I was like meh easy. The creature down there was the only scary thing in the game too. I mean the game was really good in general travelling on land was interesting but felt like it could have been better and the story was also interesting but not as good as subnautica mainly because there was less mystery to it since there was people already on the planet studying it. I dunno in the end to me it felt like a glorified dlc.
  2. Actually this has been happening to me as well although for me it’s only until recently. The first controller I got a few years ago got analog drift after 2 years and the last one I got just around half a year ago got drift just after a month. Not sure if there is some way to prevent this but yeah it’s annoying.
  3. FINALLY! After nearly 600 HOURS I’ve finally got all the crowns I honestly can’t believe it’s over. Anyways for anyone reading this in the future here’s how many kills the final monsters took, Velkhana,185, blackveil Vaal Hazak,74, lunastra,112, and namielle, 62. Thanks to everyone for all the advice on how to get this. See you all later
  4. I platiumed the game awhile ago. I just pretty much chased her until she decided to fight me. I’m guessing you either have to get close to her a number of times or get close when she’s at a certain platform. I got the s rank on furier on my second attempt it’s actually not that difficult because I died a couple of times and still got it. Hope this helps
  5. Back when subnautica released on PS4 it was very glitchy and it took awhile for most of the stuff to be fixed so I just want to sure this isn’t like that. Also how is it compared to subnautica all I know is that you’re character talks and you’re on sea and land. Thanks in advance
  6. I’m almost certain getting crowns with lures are the same as silver/gold investigations. I’m currently doing velkana 120 kills and still no large crown. I’d recommend doing tempered investigations if you’re really good, or if you’re not (like me) just do lures or the investigations it’s unfortunately way too rare. It’s so crazy I’ve stopped playing it for awhile. Might go back at it Later in the week, or month
  7. Yeah I’ll keep this topic open Incase other people have other recommendations. I’m very surprised at how many great games on the store I missed out on
  8. Hey guys just heard that Sony has said they have decided to not close the stores down. PSP store will still close down but ps3 and vita will remain open. Also thanks for all your recommendations
  9. I’m in Ireland so I guess it’s us only
  10. Some of the games I’ve looked up like rain aren’t showing up on store I’m guessing some of them are delisted unfortunately
  11. Thanks I like all the mini reviews you gave I’m surprised how big this topic got overnight I actually forgot about this. Remember playing it back in the day then gave up when it was too difficult. Guess I should go back and try again thanks Thanks for all these recommendations everyone some of them like rain don’t appear to be on store though.
  12. Woah thanks that’s a lot of recommendations. Might not be able to go through them all though. I actually remember Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter way back in the day. It’s interesting seeing how much I missed out on.
  13. Interesting I just assumed thatgamecompanys games were just digital I also completely forgot they’re was a sly trilogy HD collection. I’ll check these out and some of the avatars too. Thanks
  14. Hey everyone so I just heard that Sony is shutting down the ps3 stores, even though it wasn’t “perfect” it’s still sad to see it go. Anyways before it goes I’m just wondering if there’s any digital exclusives I’ve missed out on and since there going to be gone for good it’s now or never. I’d also like to hear any ps1 games on store. Here’s the digital games I’ve already played (might have more but these are ones I remember). Fat princess Crash bandicoot 1,2,3 sly Cooper 1,2,3 spyro 1,2,3 flow flower journey Thanks in advance
  15. I got the trophy and plat awhile back. I mostly did the ones before epilogue and I always skipped the cutscenes, then again there were some missions I gave up on and was like I should I have got that so maybe it was that. Anyways should be safe enough it’d be pretty damn unfair if it was in more than one.