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  1. i'm going for Rainbow Moon, The Walking Dead platinum, trying to 100% Tokyo Jungle, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, and Plants vs. Zombies since they don't have platinum,
  2. since Christmas day 2011 ... used to play video games a lot up until about 2001 ... was out of the loop for about 10 years, so i'm trying to make up for lost time lol
  3. I just finished Episode 4 a few hours ago... I was never really into the Walking Dead, but I got the first 2 episodes for free with PS+ and I've been hooked ever since. Had to catch up on the tv show too and trying to save up money to buy the comics. I think my favorite episode of the game so far has been Episode 2. Can't wait for Episode 5
  4. I have to agree, although I live longer as predators