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  1. You're welcome Bloke, anytime bro. Once again congratulations on the platinum 👏 and yeah the connection is definitely down to the loss in the Emu war 😂
  2. So I've just watched a video from MisterFreeze2266 saying that IO plan to integrate Hitman 1, 2 and 3 into a single game called 'Hitman: World of assassination'. I have no idea what this means for the trophy lists, like will it change on the list individually from Hitman 1, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 into one singular Trophy list such as 'Hitman: World of assassination'?. He also says in the video that the option to buy Hitman 1, 2 and 3 will be gone from Digital stores (The physicals will be fine to use on their own so don't worry) and onwards from January 26 there will be just one game to buy digitally called 'Hitman: World of assassination'. Thoughts?
  3. I've completed the Japanese chapter Midway Atoll more times than I can count and the trophy is still not unlocking, I've completed midway atoll on simplified difficulty, First carrier fleet on realistic difficulty and Counterattack on simplified difficulty. I don't know if you have to complete all 3 missions on the same difficulty for it to unlock. Any input would be greatly appreciated, has anyone else had problems with this trophy?
  4. I can 100% confirm this works, I completed the game 3 times and before each attempt I deleted my save file from the XMB and to no avail. I tried the 'New game' feature in the menu and upon completing the campaign I unlocked the last 3 big trophies. If you're having trouble popping the Plat then give this method a try all while maintaining a clean save (No alarms, no more than 3 kills per level and no medkits) and it should work.
  5. But when I tried uninstalling the patch, it wouldn't even let me load up the first level. How did you do it?
  6. I can confirm this works, I was on my 2nd day of playing Justice for all demolition consecutively and getting way over 50,000 Vektan dollars and it didn't pop, but when I loaded it up today (My 3rd day) the trophy popped before I even loaded the main menu. Good shout
  7. If it is, nobody posted anything about it here so I thought I would to help people out 👍🏻
  8. While I was in a boosting session today, we discovered that if you change your Date to 22nd of November 2012 (22/11/12) in your PS3 'Date and Time' settings, the game recognises that it's a 'Double XP day' for you therefore granting you Double XP for the first 60 minutes in-game time. (Bare in-mind though if your PS3 restarts for any reason you'll have to set the date again), Combine this with your session and boosting methods and you'll be Level 50 in no time at all. Credit goes to Strike-Runner96 for finding this method.
  9. Exactly! All the rooms feel similar and there's so many elevators and loading rooms which make it feel longer, if that's the case then I can't wait to get all the collectibles done. Still though 4 playthroughs 😭
  10. I've been playing this game CO-OP with my fellow gamer @FreshFromThaDeli and we both agree that the game with its backtracking and side content even though appreciated really drags on and is just annoying, like the game is called Dead space and takes place on a planet for god knows how many chapters, not even considering you have to play through 4 times minimum to get the Plat. Anyone else felt as though it dragged when playing through it?
  11. Just wondering how many online trophies there are and how difficult, as there's no trophy guides available
  12. Jeez I didn't even know that Sony actually grades games on whether they're Plat-worthy or not, its kinda ridiculous in all honesty Quite underrated i find tbh They probably just copied the trophy system from the first game and thought 'screw it, we don't really need a Plat'
  13. I've always wondered why this game and its predecessor have no Platinum trophies, I mean it just doesn't make sense to me considering this one alone has (including expansions) 146 trophies to be earned but no Platinum as a final reward. Why on earth do the Devs do this?
  14. Ah I see, so in theory when you're on the game the online pass will have automatically been given to you? Have I got that right?
  15. Hi guys I'm looking to buying this on disc and buying the Awakened DLC to get the 100% but have no idea if the online pass is automatically given to you upon starting up the game, I read somewhere that the online pass cannot be obtained anymore leaving the online Co-op trophies unobtainable. Is the online pass given to you by default?