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  1. The same for me, however revisiting planets and grabing ONE thing which happens to be at the end of the HUGE level could be really a pain in the ass.
  2. Dark Souls 2 - I went for the platinum but I had to do this offline and I simply failed at hard grinding.
  3. Far Cry 5 - it is a great game and really fun and nice platinum
  4. D - Darkest Dungeon - do I have to explain it? It took me two and half year to finally get this shiny plat and I did not even touch DLCs
  5. exactly! most of my trophies i got without any boosting sesions etc (one or two trophies we boosted maybe), i was just having fun with my girfriend and other peeps. some beers, some people and this game - this is seriously a reciepe for so much laughs :))
  6. Darkest Dungen - platinum took me 2 years and 6 months.
  7. South Park - The Stick of Truth I played this game, but I have missed ONE friend at the beginning and I could not force myself to replay this whole game again (a few times due to a few other missible trophies), so... yeah. Stick of Truth it is.
  8. it requires at least two playthroughs and some trophies are extremely missable and are not explained proplery. Belive me, I have been testing this game for 9 months
  9. I do not reach any of them but I read in the internet that they are not
  10. I actually liked the game, it has very nice, calm tone and I really enjoyed it.