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  1. Still working
  2. I do not know if this game is criminnaly underrated, but I want to recommend The Deadly Tower of Monsters - it's a very funny, light and easy platinum game with an AMAZING retro sci-fi atmosphere. I've enjoyed every singile minute of it.
  3. https://discoelysium.fandom.com/wiki/Hardcore_Mode
  4. syr for the confustion, updated Certainly must love party games as That's You Plat Trophy requires shitloads of parties haha
  5. this muthafooka is insane, he platinumed the fukken Fall Guys. I'm geniuly scared
  6. maybe getting the last tape by anarchy man mini game is the problem here? I got anarchy man as a 5th cassete, got the 6th one and got the trophy
  7. finish Rachet and Clank my brother!
  8. Claire took me 3 years and 1 months second of many from my "completing old games from my beginnings with PS4 console" list.
  9. Mortal Kombat. Grindy as hell, totally not worth it.
  10. Uncharted Collection! You already got through the hardest plat in the series (U4) so why not got through the older ones and enjoy them?
  11. I suggest Concrete Genie, very relaxing, fun and chill game with an "young teen 00s movie" vibe. It was in PS Plus month or two ago. Just platinumed it and i truly enjoyed it.
  12. Alien Isolation. I "only" have to complete the whole game without dying. Attempted to do this twice, failed. Never touched the game since that (5 years).
  13. Outlast 2. It's just not worth it IMO.
  14. All of the Yakuzas' plats man! They required so much time, rspct!!!
  15. Until Dawn! It's such a good game and such an eazy platinum, and you already have most of the trophies :))