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  1. I did the exact same. Especially when Valhalla’s platinum took 100+ hours, I just figured I’d rather enjoy the ride and do it once on PS5 rather than settle on PS4 and get two plats.
  2. Just sent a request! From Slipknot_fan007.
  3. The completion % is more from the handful of years where I didn’t try for plats much, but the last two or three years I’ve been much much better about it, so it bothers me more than it used to, that’s all. I’ll probably snag the game at some point once I finish what I’m currently playing!
  4. I would be getting the PS5 version if I were to buy it, which from various comments, seems like the better choice of the two. I will keep that in mind then if/when I do buy and shoot you a request! I just feel mostly torn because the game does sound really fun, I'm just trying to figure out how much it will bother me down the road if I just get this one for fun and not plat, if ill be mad and force myself to grind it later lol. I'm sure it'll go on sale somewhat soon, and I'll snag it then. Thank you for the responses everybody!
  5. Ah okay, thank you for the info! I will just play the Ps5 version then.
  6. Been kind of interested in getting this game since its release, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. From the bit of research I've done, the game can be quite difficult on harder difficulties and the platinum will be very very challenging. I know the game is meant to be played Co-Op, and as somebody who doesn't have any IRL friends interested in the game, I know the plat grind could be even more difficult. Is the game itself fun/good? Would you guys recommend it? Even if I never were to get the plat, I'm still interested in trying it.
  7. I purchased the collector's edition of the game for PS4 but since the game was shipping late, Bandai Namco sent me a digital code for the game, and it's giving me the option to download both the PS4 and PS5 version. I want to play the PS5 version for the enhanced graphics and whatnot but if the trophies will auto pop later on, I may play the PS4 one first. Does anybody know if they auto pop or is it completely separate playthroughs to get both platinums?
  8. Hi, just sent a request! Psn is Slipknot_fan007
  9. This is one that was glitched in last year’s game too. Had to use like all 5 moves to get the dang trophy to pop
  10. That's super weird. The fantasy draft and the relocation ones popped for me first try. The play now one I had to do twice, but the second time I just simmed the game until the end, and then played the last drive and it worked for me after that. They definitely need to implement some fixes in a patch though because everything has been super wonky. Hope you get yours soon!
  11. Decided to try again tonight to get the in-game specific trophies that weren't working last night, and they all popped first try today... not sure why today was different than yesterday because I did the same teams, set up, modes, difficulty, everything. Now the only trophies I need are the ones that seem to be glitched for everybody, the momentum change trophy, and the spin & juke touchdown trophy. Hopefully a patch comes soon! I would imagine EA would take care of it fairly quickly since the game just came out a couple days ago, but I guess you never know.
  12. These are some of the ones I’m having issues with too. Every trophy that requires some sort of gameplay feat, like the corner trophy, low throw touchdown, primetime, and sack with 3 different moves trophies aren’t working. Rather frustrating to spend all this time doing the correct requirements over and over just to not get it. Last year’s game had some glitches too but at least the trophies would actually pop eventually...
  13. Anybody else having issues with trophies popping? I’ve thrown at least 4 “low throw” touchdowns so far and no trophy, same with the 3 different pass rush moves for a sack trophy and nothing has popped. Rather frustrating
  14. This was a game I bought back when it was new, but due to a large back log, I haven't even gotten the chance to play it yet. Does anybody know if there will be an auto pop from PS5 to PS4? Id love to make my first play through on PS5 to get the enhancements, and I know some games can auto pop that direction, but if its only PS4 to PS5, then I'll have to play that first.
  15. There are a handful of games that have auto popped trophies going from PS5 to PS4 from what I've seen, so not always.