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  1. DMC 4,5 were much easier than NGS or NGS2, i've struggled a bit in NGS at very hard (i have played very greedy) and some challenges (especially that one with Ishtaros and Nicchae together versus Rachel) After NGS platinum NGS2 was much easier, it still has some hard things but it wasn't that hard for me as in NGS. I would definitely came back for razor's edge platinum and i hope its not that bad as previous guy said, but i already hate those challenges with NGS2 bosses, looks cheap.
  2. 9/10. Unearthed Challenge Phase 4 on MN was absolutely awful challenge. So much depends on your luck. That was first NG for me so that was a long journey without skipping Doku at ch.2. Definitely one of the best hack and slash games.
  3. Hello there i am looking for a 50 lvl crew. Could somebody invite me? Psn: Raven-twd- Edit: Trophy earned thx MrKend54l