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  1. I did the same on the same map. Held them off at the choke point and they never once even got close to standing on the objective. I then went on to win on attacking thinking i might have to complete the description of the trophy and also win in attack but it was a long shot. I still didn't get it so yea, there's no way around it i don't think until they bring out the next patch hopefully.
  2. It'd be awesome if a game developer actually cared somewhat about their game. After the release, most dev's think their job is done for the most part. It's not like Blizzard is short on funds or resources.
  3. I don't know if it is just me or what but the notifications or messages in the bottom left corner annoy the hell out of me. I just don't want to see them. It's the notifications that say 'this person has left the group' or 'this person has joined the voice channel' etc and they stay there forever till you turn off your console. It's especially annoying while i'm watching my highlights and all i can seem to see is this block of writing in the corner (highlights also only stay until i quit the game). I know i'm being picky and OCD but is there any known way to turn it off or remove it?
  4. So happy I have the EU version of Beach Buggy Racing and not the US version. It's already quite a grind as it is now..

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    2. DamagingRob


      My greatest gaming mistake(or so it feels, at the moment).

    3. Risky


      If you buy it on the EU store and download that, will it readjust the trophy to the lower amount? Or are you just stuffed now?

    4. DamagingRob


      Not sure. I'm not gonna buy it again, though. I'll just keep grinding here and there. Over halfway. I just did not find the game all that fun, so this is only making me hate it more.

  5. I'll say Super Meat Boy and Twisted Metal. Just don't waste your life...
  6. I see top sides as top 4-5. 1st, like 'united in their day' would be a top side not only in the EPL but in Europe. Plus Chelsea is coming back stronger now with Hiddink so it isn't as embarrassing to lose against them now. Watch Liverpools next game, they are versing Chelsea and have been in great form but i still see it being quite close. Arsenal might of dropped a lot of points since Jan, but their form will come back. Wenger always seems to pull it out somehow
  7. Liverpool are really coming into form now. I think they have a good chance to get a top 4 finish for champions league but with West Ham right there, it'll be interesting. This season has been amazing with Leicester and West Ham coming out of no where and Chelsea... well their start to the season before Hiddink was sending me into fits of laughter every week when i saw their results Arsenal are 3rd.. still a top team. Other than West Ham, the next 6 games are all reasonably easy and should all be wins. Considering their pattern of always 4th, they're doing fine.
  8. 63 trophies in the last 3 days. I'm really trying to pick up my game (more literal than you think) this month. So far so good. I hope everyone has also had a good start to the month. I've been playing: - Screencheat - Hitman GO - Bloodborne - Tales from the Borderlands - Minecraft PS4 What's everyone been playing or hoping to finish this month?
  9. Noooo haha You out golded me by one! cj, cj, cj.... Good job mate!
  10. Going by 100% Fastest Achievers: 4th - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture 2nd - Alien: Isolation 45th - Army of Two: Devil's Cartel 39th - Assassin's Creed II First Achievers: 22nd - Alien: Isolation 22nd - FIFA 15
  11. Yea EB have always done that. You just need proof of its price in the other store that you are pricematching. They probably had a few people pricematch it already so they did it automatically for you.
  12. For me it's by far The Last of Us. The story telling of the moments is started and also the 'other thing' that happens that makes you just want to cry out to your Mum. It's what made me play the game non stop to the end.
  13. I've wanted to play this ever since i watched Achievement Hunter play it in their video. It definitely looks like it could be a blast with friends.
  14. It wasn't grindy at all when you used a rubber band for acceleration and one of your girlfriends hair ties to go in circles. Wait, I mean.. what?... I got it by playing properly...
  15. I don't have that game BUT, i reeaally want to know how Unravel is.. im really keen to play it.