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  1. There seems to be some issue with the percentages shown after each chapter. I played through the game on PS4 (prior to release) and managed to get the platinum without any issues. The percentages were a little bit off though, or showed weird numbers. That didn't impact any of the trophies in my experience.
  2. Oof. I had one of the story based trophies not popping the first time around. I'm currently stuck with echoes and Thomas notes not tracking at all, either in activity cards or simply grabbing them all. Tried the classic tricks - deleting save, starting a new, deleting/redownloading. No clue why they're not tracking :/
  3. No chapter select. Plenty of missable collectables / echoes / memory shards.
  4. Nice, glad to see my instructions worked out for you. Was hoping someone would try them out and verify they worked before I posted them here as well.
  5. Help is not bugged, it just requires _very_ specific choices to be made to ensure you end up on the Surgeon path while still believing in ghosts. (and some choices after that). It's a really, really finicky one to get, but it is doable.