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  1. Hardcore is really not that bad. You take an extra point of damage from all sources and bosses have changed patterns but that's it really.
  2. Yeah technically, but you'd have to go out of your way to do that. I also think enemies can drop pitiful amounts of the resources though. Basically just don't screw it up, its an easy trophy
  3. It looks like some standard beat the game stuff. Nothing seems to hard in it
  4. Really just gotta keep at it. I got a lot of enemies knocked out doing the work from home additional stuff which cut down a bit of the grind. A few notable things I found: Equip the skill that makes all thrown items home on enemies, this will help prevent missing but you still will have to aim a bit. Enemies are numbered and grouped, with the boss and shopkeeper being the highest numbered in the group (IE. Zans and Hustlebones will be the last characters in the Styxcoin listings). This can help you find which you're missing. On assist mode, all regular enemies will die in 1 hit to the blank card. Boss you will still have to whittle down. Keep whatever enemy you want to capture in a room for last, this will prevent you from accidentally hitting the wrong enemy Hoverhands unmasked is a bit more annoying than other enemies. The blank card must be thrown at his smallest form for it to capture him. The final areas had blank cards added in, I believe there are 2 fixed drops in the starting room. This means you'll have to do it twice to get all 3 enemies and the boss. Final boss has the card hidden a bit, when you walk into the room where you can choose skill it is in a box by the entrance. You also only need to catch phase 1. The Imposter you only need to capture phase 2 for whatever reason. Hungryboxes are a card capture. Have fun with that
  5. For some reason beyond my mental grasp, this game has procedural generation for all of its maps. Meaning that every time you go to any of the maps all the locations are randomized. Fortunately, these are generated in chunks so you have to look for specific landmarks they might be near. It is also very possible to just not have a specific area spawn when you load into a map. I am fairly sure I didnt even see a number of the secrets spawn when i was trying to get them. Basically, it is not a well designed trophy This is the video guide I used. Really just gotta keep trying for it