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  1. Maybe delete this thread if no one else is having the issue it looks like there's a serious problem that affects everyone based on the name of the thread. And that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. As of yet 2/4/21 release of FBZ there's no new trophy list in dlc category. Guys with more experience in COD games; is this unusual for map to be released and not have corresponding trophies at it's launch? Also the map is mildly buggy. Maybe that has something to do with it. At least I get to hang onto my 100% a little longer. Oh shit there's already a topic about this sorry, I'll delete but on mobile.
  3. Armada domination get in the boat with turrent go from place to place rack up kills
  4. if your like me and were waiting for this trophy to get patched so you could finally get the plat without obtaining an old copy of the game your in luck. it's been patched and i can confirm it's working again. 3 arrows to a creeper and done
  5. making deliveries in my HOVO in a dystopian pixel-art future. i think the quality will be high considering it's not trying to do too much at once. just simple comfy and pretty looking game.