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  1. Good idea, it would make trophy hunting a lot more popular if you were rewarded exclusive weapons, gear, or in game cash for achieving certain trophies.
  2. 3 very good examples, totally agree.
  3. I’m definitely starting to experience the burn out. I feel like it’s a great idea to take 6 months to a year off but I just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it.
  4. For me it comes down to the creativity of the trophy list, if it’s a fun list like the South Park games it actually makes the games better, but it can also turn a great game into a slightly miserable experience like red dead redemption 2 was for me.
  5. If Sony think I’m going to stick with ps+ if they want to follow Microsoft on their little live gold consumer screw job parade they can think again. If the price gets raised at all in the next 12 months....... see ya. not really, but I’ll be pissed.
  6. Yeah even the poster boy for hard modern games ‘dark souls’ is actually incredibly easy if you grind ( a toddler could beat that game if they grind long enough ). I’ve platinum’d most of the yakuza games and I agree, the sheer variety of different things you have to master in those games is ridiculous. Still haven’t platinum’d dmc5 yet ( might be a bit above my pay grade, and my poor fingers couldn’t handle it anymore ).
  7. Yep, totally agree.
  8. Is it just me or are difficulty related trophies almost extinct in new games. For me the harder the platinum is to achieve the more worth it has. But it seems that for trophies to appeal to the masses they’re heading in the I am Mayo direction.
  9. Yeah I remember laughing my ass off at the Xbox series x reveal thinking it was a monstrosity. I stopped laughing when I got the 5 it’s bloody huge and damn ugly, but it’s worth it for the whisper quite noise level.
  10. Someone had to have the guts to talk about the the most important issue of 2020.
  11. Cyberpunk does have a lot of problems even on the ps5 the main one being the frequent crashes to Home Screen. But when compared to spiderman remastered and it’s frequent console freezing crashes that require a system rebuild I know which problem I’d rather have. Apparently a game that has performance issues and crashes to Home Screen every few hours is worse than a Sony developed game that actually damages your ps5 every time it crashes ( which happens every few hours ) if that’s not classed as unplayable as well I don’t know what is. Maybe they should remove it from their store as well.
  12. Crashed and system had to be rebuild 2 times in 2 days. Haven’t used rest mode and have been in performance mode the whole time. Just came from dirt 5 on ps5 cause that game kept crashing and corrupting my saves and the trophies are completely broken ( no one on earth has the platinum ) I don’t remember early adoption ever being this bad before ( good job getting ps4 games to run great on the ps5, pitty you couldn’t make the games that are actually made for the system work at all ).