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  1. Did you play any matches
  2. Thanks I will give it a go
  3. I’m Struggling to get high combos on challenges wondering could someone give me some tips are there better moves to use to keep combo meter up for longer always keeps breaking on me
  4. Was just wondering if this game was delisted form the psn store or are you still able to buy it
  5. Can you get it co op
  6. Was just wondering if servers are still up as I’d like to go for this play
  7. Only had a problem with one trophy in 4 ,3 was ok for me
  8. Ok thanks for the long explanation hopefully I can get this sorted
  9. Hi a few trophies have glitched on me and can’t seem to get them to pop the trophies are state of the art facilities head of the class wonderful toys was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble and how they worked around the issue thansk