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  1. Leaked trophies
  2. Hope you don't have to buy the full game for 100%
  3. I think 1 and 3 works but 2 has been patched
  4. With Spider-Man in 2019 I never got the avatar, I contacted PlayStation support and they told me it was only for US accounts
  5. I don't understand why most of them are not available in Latin America. Only the God Of War avatar is available to me unfortunately
  6. PSN ID IsaacDK503 Region: NA PS Systems: PS4 Feel free to add me.
  7. Can I be interviewed?
  8. Needs PS+?
  9. The capacity of add trophies to a list/folder like "Online trophies", etc
  10. I don't know if someone has already said this but I would like you to add folders for trophies
  11. It's still working? I remember that it worked with 1 but 2 was patched, I want to know if it still works with 3 currently, can anyone please confirm? 🙂
  12. People are talking about this with a lot of hype, but I can't believe anything without Rockstar announcing it officially.
  13. The new Wavves abum
  14. Someone else experienced a glitch with the explorer challenge? I was replaying missions to get a gold medal and I got "Explorer 8 completed" and also 9 after replaying another mission. I can't get 100% without it coming back one more time but I don't know what mission make this glitch happend, and I have no idea if they already patched it, if so, I will have to start again for 100% There is only a video I can find about this and a Reddit post.