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  1. Yeah I figured that out, now I'm struggling in how to unlock super builds, i don't know how lol
  2. How do I even unlock these two plants? I spent hours walking around the level but I don't know
  3. And they didn't
  4. Hey guys, my question is, will this platinum be unobtainable after the servers close like all wwe games? or after a while, I ask because I see that there are no online trophies but there are daily challenges
  5. Bro is this NBA 2K20 2?
  6. Is this the best moment to start this game?
  7. This. Lmaoo
  8. Can some mod help me? I have this issue since a week now, and I don't remember updating my profile that much before this start to appear. I got this slowdown before but it lastest just 1 day
  9. MyRyse is MyCareer
  10. using the phone remote play is always good idea, I just have one controller and I always boost 2 controller trophies with my phone
  11. Looks like a PS2 game, and no PS4 release? that's just sad
  12. Yeah, very rare to see a new Free-To-Play with platinum. No PS4 trophy list?
  13. I played one match now, I hope trophies pop after nine matches Edit: Yes, free version 100% has trophies!
  14. WWE 2K22