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  1. Oh man i loved this game along with ‘Snowrunmer’ (the sequal to this game pretty much) but the game is very niche. Its a either you love it or hate it game, this is the type of game where a lot of strategy and patience is involved, you need to carefully plan your route and drive carefully so you don’t fuck up your truck, run out of fuel or get stuck. you also need to figure out which types of trailers you wanna haul etc etc. The game is fun, if your into these types of games
  2. Yeah well idk what you guys are saying, but i did both versions, im even the #3rd fastest achiever on this PS3 version, and i had no troubles what so ever, so i’d recommended everyone to still make a safe before you enter the room, (only possible on PS4) just to be sure, But I really shouldn’t be to worried about it.
  3. Another easy way is to let a rager knock you down, and then get the quick time event where you have to press triangle to kill it instantly, thats what i did during my survivor II play through. no need to waste recourses
  4. beat this race after around 1 hour of trying, it was indeed difficult, But surely not impossible, i didnt use handbrake or the "ram" either (whatever that may be) i really only used the speedlimiter to slow down, and the cars in the first corner as a "wall" to get through the corner faster, i have found that once you're in first the cars wont overtake you.
  5. It’s not glitched, Rockstar recently decided to start “vaulting content” which basically means they’re rotating (temporarily removing) jobs that are less popular to enhance the performance of the server, resulting in the issue that it’s trying to load a job that is not there, they rotate per week or month i believe so soon it’ll be normal again.
  6. Yes the platinum is fully obtainable, However only on version 1.00 either by using the disc version, or the previous patch method for digital versions, tho i don't have the link to that forum post.
  7. I’ve gotten every open class races gold except the trophy truck cause im not that far into the career yet as of writing this. What i did was fully upgrade the vehicles except the brakes cause i never use them then i got most of them within a few tries making near perfect corners without losing too much speed and using the other racers as a wall like he said and let them bump me when i could.
  8. i kind of disagree with this method, you're better of buying all of the fields except the obviously big ones like the ones in the middle, that way you have way more possible fertilizing jobs
  9. as someone who has got the 100% twice i can say that this game is definitely a fun game, story mode is awesome and the online isnt to bad either, nor is the game particularly hard, however its a massive time sinkhole, even using exploits its going to be atleast like 150-200 hrs if you want the 100% aswell. so the choice is really up to you, if you have time besides work and love this game id say go for it.
  10. Yes there is, I actually got it a few hours ago as of writing this, it could be you confused the “long jump” skill with the regular jump skill, (there are 5 and not required for the trophy) the way i did it is i took a screenshot from the requirements list in the guide, then went from right to left completing the list and crossing off everything in the region first, before doing the next one, i did it all in 1 sitting and it unlocked for me without any issues. hope this helps
  11. So i got this trophy yesterday without any problems, i guess i’m just lucky, however i’d just recommended to everyone for who’s trophy is glitched to re platinum those medals if you haven’t done it already, other than that I don’t know.
  12. Turn off all the assists, only wall avoidance maybe a bit, also that one gas saving challenge change to manual, completly flat line in the first corner then keep tapping R2 every 1-2 sec you should be able to make it.
  13. Yeah you were completely right, thus rightfully edited.
  14. Exactly lol, i bought the season pass because i knew DLC’s where coming meaning also DLC trophies (or so i thought) yeah long story short i wasted my money
  15. Im at 26.20 sec 😂 tho it was only my third aftempt, But i’ll give an update when i beat it.