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  1. Update time I guess... I finally made some serious progress in this tier, obtaining Crypt of the Necrodancer platinum last month. Last trophy that I needed was "Lowest of the Low" aka beating all 9 characters in a row without picking up any items or using shrines. It was really hard to grind this trophy out towards the end, mostly because of Monk, a character that dies if he steps on gold. Things can get quite messy with him and clearing him can be very boring and RNG dependent. I thought I had him down a while ago so I put him towards the end of the hardest four characters and that was a mistake 😅 I cleared first 3 chars soo many times just to die on that guy it's insane. Overall he didn't seem bad to me, but when I had to do him as one of my last chars I'd play like an idiot or get swarmed etc... but the time has come and I decided to change my order putting him second. That's the day I cleared the whole run. At first I was unsure if this challenge would be harder than beating Coda, and now I'd say it is by a little. For Coda, you only need to play well (well, almost flawlessly) for about 10 minutes, but with low% you need to be patient and focused throughout the whole 2-3 hours of the run and be able to flawlessly handle every possible situation. Had a lot of fun with this game at the end of the day and I recommend it to anyone seeking a real challenge. Now all I have left in order to fully complete this, is a DLC trophy for clearing 13 characters in a row. I'll start practicing it next month when I have more time, it shouldn't be too bad after all this. As for Futuridium, not much progress, didn't particularly enjoy it when I played it but I did get the Flappy bird trophy or whatever it's called. It was pretty awful, just praying for a good pattern. Also been working on Cloudberry Kingdom recently, trying to tackle the infamous level 319. After roughly 8 hours of struggle, I managed to survive about half of the level. It's a very unique challenge so far...
  2. No dude. You will get Lowest after your break. Trust me 😎
  3. Aaand missed the fastest time on That's You! by 8 minutes but it's done. It was a brainless boost anyway, did it for a competition.
  4. Since we got more swaps I'll use one to swap Flinthook out for That's you! Flinthook seemed fun from the little I played but I'm not in the mood for it yet
  5. L1/R1 is what I use on PS4 even. I feel like my aim in shooters is alot better that way so I always make sure to rebind my controls. L1/R1 also makes claw grip more comfortable in my opinion, since you don't have to stretch your fingers as much. If anything I was suprised when the change to L2/R2 was made
  6. My comment was mostly a joke, even though there is some truth to it. Notice how I said "players that need to use god mode". I'm sure there will be plenty of skilled players that choose to use it to speed up their progress and cross the game off their list asap.
  7. Keep at it man solid progress! I like how you went for the hardest challenge first, same as me pretty much, I think I did the Inferno challenges first then I felt confident about the rest of the hard ones and went for it
  8. It's done



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    2. Deceptrox


      Congrats. Seeing several people earning the plat lately makes me wanna start it but Quake remastered, Hitman 2, Fall Guys, Hitman HD Enhanced Edition, and Max Payne 3 are the games I'll be playing for some time. Hopefully Fall Guys (still 10 wins and 3 1st places left) and Hitman 2 will be probably be completed soon.

    3. r2rokid


      Congratulations!!! I knew you could do it! :D So glad to finally see this come to fruit ^^,

    4. LuckySIime


      Holy shit congrats on this insane achievement!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 😁 Seeing everyone get the plat for this recently is motervatinge to start to go for it!

      Motivating* I can't spell lol

  9. Titanfall might be a good entry point for you yeah. It's totally different to games like CoD. I used to play a lot of CoDs and honestly its very basic and not much fun unless you have a full squad of friends for competitive. Also, Wolfenstein seems like it could be a lot of fun, even for a single-player game which I usually despise in the genre. As for rhythm games, I still suggest at least trying out DJMAX demo to see how the gameplay compares to Metronomicon. 😛
  10. Well if it makes you feel any better - Fusion is not much worse if you do Rising first. I did Rising first same as you (and its a better game imo) then after switching to Fusion it was easier from my experience. What makes these games hard is the start. Learning those deep mechanics can feel overwhelming at first but after you cross the barrier, it's a breeze. Since its almost an identical game mechanic wise, it will feel more like an 8/10 rather than 10/10.
  11. I don't see Slay the Spire on here, might be from the old sale but it's discounted and it's a must for the rogue-like fans, it's fantastic.
  12. If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who would it be and why? How low long can you see yourself hunting trophies for? What games would you play just for the fun of it, if trophies/achievements didn't exist?
  13. I don't know about you guys but I'm not surprised in the slightest that a player who needs to use God mode also needs a guide on how to turn it on.
  14. Thanks for the bounties! I bought Futuridium last week so it's a perfect time for another swap 😅 Crash 4: OUT Futuridium: IN
  15. Because players want to get rewarded for not taking the easy way out? Seriously whats the point of a trophy if not to represent a challenge that you have completed? Trophies keep getting more and more "accessible" might as well give us an option to auto-pop all trophies at any point so no player feels excluded...