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  1. I'm guessing you mean Pipephobia? That and Top Roach are probably the hardest 2 challenge in the whole game so it's gonna take a few tries. As for Pipephobia its mostly just muscle memory so the consistency comes with practice, theres no easy way to do it. Practicing individual checkpoints should be a good way to handle that and dont be afraid switch bikes. iirc I did it with the Roach, found him easiest to find the balance. The BMX is also one of the bikes you'll have easier time balancing so give them a try. You can also try tapping L2/R2 gently to maintain balance instead of only leaning as well as learning the one wheel bunny hop technique. EDIT: This is what I managed to find:
  2. I personally found Anger Management the hardest challenge out of DLC, didnt realise there is any sort of exploit for that. Anyway, beating it legit is probably way more satisfying anyway. As for Speedcuber, that one was only "hard" because the physics sucked, so you even had to re-learn how to handle some basic obstacles. Developer times were hell as well on 2-3 tracks, though very fun overall. I need a new Trials game in my life now! 😄
  3. Jim Ryan saved my puppy from a burning house.
  4. Congrats on the completion! I bought the game myself the other day and it does looks absolutely brutal even with the exploit available. How long would you say the 100% took you in total?
  5. Agreed, its not a game you want to be grinding in long sessions for trophies. Also, from what Ive seen, playing it with all DLCs installed seems to be the way to go, giving you more content and variety. Some of the stuff they added with Repentence is game changing, making it feel like an entirely new game. I had no idea how Afterbirth worked at first so I didnt think about getting it until the plat was done but eh, kinda regret that now but its whatever I think some SMB updates would be nice for sure. I'm not too sure how I feel about the game from watching gameplay, so some insight from a good player is always welcome.
  6. Jokes on you - SMB is one of the most fun platformers out there, surely a better game than 90% of your stacks that you played purely for fun. Nice try though
  7. It took Exit The Gungeon devs 2 weeks to fix the trophy list so might wanna let dev know its not working
  8. Nice progress updates.. though I'm interested in how you're enjoying this little apsurd game so far?
  9. You didn't ask me but you should be fine honestly, the fact that you can save scum should take out all the pressure from potentially dying. If you have proper motivation and do some research you'll have a great time.
  10. Sounds fun so why not. Sign me up (psn has 2 i's)
  11. Looks we're in the same boat when it comes to game research lol. But I'm afraid your success will depend on knowing what each items does (its like knowing cards in your deck). I'm sure you're familiar with the Devil Room by now that contains very valuablue items and you're gonna be trading your HP for those so having a wiki open with a list of items at all times is neccesary It's really not as bad as it seems though, especially without DLC. After looking up an item once or twice you'll have a good idea of its effect.
  12. Okay so I'd like to swap Wolfenstein for Flinthook please. I've been kinda of slacking in this event because of CotN but I might do VVVVVV sometime soon after Flinthook, haven't done a deathless run in a while.
  13. First of all good luck with Isaac! While not being exactly the hardest game out there it's one of the most fun ones imo. There's something very satisfying about combining various items and having different synergies each run. Not to mention the amazing artwork! I've been playing this game on and off for a while and it was really hard to get into, I'd suggest watching some runs on YouTube to catch up on some little hidden tips that are hard to uncover by yourself. As for the "Complete 20 challenges" trophy, it would be wise to leave out certain challenges until you get done with everything else because after each challenge, an item gets added to the item pool and some of them are quite shit so make sure to look into it more. As far as my progress goes, I think I've collected about 290 items but still got loads of boss rushes and endings ahead of me Also I feel like filling out the donation machine to 999 coins can be pretty grindy aswell if you don't do it from the start!
  14. I decided to take a break from Coda and do AllChars low% first myself, so far the hardest character for me is Bolt low%. I've gotten to 4-3 a couple of times so it's just a matter of time and its the only low% character I haven't done yet. Good news is, I managed to clear Dove and Monk in row which is my new PB at least. Hope to see some more updates from you and I want you to know you're not in this alone. 😂 Good luck!
  15. Hey, it only took me 6 months to unlock her again 😂 But yeah the crashes seem to happen with DLC installed only, and never had it happen in the middle of the run so only Z1 I believe. I get at least 2 crashes per session but I learned my lesson now and have my save backed up.