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  1. It's VERY lenient. You can complete the game in about half of the required time.
  2. Basically the shopkeeper NPC disappears yeah and the upgrade station is unavailable yeah. I guess that makes Specialist also missable then.
  3. Fun fact: trophies "Big Spender" and "Banging Tune" are missable if you beat the game. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this but I guess I'm just a magnet for missable shit.
  4. I switched to a better internet connection and it worked. Thanks though.
  5. Same here. Though I am missing 1 challenge for the Retro God trophy, the BEAT IT! trophy is not popping. Earlier I noticed progress on one of my carts got erased so I replayed it but still nothing happened. Kind of lost the motivation to try with this game anymore
  6. I can't seem to connect to my friends or find a match online. Did anyone else have this issue?
  7. Sounds like a fun challenge! Here's my list 1/10 - Grim Fandango Remastered (Plat Prices) 2/10 - LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game (PSNP) 3/10 - Little Nightmares 2 (PSNP) 4/10 - Puyo Puyo Tetris (PSNP) 5/10 - Rayman Legends (PSNP) 6/10 - Hades (PSNP) 7/10 - Velocity 2X (PSNP) 8/10 - Superbeat Xonic (PSNP) 9/10 - Crash Bandicoot 4: It's about time (PSNP) 10/10 - Tetris Effect (PlatPrices)
  8. I'm pretty sure that dodging that lightning attack is impossible unless on NG+.
  9. Breaking Bad Ozark You Squid Game Sherlock
  10. Pro tip: Don't even bother trying to kill Drakmur without all the damage buffs possible... I've spent hours of trying with the "slow and steady" approach but it's simply doesn't seem possible with the current design. If you don't kill him fast enough, he'll eventually go into that phase where he spawns copies of himself all over the screen and the chances are you're taking damage 90% of the time. It's a pretty bullshit attack that will damage you even if you aren't supposed to be hit at times. You can see so many flaws of this game when trying to no damage bosses, especially with Eos, Azikel and Drakmur. This game is definitely hard for wrong reasons as of now. Either way, it has a lot of potential if devs made some balance changes. Now you're just forced to abuse the same build as everyone else but oh well. Oh and not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I now just realised that self-inflicting damage abilites won't void these trophies. Have fun trying to figure out if the damage taken was inflicted by you or enemy though =)
  11. Update time I guess... I finally made some serious progress in this tier, obtaining Crypt of the Necrodancer platinum last month. Last trophy that I needed was "Lowest of the Low" aka beating all 9 characters in a row without picking up any items or using shrines. It was really hard to grind this trophy out towards the end, mostly because of Monk, a character that dies if he steps on gold. Things can get quite messy with him and clearing him can be very boring and RNG dependent. I thought I had him down a while ago so I put him towards the end of the hardest four characters and that was a mistake 😅 I cleared first 3 chars soo many times just to die on that guy it's insane. Overall he didn't seem bad to me, but when I had to do him as one of my last chars I'd play like an idiot or get swarmed etc... but the time has come and I decided to change my order putting him second. That's the day I cleared the whole run. At first I was unsure if this challenge would be harder than beating Coda, and now I'd say it is by a little. For Coda, you only need to play well (well, almost flawlessly) for about 10 minutes, but with low% you need to be patient and focused throughout the whole 2-3 hours of the run and be able to flawlessly handle every possible situation. Had a lot of fun with this game at the end of the day and I recommend it to anyone seeking a real challenge. Now all I have left in order to fully complete this, is a DLC trophy for clearing 13 characters in a row. I'll start practicing it next month when I have more time, it shouldn't be too bad after all this. As for Futuridium, not much progress, didn't particularly enjoy it when I played it but I did get the Flappy bird trophy or whatever it's called. It was pretty awful, just praying for a good pattern. Also been working on Cloudberry Kingdom recently, trying to tackle the infamous level 319. After roughly 8 hours of struggle, I managed to survive about half of the level. It's a very unique challenge so far...
  12. No dude. You will get Lowest after your break. Trust me 😎
  13. Aaand missed the fastest time on That's You! by 8 minutes but it's done. It was a brainless boost anyway, did it for a competition.
  14. Since we got more swaps I'll use one to swap Flinthook out for That's you! Flinthook seemed fun from the little I played but I'm not in the mood for it yet