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  1. Just about to come on and post this lol. Well I already have the Plat but this is also great cause the just added a Special Store to the Shop area and you can buy pretty cool things from it like BGMs and Lvl 100 Story mode characters which can help you destroy story mode.
  2. Damn. Guess im gonna change to Normal. Thx
  3. Or any advantage to playing on higher difficulties? I am just playing on Easy currently so i can turn my brain off and just grind each level and hope im not missing anything not playing on Normal/Hard?
  4. Just started. But graphically u can def tell the improvement and I like that jump button is actually used to do combos rather than rely on certain characters not having proper air launching combos. Too early to tell but i think every Musou/Warriors game has issues with bosses feeling like bosses. I honestly still think Pirate Warriors 1 did them the best imo.
  5. Seems Easier/less time consuming than Pirate Warriors 3. But it will depend on what the 100 million berri grind is like
  6. So if this is indeed real it looks like it will be a PS5 game as Bluepoint just announced they are working on a remake for PS5.
  7. If its Bluepoint making it, hopefully they put as much care into it as they did Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. Also i would hope they do change some things and make it a "Remake" more then just a "Remaster". Like it would be amazing if they added the 6th Archstone but only if they had From helping on the side so they dont mess it up.
  8. So only Trophies i still need are Grinding 2 Crystal Lizards and the Dual Wielding Skeleton and Im not really feeling that. If anyone can join me online and give me a +5 weapon with each Stone Type. I have all the Unique Weapons and Rings if anyone needs those I can give them to you for those 2 Trophies.