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  1. what a bitter toxic dude. But at least i got my answer see ya never again and merry christmas
  2. 1 little question: The servers closing wont affect any trophies on the sequel SHADOW OF WAR. Right?
  3. Read this too late. It cost me alot of grinding, farming and dealing with the RNG (Kenny trophy) But i did it! I got all the trophies from the "extinct" comrades expansion by playing offline, on August 2020! Thank you so much for sharing the downgrade method! Now downloading the standalone version, i hope most of the trophies auto-pop. And i guess i'll have to search for Kenny again
  4. I can confirm this method still works as for today. I played and platted FFXV back when it came out, but i sold it right after i got the platinum, so i never got to touch any DLC. I just got a physical copy of the Royal Edition and im ready to knock out of the way those troublesome trophies from the "extinct" comrades mode Thank you so much for even making it possible for me. Now, any tips to get through the game faster and easier would be Greatly appreciated
  5. EDIT: Nevermind, i just read about the "Final Update" thing and asked for a money refund. Thanks for the info, guys