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  1. I have a different bug where the quest does not complete. It just keeps the “talk to pitmaster” task open. Lots of other people reporting this over on Reddit on Horizon’s bug report page.
  2. I just got it. Can’t say for sure what cause it but I saw on Reddit that someone got it to pop randomly in the evening in Karl’s bay when Frank blows himself up while trying to do the haul-a-quin game. I tried copying that. Here’s what I did: 1. Ran through the entire Ending It quest. Killing every visionary and then killing Julianne with the pistol and jumping off to kill myself at the end. 2. Started another loop. Karl’s Bay, morning. Sabotaged the fireworks and then killed harriett and saved Amador (the guy on the crane). Got battery from rooftop turret and put it into haul-a-quin. Ordered crank wheel to Karl’s bay. 3. Skipped noon. 4. Karl’s Bay, afternoon. Picked up crank wheel and dropped of at haul-a-quin. Ordered nullifier. Got head from Amador’s mask shop and put on haul-a-quin. 5. Karl’s Bay, evening. Picked up nullifier and put on haul-a-quin. Frank blew himself up while I was bringing over the nullifier. The trophy did not pop. I exited the area and the trophy immediately popped. Done. If I were to guess, I’d say that none of the haul-a-quin stuff mattered and that the bug that is introduced made it so that Frank and Harriet are considered part of the Karl’s Bay morning section and the trophy doesn’t pop until Frank dies in the evening. So, if you’re feeling inquisitive and have the time to confirm, you could always try running through this and just ignoring all the haul-a-quin stuff. Good luck!
  3. Same here. No trophy pop. Maybe I’ll try again. Only this time I’ll sabotage Frank’s fireworks as well as killing Harriet.
  4. Very good so far. Sooooo many pop up tutorial boxes and instructions, thus making the onboarding a bit cumbersome, but the voice acting and mystery was good enough to get me through it. Now that I have a better handle on the mechanics, I’m really enjoying it. Side note: Review sites are not paid to publish 10/10 reviews. With dozens if not hundreds of former employees out there, you’d think someone would’ve exposed it by now, no? It’s like believing the moon landing was faked or some such bull.
  5. True. The stream quality is always so terrible. Watching the 4K YouTube uploads after the fact is the way to go.
  6. I had the same issue. Go to Level Select to see what each level’s badge progression is overall. I think my 75% badge completion trophy popped when every level had gold meaning 75% of that level’s badges were obtained.
  7. Can you go into Chapter Select and confirm that every chapter is recorded as No Death? The game shows a skull icon on each chapter that is recognized as being completed with no deaths.
  8. I’m finding pin placement on this to be a real problem. Both times recently it’s been at the back. Seems most if not all videos are with the #12 pin placement up front, close behind the hut.
  9. It took me exactly 6 hours to complete and that felt perfect for me. Got the platinum in one play-through, without a guide. Totally worth it for the experience. Highly recommend.
  10. I highly recommend getting No Escape for Ratu through boosting on Gridfall. I was able to help out two people get that trophy through boosting sessions today. Both attempts took roughly an hour, though it could take several hours if things don't go your way. Weirdly, I was able to get it without boosintg on Gridfall in between those two sessions. So it is possible, but it will should save you a lot of time by boosting. Pro tip: Once you've got it down to 1v1 with your boosting partner, be VERY careful when trying to get Ratu's car Breaker activated. The grid has largely fallen away at that point and it is very easy to send your partner over the edge if you ram full speed and they are at a standstill. Do some medium hits or make sure you can do it safely against a wall (if that is still available). You could also have them eject and get a hit or two in before the countdown timer starts. And, of course, it will all be for naught if anyone is in the lobby still. Nothing you can do about that but try again
  11. Sent on PS4. No option to add msg. No worries about not being available, maybe when you’re able later on.
  12. I can try in a bit. I’m just about to finish the game (first time, level 100) and I’m looking for the tail weapon that I missed (Dragonking Greataxe) and some boss souls. Looking forward to complete this before Demon’s Souls next week. 😀
  13. Day of the Tentacle Remastered. Just got a Vita and I'm flipping through the backlog of PS plus games available to me.
  14. Blood & Truth. Been on a VR kick lately... I'll probably try and finish off PlayStation VR Worlds after that.