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  1. I've just platinumed Sekiro and finished all 4 gauntlets that were added within the 1.05 free update.

    The main game wasn't super hard but a really good challenge.

    About gauntlets... Gauntlets were pretty insane, an instant boost in difficulty.

    It was an amazing journey overall, and I don't remember enjoying a combat system in any game that much. It's probably the best combat system I've ever experienced in games in my life if you ask me. Bravo, Fromsoftware! Rivers of sake!ūüćĽ

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    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      @Crispy_Oglop I had some experience with Dark Souls and Bloodborne before, so I guess it's a significant advantage. Thank you, kindly!

      @ihadalifeb4this Thank you!

    3. MossyOakRcn42
    4. Mergo


      Nice one Chris! GG WP EZ

  2. I believe kindness deserves recognition:

    - So this good sir has gifted me premium without even asking me. I'm chuffed and it just feels good knowing there's still some kindness left in this world. A sort of reminder that not every random person is a vile one. I kind of needed that(I'm talking exactly about the feeling, not the gift itself, just making sure you understand).

    Thank you very much!

  3. Suddenly I've got premium membership out of nowhere. Is it a glitch?

    I don't even know what it does to be honest.

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    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      @DamagingRob Thank you very much good sir.

    3. MidnightDragon


      The big bonuses are no ads and you can pretty much update whenever you want (once every minute rather than once an hour) and you auto update every six hours.

    4. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      @MidnightDragon It's good to know that, thank you.

  4. Lu(Mergo) won't participate, you should find a replacement for her. She's got COVID.
  5. Happy Birthday, my love! ūüíě<3ūüíē

    1. Mergo


      Meeeeeeeeooooowwwww! <3

  6. Just one more platinum before your birthday and you owe me 3 wishes, darling!:)<3

    And it's coming this week!xD Don't forget to bet some time again!;)

    1. Mergo


      Get out, Chris! You're lucky I had forgotten to mention it's supposed to be non-easy platinums only, so you're so lucky omg!

      You'll pay for that you little! I'll drink all of your food and eat all of your drinks! You hear me?!

      Luv ya tho lol

    2. Mergo


      Btw are u sure you'll manage to get the platinum this week? No need to rush tho, it's plenty of time! lol

      You've got like 3 weeks more so don't do it this week ok? I'll try to distract you as much as I can so you forget and lose the bet!

      Technically it's Mickey's PS4 so I can just you know, hide it somewhere lmao

      I know she would let me! In that case 3 wishes are all mine and yer ded xD

    3. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      No way I'm forgetting!

  7. Just get to play Sekiro you nab!

    I can't wait! xD

  8. You are wild one, general! <3 

    1. Mergo


      Oh come on Chris, stop it! I remember these bloody articles! Yeah I suck at them but pls stop lol

  9. Up next:
    - God of War 3 Remastered.

    - Batman.

    - Batman: Enemy Within.

    - The Surge.


    - Quite possibly can add something random but these are the ones I want to try. First 3 because I'm really interested in the story, and the last one is simply because I liked the way it looks.

    1. ResoluteRock


      God of War 3 Remastered is such a good game! The platinum trophy doesn’t feel difficult or tedious and the game is an absolute blast! Good pick :)

    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      I've yet to try it to figure that out for myself. Hopefully I can start tomorrow.

  10. I've heard "Marvel's Spider-Man" is one of the best exclusives on PS4 but not sure if the game is worth buying with all the DLCs...

    34.99 for the Standard Edition and 44.99 quid for GOTY. Should I wait for a huge sale or the game is worth its current price? It is kind of tough to choose since if I go for the latter it will be the last game I can afford in a long while during these crazy days.w

    - Doubts-doubts...

    1. DamagingRob


      I would wait for a sale, tbh. I paid way less than that for it last year. 

    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      I see, thank you.

  11. Just platinumed Bloodborne and finished the DLC as well.

    Well, what can I say... The game overall isn't that hard as people say it is. It took me 9 days to solo platinum it without ever summoning any help including NPCs, and, of course, rush through New Game+ and New Game++ really fast as I was able to directly run through the story and kill all the story bosses on the way with a nuke power I've got as I had been boosting my damage mostly.

    People on Discord have seen me streaming it all the time and kinda have been telling me I'm handling it very well so I'm chuffed to bits if you may ask!

    I died overall around 60 times, maybe a little less. Most of the bosses were really that easy to kill since I've been playing aggressively and it payed off with the major part of them dying within first try. However, some of those bosses and just enemies around were ridiculously hard, I'm not even sure why none of these bosses took me more than 4 tries, I still find them hard. It is strange but I guess only after beating Dark Souls and DMC with all the achievements on PC on Steam I've got the habit of getting into games quite fast, like I can feel them.

    Well, time to play something far less stressful and maybe later get my little hands over "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice".

    I'm not sure about the latter, time will tell.

  12. So there goes my first platinum "Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order".

    I really enjoyed the plot but gameplay-wise the game was nearly ruined for me due to insane amount of frequent bugs.

    The game is just so raw...

  13. Bloodborne is tough... But the only thing I don't like about this game is so far its camera - It is the hardest boss of the game yet.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      It's not about sensitivity, it's about camera's behaviour in small areas and in general when it goes crazy with some textures.

    3. Copanele


      Ah indeed, it goes "woah there buckaroo" in cramped spaces xD Forgot that's a Fromsoftware trademark

    4. SkyesUnholy


      Without spoiling much, there's a boss in the chalices, coming close to the final boss, which was a real pain - mostly due to the camera and the small area it takes place in. You'd be fucking yourself over righteously if you even thought about locking on to that boss. 

  14. You indeed have managed to drag me to PSN so you don't have to suffer alone with all those unfinished trophies. So cute!

    1. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Welcome!  Steam's great, too, though.  Thanks to them, I got to play Postal 2: Paradise Lost <3 

    2. Frozen Heart

      Frozen Heart

      Thank you, good sir!

      Though I have to disagree, Steam is a terrible platform, overpopulated with toxic beings, cheaters, spammers, scammers, haters and trolls.

      For more than 6 years on that platform I've blocked over 12,000 people there. And I never block anybody for no reason.

    3. Mergo


      Ofc I managed, ez bait lol

  15. "Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order" - What a perfect birthday gift. I really needed a good game to start my journey with.

    Already loving the game so much!:)