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  1. Didnt they talk about a performance patch in January too?
  2. Do you know if its any hard to beat the challenge?? Do you know if its any hard to get the challenge?
  3. Days Gone was so fun
  4. Plat #3 Life is Strange
  5. Yes i was very surprise after all the bad review. but i hasnt played any of the ME games tho
  6. Mine is mostly loud AF when i control Peter in story area like the laboratory... its so weird and make no sense, its like they forgot to cap the FPS and it just going through the roof with 150+ fps
  7. Mass effect Andromeda
  8. DA: Inquisition 72% Not really a completer
  9. Side question. Only have the base game... havent started yet but what is the Assassin's Creed® Odyssey: Additional Feats ?? and do you get those with the base game or season pass??