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  1. We just need to wait for the dev to relase the Patch, oh well...
  2. My favorites: Rinna she is very pretty and I love her attitude, and for the Male, well Agnum, he is the best bro one can have.
  3. thanks.
  4. Yeah I know, but is was just for a quick play for the trophy to defeat a deathbringer
  5. Buuut, thr trophy for the final boss is broken?? I bet the game but no trophy for the final boss.....
  6. You have deathbringer rank?
  7. The NG+ start right away after you beat the final boss? or you can choose to continue on the first run?
  8. OMG, this guy is a monster, how this is even possible???
  9. WHAAAT? for real???? seems impossible to me.
  10. I have ssen that you have got the Dead cells Platinum! congratulation!! I might think that was a nightmare xD

  11. Man these speed run trophy, I will never understand why put such a trophy.
  12. Thabk you very much!
  13. This, yesterday I have reach the final boss with one cell, the run was ok thanks to a good brutality build, but before the final boss i got bad luck, the foutain was broken and with zero potion on hard, well, was a bit too much and I lost, so, for this game some luck is necessary. BTW, to reach the Graveyard where I need to go?
  14. Umm, I will try to see somthing, amybe will a lot of things unlocked will become more easy.