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  1. This, maybe they just add the list on the servers.
  2. Man, this post is absolutely one of the best thing I have read in the last months.
  3. Man, this thread is absolutely amazing, funny as hell 😂 , please keep going
  4. Well, this is a good analogy 😆
  5. And, this thread became one of the best one of 2020. 😂
  6. Thank you very much.
  7. Maybe, I hope that they will add the Sprint Shoes from Warped, that will be really useful.
  8. Well, I hope that they will do some DLC levels with that power up....
  9. No Shoes??? man ok I will simply finish the game, some trials looks nearly impossible....
  10. Nice, this is what I want to know, thanks.
  11. Well, Muramasa Rebirth is maybe one of the best game on PsVITA, it is worth a PsVITA for me.
  12. The game split in various type, the story part is basically a Point and click, the story is very, very good, the gameplay with the robots is basically a RTS(Real time Strategy Game) with some turn based element, when you open the command menu the game "freeze" and you have all the time to choose what to do.
  13. There are missable ones? and difficult related?
  14. Well, missed opportunity, well yes, but still the game is really good, so just play for 100% is a nice thing here.