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  1. Cool, finally someone have obtained one trophy.
  2. As title say, I only need one in the discovery missed, anyone know where to find the Eggs of Japanese Bullhead Sharks??
  3. So, guys, today, on 02/2022 I have pick up again the game after years, and this game still looks awesome, I have found out a old save (from 2013) on the Cloud, well, still need a lot of small creature and some discoveries(damn the planet, I miss two of them and they don't appaer ahaha...), and a lot of singing fisces, any idea for a good guide for finding the small creature?
  4. Well, thanks, I will try it, maybe.
  5. Oh, but I need two copies of the game?
  6. Thanks, but the server are desert, I can't find anyone ahaha, maybe I need to create a boosting session.
  7. So, the servers are ok now?
  8. Another question, Full deck mode made the 100% speedrun faster and easier?
  9. Thanks man.
  10. Any idea about the Long live trophy?
  11. BTW, maybe even the Me, Jealous? trophy is bugged.
  12. They are awesome developers, they will fix for sure these trophies.
  13. Nice, I will try it in beginner mode, thank you. 💪
  14. The best thing to do is to upgrade the Legendary force for better equipment, after that just try the build you like and go, need skill for the platinum.
  15. FInally! can't wait to return on the game.