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  1. Ok, I am missing 2 relics, and I don't know where to find it, anyone have found a guide? I miss these two
  2. Maybe only one missable (the normal ending with Demer defated), after you deafeat him, you need to go finish the game immediately, because if you talk in the HUB with Zevil after you have completed the missions to free the timeflies and to recover the white crystals, the game will go to the Ultimate ending. The real pain are the Relics, because I really can't find any guide around the web.
  3. If anyone have trouble for this trophy, here a video for a good location, it is in the Paradox Void.
  4. It is me, or the game is very hard with the boss battle? man, I have died a lot with every boss for now at least 10 times (the only easy one is the Golem at the top of the tower, first try) , and some mobs are too much sturdy, and the two new characters are very bad to use, even with the full skill powered up, so the boss with them are even harder, a real nightmare (man the 3rd boss of the game took me over 40 tries, over 3 hours, no joke) Freija is the only one who hit very hard, she has very good combo combination, still, some enemy are a bit broken even with her.
  5. I think I am the only one that is reading this one ahahahah
  6. Just obtained 5 proof today, I have already got the ring ages ago, I think I am aroung 18 proof.
  7. Thanks for the tips, I will try this one.
  8. Why are missable the recipe?
  9. It is possible to boost this with two PS4?
  10. Good tips man, thanks, another method for the Sol Spars is to farm Gold in the Grimwald Nox and buy it from Morbihan.
  11. Nice, thank you very much.
  12. Man, but I need to use the Monstrum form? or I can normally walk around the city?
  13. One more question, about the individual exploration trophy, how you guys have done that?
  14. Can't wait for the guide.
  15. Before this one, Play Ys4 (Celceta) and Ys8, in this one the story is starting to connect from the other games, and if you have a steam profile you can play The very first two Ys, Ys III (Oath of Felghana), Ys6 (Ark of Naphistim) and Ys Seven.