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  1. This looks..crazy, man....., well, better this crazy stuff that the speedrun or the permadeah mode.
  2. Thank god they have fixed this one.
  3. Thanks, well a hard platinum it's ok, it is important that there are no missable and no speedrun.
  4. There are Missable ones??
  5. This, when you see RatalaikaGames in the developer names you know that game will be good.
  6. Nothing, I have tryed, amd, the bosses must be done all on the same playthrough, if you start a NG+ i need to do all the bosses again.
  7. Umm, I will try right now, I will stast the NG+ right now.
  8. Are you sure??, um I will try it.
  9. I will think to use it, maybe, but I need to re-do all the bosses in heroic....
  10. Man..... >_< crap, now I need to do a second playthrough...
  11. So, I can't do the Gaian anymore because the girl with the spear so, she isn't in the place where you fight the Gaian, and I can't start the heroic boss fight
  12. I have played almost every Kiseki, the only one I miss right now are Ao no Kiseki, and off course Cold Steel 3.
  13. Really?? so the patch didn't work.
  14. Me too, ahaha, Croc for PS1 was a really good one. PS: Nice avatar, Lloyd is one of my favorite from Zero no Kiseki.
  15. Well, at least this one have only 4 trophies......