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  1. This game is hard as hell, I have got 5 game overs in the first level ahahaha......
  2. If anyone have problem with Side Quest 42, that is hidden, I have found out this guide: http://www.rpgsoluce.com/soluces/ps4/astria-ascending/quetes/cachee.htm It is in French, so use Google Translate to understand what is written 💪
  3. So, they are missable the weapons?
  4. BTW, on line the people are real beasts 🤕, only two days and they are all Pro........
  5. Cool, finally someone have obtained one trophy.
  6. As title say, I only need one in the discovery missed, anyone know where to find the Eggs of Japanese Bullhead Sharks??
  7. So, guys, today, on 02/2022 I have pick up again the game after years, and this game still looks awesome, I have found out a old save (from 2013) on the Cloud, well, still need a lot of small creature and some discoveries(damn the planet, I miss two of them and they don't appaer ahaha...), and a lot of singing fisces, any idea for a good guide for finding the small creature?
  8. Well, thanks, I will try it, maybe.
  9. Oh, but I need two copies of the game?
  10. Thanks, but the server are desert, I can't find anyone ahaha, maybe I need to create a boosting session.
  11. So, the servers are ok now?
  12. Another question, Full deck mode made the 100% speedrun faster and easier?
  13. Thanks man.
  14. Any idea about the Long live trophy?
  15. BTW, maybe even the Me, Jealous? trophy is bugged.