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  1. Nice, thank you!
  2. So, onlyn a glitchy one?, no missable?
  3. Someone here is frustrated LOL, well it's just another troll. https://pegfitzpatrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/trolls-einstein1.png
  4. Completed right now, Classic mode it is really, really, really easy, done in less than 10 minute, I had some problem only on Arena mode, I was stuck with 80/90 kill for around 40 minutes, unlucky with the weapons, nothing too much problematic. 3/10 fo me.
  5. This, a dark Souls che be 8/10 for someone, for me is a Dark Souls is around 5/10 o 6/10, Bloodbrorne is a 4.5/10 for me, so this will be piece of cake, I will try it.
  6. Oh, these are real awensome words, I will continue to support your games, some of them are really fun, the lasts I have completed, SquareBoy was a nice one, League of evil too is good.
  7. Oh this is good, direct from the creators too, nice. The game is good BTW, really fun.
  8. I hope for 0 missable trophy....
  9. Too expansive O_O, Maybe I will pick this when it will be around 5€
  10. Thank you again!
  11. Cool, the game looks fun, love this type of game.
  12. Got it, thank you.
  13. Another thing, for the Hard and Elite trophy I need to do all the stages? or only the last one?
  14. Thank you very much, man this will be hard, 4 people with a full power character is needed.
  15. It is possible to finish only the last stage or we need to do all of them?