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  1. It is possible to boost this with two PS4?
  2. Good tips man, thanks, another method for the Sol Spars is to farm Gold in the Grimwald Nox and buy it from Morbihan.
  3. Nice, thank you very much.
  4. Man, but I need to use the Monstrum form? or I can normally walk around the city?
  5. One more question, about the individual exploration trophy, how you guys have done that?
  6. Can't wait for the guide.
  7. Before this one, Play Ys4 (Celceta) and Ys8, in this one the story is starting to connect from the other games, and if you have a steam profile you can play The very first two Ys, Ys III (Oath of Felghana), Ys6 (Ark of Naphistim) and Ys Seven.
  8. The platinum looks very Hard, oh well, the games it self are Awesome, I will just play.
  9. Awesome experience , I cried at the ending, this game is so touching...
  10. Never died once, the game it self is very easy, maybe just a bit tedious with the spike and the pits, but nothing serious, fun game, maybe better than 1/2 genie and Risky Revenge, but in my opinion Pirate Curse is still the better one.
  11. So, there are missable trophies?
  12. The Puyo Puyo mini game is brutal, too hard for me, man this time they made a wrong decison about the trophies, maybe is the hardest trophy in the set.
  13. Soo, still nothing uh?
  14. This, maybe they just add the list on the servers.
  15. Man, this post is absolutely one of the best thing I have read in the last months.