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  1. The game split in various type, the story part is basically a Point and click, the story is very, very good, the gameplay with the robots is basically a RTS(Real time Strategy Game) with some turn based element, when you open the command menu the game "freeze" and you have all the time to choose what to do.
  2. There are missable ones? and difficult related?
  3. Well, missed opportunity, well yes, but still the game is really good, so just play for 100% is a nice thing here.
  4. Any idea how to win with the Hanawa? the CPU play like are at maximun level, they are absurd, broken match.
  5. Thanks man. 👍
  6. For this one, I need to do the Link party where the pool is? with every one, so a total of 16 link?
  7. Standard trophy list, maybe the hardest one is Vs the CPU at max level.
  8. I hope someone will tell us what to do, this game is a complete mistery.
  9. I hope so, for my standard it is really hard.
  10. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Erika is more powerful than the other ones? she have the double life, but her damage is bigger?
  12. Nice, thank you.
  13. Thanks god no missable, nice.
  14. Looks easy, grindy for sure, maybe 60/70 hours.
  15. But, it is only on PSN? No Retail version?