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  1. Man, I need to redone the game?, well, maybe another time, I am playing other things right now.
  2. Speed run,,,, meh....... can't wait for my Phisical copy, great game, but this trophy list is awful with that speed run trophy again......
  3. Umm, maybe it is only on UK store, can't find the game in the Italian store.
  4. UMM, I Can't find it in the EU, maybe it is only US for now.
  5. OMG, this is a joke.
  6. OMG ahahahaha, these developers are crazy, no one will buy a "game" like this one for 30 bucks, dead game before the relase.
  7. 😞 Same, I have tried to erase the game and reinstall, but nothing..... Man, this sucks 😑 , I hope they will relase a patch, another level to try the trophy instead the first one??
  8. But, it is only on JP PSN?
  9. I have done over 250000 points at level 56 three times, but I didn't get the trophy, it is bugged? anyone have this issue?
  10. Umm, I will try again some other time....
  11. OMG ahahahahaha, this is horrible ahahaha.
  12. I have done over 250000 points but I didn't get the trophy for 236000, why? bugged?
  13. Nice, thanks.
  14. As the title say, anyone know if this one work on the PsTV?
  15. Just only some levels are a bit hard.