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  1. A troll indeed, oh well who cares, the game is indeed good, and a lot of people is telling the fact.
  2. Hard? are you serious?? the game was easy, c'mon, with powerful equipment you can easily destroy everything. BTW this second game is really good indeed, is better balanced for the coin, one of the best Indie out there.
  3. The first one was good, very good, maybe the best Ratalaika game, and better than more AAA games, so, this will be good as the first one for sure.
  4. The first one was very, very good, can't wait for this one.
  5. This is good news, thanks for the info.
  6. There are missable?
  7. Now, the delay is very frustrating.
  8. Some levels are tricky and hard, but overall all the game is easy, but I am stuck right now on the first boss for around 15 minute, and in my opinion this isn't a 1/10, but at least a 2/10 or a 3/10 EDIT: defeated the skeleton boss, man that was hard for me, it took me over 40 minutes of tries, I really don't understand how people can finish this in less than 10 minute...... BTW, I need a break, this game is easy, but it is too much frustrating, I am going to play some other thing.
  9. ahahah, OMG yes, this one is a very good one, it is made in Italy, and I am really proud that developer from my country create games good like this.
  10. These Kemco games are good?
  11. Thanks!, I have bought the PS4 version!
  12. Ouch, man, the eggs ones are hard.
  13. For masterchef trophy is needed Excellent in all of the the recipe? or just one for each category?
  14. Again, don't play KHIII before you have played the older games, start from KH1, then Chain of memories, KH2, 358 day, Birth By sleep, Re:Coded, DDD, Back cover and KH2.8, only after these you can play KHIII. I will never understand why people play games like this without have played the older one......
  15. This, the best way to play the games is in the order that they were published, so you must start for the very first one, not from the chronogical order. Don't , don't play in that way, you must start from KH1, even if BsB is before KH1 is ruins a lot of things from KH2 and Chain of memories