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  1. The game it self is easy, but level 2 and 11 are a real pain in my opinion.
  2. This game is hard in my opinion, , I don't understand how can ba a 90% completition, time attack and boss rush area pain.
  3. Supersoldier it is hard in some point of the game, in the last part of the game can be brutal.
  4. I hope there are no missable.
  5. As the title say, you people are continue to play the game after got the platinum? or not? The game is good, very good indeed, I will continue to play even after the platinum until I have finished the game, anyone think the same?
  6. So, the quest are needed for the enemy trophy to pop?
  7. I will try the shield next time with Poseidon and Zeus, it is a strong build?
  8. 20+ runs, menaged to fight the last boss 2 times, but I have died both the times. 😂
  9. Same here, it popped when I changed room.
  10. Because some people are very dumb and lose themselves in a cup of water.
  11. Maybe now I will try it if the game price will drop around 20/25 €
  12. I have found a Normal Dice in the Labyrinth post game in around 5/6 runs, got lucky with that one.
  13. Thanks, good to know.
  14. Thank you very much for the info.
  15. As the title say, there are missable trophies?