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  1. For anyone, the level with the hidden flag is the 1-9
  2. I have recorded this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUlLkilUQGU On Scholhouse floor 5, in chapter 5, on the second room, just to the right, immediatly after you enter the room, It is possible to encounter 8 of that monster in a random encount, so no trap chest required. Just: Hope you enconter 8 in a fight, if don't run away(or kill them all) and exit and re-emter the room After enconter 8 Just use Rean Motivate craft to increas the ATK al all the party. Use Millium S-Craft with full CP bar (200), her S-craft will hit all the enemies, and will kill them all, just be sure to have 740+ SRT with Millium. PS: sorry for the bad quality of the video, but on PS3 I needed to use my Phone >_<
  3. Can I ask you one thing? A friend of mine have problem with the trophy " Be Gentle, 'K? Get yelled at in the Tutorial " , what he need to do do to obtain that trophy? Thank you in advice.
  4. Well, that was fast ahahahah, thanks man.๐Ÿ’ช
  5. Got in time, no worries. ๐Ÿ’ช
  6. Ahaha, the old Powerpuff are still one of the best show ever made.
  7. No missable? that's good.
  8. Oh, thanks I think I will buy the Retail!!
  9. Oh, this is awesome, thank you very much.
  10. Ahaha, damn, that BT in the other SO games are really absurd....
  11. This, some names are different, but it will be possible to use that guide with the English version, the maps are really useful for the chests.
  12. So, I can't do the Gaian anymore because the girl with the spear so, she isn't in the place where you fight the Gaian, and I can't start the heroic boss fight
  13. The trophies are much like CS 1 & 2, very similar, a guide is needed here, too much missable.
  14. Looks way better than the first one, I have enjoyed the first game, so I will play this too some days.
  15. Ahaha, thanks, but the game is easy, only few levels are a bit "hard", like World1-Level15
  16. As the title say, i can't even find it on the JAP store.
  17. Here my Selene. ๐Ÿ˜€
  18. I have problem with this too, man, maybe with four people is more doable.
  19. There are missable ones?
  20. Well, a breeze.. yeah sure, the game it is easy, but the control sucks, and some enemies are just a punch in the face (damn the spiders are just the worst enemy in this one)
  21. Someone know if there are missable ones?
  22. This, luck is needed here, you need to shoot the UFO and hope for the rapid fire, because without the rapid fire is much harder, BTW easy game 16 minute for the platinum for me.
  23. Oh cool, so there aren't missable, nice.