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  1. I just got the platinum in The Walking Dead season 1 on PS3 7 years and 10 months after getting my first trophy in the game. I believe the first episode was free back then, so I tried it out and couldn't really get into the game (plus the awful Telltale controls and glitches were a turnoff). I'm really glad I decided to restart and finish the game. It lived up to its high reputation, despite its atrocious mechanics and technical issues (which are even more glaring after playing on a PS4 Pro for a few years).
  2. I'm really debating starting this. I like the setting but haven't gotten into other survival games that look similar to this, like Conan Exiles and The Long Dark. Conan Exiles was really janky and in the gameplay videos I looked at for this one, it looked to have its share of jank present, too.
  3. I'm taking advantage of a recent offer of getting PS Now for a month for $6.49 and just platinumed the game. The base game online trophies were quite easy to get (and I'm terrible at multiplayer). I picked up a few of the DLC online trophies as well with minimal effort. One or two of the game modes were pretty quiet, but I had no problem finding players in March 2021 via several of the other game modes.
  4. I just finished playing the campaign and this game made my Pro's fan run louder than I've ever heard it before. The console was running loud most of the time, too. The fan volume rarely seemed to subside to a normal level, which was annoying. Headphones were definitely required for the entire playthrough.
  5. PSA: The game is on sale until February 18th for just $13.19 on the Canadian PlayStation store and $9.89 on the U.S. store.
  6. The game's servers are terrible. I got disconnected so many times while playing this over the past week-and-a-half, despite the fact I have fast internet and a hardwired online connection.
  7. I don't know...I was really surprised when I checked the time counter, which said something like 6 days played. Based on input other gamers give on sites like this or PlaystationTropies.org about how long it takes them to get a platinum, I habitually seem to take WAY longer than the average person playing through a game. I'm not sure why...I'd consider myself a better than average gamer (I've been playing them for 40 years now) and have a respectable 60-something platinums, most of which are legit platinums. For whatever reason, it just seems to take me much longer to complete games.
  8. Yes, that sucks, huh? I think it's June that this goes into effect, right? Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
  9. I was surprised when my last weapon trophy for the grenade launcher unlocked because I hadn't been able to get the Aftershock launcher to complete it. I bought a Legendary launcher named Sentinel's Vengeance and had it equipped for the mission I just played and I just noticed it says it's an upgraded Aftershock, so that counts towards the trophy.
  10. I've been playing with the Colossus for quite awhile now (about 15-20 missions) and this weapon never drops. All the other weapon trophies were very straightforward...it makes no sense that this one is so bloody elusive.
  11. There's a lot about this game I like. I've been playing it solo for a week and love the flying, it has good gunplay, great sound, and the game looks very good graphically. Most of the characters are likable and the vast majority of the voice acting is first-rate. Unfortunately, the servers friggin' suck. I've lost connection at least a dozen times despite having fast internet and a wired online connection. The load times are extremely slow, too. The missions are shockingly samey and very uninspired. And there are still bugs (I have one where I can't start a side mission because the conversation icon with the NPC disappears whenever I get close to him). No way am I going to attempt the platinum. The numerous collectibles and having to get all the javelin gear trophies are way too grindy for me. And it's ridiculous that all the weapons needed for the weapon trophies are easily accessible except for the damn Aftershock grenade launcher, which never drops.
  12. I really disliked all the backtracking you had to do, mostly because the planet layouts were SO bloody confusing to navigate. I just platinumed the game but must have spent a good 8-10 hours just running around trying to figure out how to get to a certain area for a collectible or to get back to the ship. This probably sounds like a contradiction, but while the maps did make sense they were not very user-friendly in my opinion.
  13. I heard about the server shutdown too late but I must admit, I actually didn't mind that the platinum was now unobtainable. I started the game a little over a week ago and just finished it. If the scrap crew challenges were still functional I likely would have gone for the platinum, which would have been a hellish grind. It allowed me to enjoy the game more than I otherwise would have. As it is, I ended up putting 140 hours into the game and as much as I had a lot of fun playing it, I was ready to finish it up. Glad I didn't have to worry about completing all the challenges, grinding out those unenjoyable Death Run races with every vehicle and with legendary times, or looting all scavenging locations. That latter one is brutal...even with that much time spent in the game, I still only had about 65-70% of them done. It was also nice not having to stress out about the scavenging location glitch.
  14. I also picked it up last week when I saw it was on sale on the Canadian store for such a crazy cheap price. It's interesting...I noticed for quite some time that games or DLCs that were on sale for really cheap (around $8 or $9 or less) were the same price on the Canadian and U.S. stores. Anything more than that and the Canadian prices would then cost more. Looks like that is no longer the case, as this season pass is $4.49 CDN and $3.49 on the U.S. store. Damn loonie. I was also wondering that. It was ridiculous that the Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition wasn't exactly so "ultimate" since you had to pay extra for that Fuhrer mission.
  15. I also fumbled around a bit today trying to figure out how to get access to the DLC after buying the season pass. I just quit the game and restarted it and I was then able to use the DLC.