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  1. Make space on your hard drive for Battlefront 2 if it is one of the PS+ games - it's 115 gb. I bought it and the deluxe Battlefront together for only $9 months ago on a PlayStation store sale and just installed Battlefront 2 last week. Even though I know they've added a lot to it over the past year or so I couldn't believe how big the download was!
  2. The infamous bad controls and camera, as well as that damn horse, lived up to their reputation as being terrible. I finished the game, but it's definitely one of those games I regret investing any time in (those goddamn low trophy completion percentages 😒 ). My mind was blown that so many people consider this massively overrated game such a classic.
  3. I don't know that I'd completely quit being a trophy hunter but my devotion to these damn things is a bit of an an ongoing struggle. I started on PS3 in 2010 and wasn't hooked by the trophy thing until 2012. About four years ago, I began to question why I was investing so much time in certain games with really frustrating and grindy trophies. I eased up and while I was still collecting lots of trophies, I wasn't making myself miserable in the process. Then out of the blue, I got this sudden urge about 6 months ago to improve upon my overall trophy completion percentage, which was at around 60%. Even though I have a backlog of around 25 PS4 games, I started going back and collecting missing trophies from PS3 games I'd already played and doing some of the DLC I had never played from those games. And most of time I'm thinking "What the hell am I doing this for? I was annoyed at myself for my lack of discipline that had resulted in me playing these old, comparatively crappy-looking games on hardware that was a chore to use compared to my PS4 Pro. I even did something a couple of months ago I'd never done before - bought a game just to get cheap platinum. That one was Adam's Venture on PS4, which was on sale for less than a buck, but was quite possibly the worst use of 5-6 hours I've ever done. There are times I wish trophies never existed, as the pursuit of them can definitely make you lose sight of why you're playing a game - to have fun.
  4. I don't know that I've ever been in the midst of playing a game when its servers get shut down, so I figured there would be a patch for Driveclub on April 1st. Is that not a thing that normally happens? I know Evolution Studios closed several years ago, but I assumed Sony might put out a patch that removed the online-related stuff from the game's menus. Wishful thinking, obviously. 😒 It's annoying playing now and getting the constant messages about the game being unable to connect to the server.
  5. I have found a lot of the DLC more difficult than I was expecting when compared to the base game. I was hoping to get at least 70-75% of Driveclub's trophies but that ain't happening. I'll be lucky to get past about 55% by the time I'm done. Right now I'm at 87 of 128 trophies and am still only at 50% trophy completion for the game, lol. I've spent a ton of time with this game and enjoyed most of it but it does get very frustrating trying to beat a lot of these times. I've punched my damn couch so many times after spinning out in a close race, which is a good indicator that maybe it's time to wrap up my Driveclub experience.