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  1. i finished minecraft awhile ago just the online ones and stuff and I'm done
  2. True but I'm umm ya know im poor
  3. i have to get the last trophy for 4 players but i don't have 4 controllers any way around this
  4. no because you can just have multiple accounts as long as there on the same console you can still have those games is there another reason?
  5. that's lame brother you can still do it
  6. thanks for the help im at 86 now not to bad just time consuming as hell
  7. yeah i used this forum on accident and I have a turbo lol this is taking forever still
  8. I'm level 85 injustice gods among us im using the xp farm in Atlantis how long should it take from here?
  9. watch me bleed lil peep RIP gang gang lol
  10. I'm probably just bad lmao
  11. oh my god i just almost put my controller through my tv playing and beating the challenge of gods from chains of Olympus does the ghost of sparta get any easier?
  12. does anyone know how to get the jumped in trophy without DNS saints row 3 of course
  13. haha yeah thanks i went back and did some stuff
  14. thanks i will for sure
  15. I'm looking threw my trophy list wondering what to do next anyone have any ideas what to play again