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  1. The easiest way to earn xp now is definitely a 1v1 online match where you let the other duck win, taking turns. The winning xp adds up to quite a lot, but yeah I only got 1, almost 2 little men.
  2. Do you have any tips on other trophies? Will you be making a guide for the challenges perhaps? This is already great to have, so thank you!
  3. So, does anyone know if the new update fixed everything in the game? I haven't gotten to do the glitch yet with the little men, but if it's possible to do it now without using that glitch, it would be so cool. I know rounds can go by much faster now, seeing as there's a level editor, so levels shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Yeah, I have assigned billboards to multiple machines, and basically made my factory up into sections, since I thought that would maximise my production, but seems like the game can't handle that. With my setup, I was able to make a lot of orders at once, but I suppose I'll have to go down a scratch so I can at least continue with my save file.
  5. I've realized that everyone will just stop working at some point... what's up with that? Everything was going swell and work was being done way faster than needed, but suddenly everyone just freezes. There might be a few seconds where they work again, but then they stop once again. This even effects builders. Any fix for this or is my save just dead?
  6. Nobody has gotten it since December 12th... Maybe it's possible that it's glitched? Was there an update that day that ruined the trophy? If so they should fix it eventually for sure right?
  7. It's just the one savefile to get the deadgod. If you want to go for infinity% then you can always do it!
  8. Let's put it this way: If you own every DLC, getting platinum is not that difficult anymore, your only real problem would be getting the lost done. Other than that, you also need to complete varios checkmarks with every character and defeat multiple DLC bosses with the afterbirth and afterbirth+ DLC Repentance adds basically the whole game again, by adding these "tainted" versions of every character in the game, as well as two new characters to play as. This means you basically have to do everything again, on a harder/challenging character this time around, so if you're still looking to get 100% on the game, this could take 200 hours, if not more. 10/10 in difficulty if you ask me.
  9. I can't believe we need to spend 100 hours, if not more, on the game again, for just 7 trophies. This DLC is basically a whole new game. Wish they had added a new platinum list, like Monster Hunter did with Iceborn.
  10. Hello, just a quick question to anyone who might know. Does the new Intelligence Files count towards the Information Overload trophy, or is it only those from base game that counts? Thanks in advance!
  11. If only failed games go on Plus, then I'm the president of the United States... There's been so many good games on Plus, including this game.
  12. Well it is a "remake" not a "remaster". I didn't play the original as I've never had a ps1, but I always thought this game would be way different than the original, based off of the title alone. About Shinra being good, it really makes sense in a realistic setting. How would their world look without mako energy after all? Also, as much as I wanted Barret to drop President Shinra off the building, it was equally satisfying to see him get impaled by Sephiroth.
  13. According to other guides I've found, it's still possible. The problem with this game is how long it takes to complete it all, and there's not even a platinum reward by the end of it, so most people aren't interested.
  14. So yeah, as the title says, seems like this will be the free game in June, available for download June 1st, already next week! Think there's gonna be a decline in the plat percentage or a rise?
  15. Well if it was faster it would be hard to keep up with the fighting I guess, harder to navigate and fly. It's for the best experience playing it I guess.