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  1. If only failed games go on Plus, then I'm the president of the United States... There's been so many good games on Plus, including this game.
  2. Well it is a "remake" not a "remaster". I didn't play the original as I've never had a ps1, but I always thought this game would be way different than the original, based off of the title alone. About Shinra being good, it really makes sense in a realistic setting. How would their world look without mako energy after all? Also, as much as I wanted Barret to drop President Shinra off the building, it was equally satisfying to see him get impaled by Sephiroth.
  3. According to other guides I've found, it's still possible. The problem with this game is how long it takes to complete it all, and there's not even a platinum reward by the end of it, so most people aren't interested.
  4. So yeah, as the title says, seems like this will be the free game in June, available for download June 1st, already next week! Think there's gonna be a decline in the plat percentage or a rise?
  5. It seems to be fixed. It's alright, I get how it could be confusing at first glance.
  6. Exactly
  7. RealBlueHood Grand Theft Auto V I played GTA V first on ps3. Back in the day you could transfer your online character to the next gen console, so I did that. When I started playing on ps4 it must've popped the level 50 before level 25 trophy for some reason. The same can be said for the awards. I already had them on ps3, and the game must've seen that the moment I entered online on ps4.
  8. Well if it was faster it would be hard to keep up with the fighting I guess, harder to navigate and fly. It's for the best experience playing it I guess.
  9. Did you at some point ever use a cheat code in the end? Using a cheat code automatically invalids every trophy you might get.
  10. By using the remote control application, you can use your computer to auto-click for you when you need to do the killing. Respawning is easily automated by disconnecting a controller, as the game will automatically spawn you in on a bedroll.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 took me over 300 hours of playtime to platinum... might be my longest plat out there
  12. It's not fixed. It's always been possible if you wanna play the game for a heck long time just to get the plat. I don't know the exact way of obtaining it, but it's possible.
  13. You might need the Dress Code DLC to actually get the powerup. That's how I got it.
  14. Oh thank you! I felt like I had searched forever... I only needed that pool float then. Amazing help!
  15. Hey all, so I just decided to finally finish this game. Got the platinum today after a few hours, but noticed two new trophies had appeared. I quickly got the bear one with a guide, but I honestly have no idea about this other trophy. You need five power ups on you at the same time, but as far as I know, you only get access to two powerups, three if you have access to the Stunt DLC (Boxing gloves). Does anyone have any insight on this?