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  1. To be honest, a Vita 2 could work if they took a page from Nintendo. Imagine a Sony Phone where you could attach the "Switch like controllers" to each side to play games. Games would be fully digital or something you have to plug in like an usbthingie The phone could be a bit thicker so as a smartphone it would have massive batteries,storage etc. That would make it an excellent phone and if the option to play qualitygames is present,it would be attractive for general audience, not just gamers. Because people like to have one item that does everything.
  2. Is there anything I should take in consideration before buying an external hard drive for my PS4? Or can I just buy anything? I want a 2TB (if that matters)

  3. Assassin's Creed Empires for release this november Elder Scrolls VI CGI trailer Splinter Cell with offline coop Dragon Age 4 CTR remastered
  4. Most of them are very fun ... at first. At first you have the same options as anyone, every upgrade is fun and wow. But eventually, they become a grind, take forever. I don't do micro transactions, because I find it a bit of a waste. So every free to play game becomes (for me) a grind or nearly impossible to level. It depends whether it's coop like Warframe, enemies remain the same or like Battle Islands (PvP) I often play them like for a few weeks, every day, mostly because some of bonusses for every day you log in, but after a month, they are forgotten. And the few trophies I achieved become hidden on my profile
  5. PS4 - Yesterday, I bought the goty of Dragon Age Inquisition for my secondary account, and played it on my primary account. Today I cannot download my safe files, because it's "lacking all the dlc". So I deleted everything and started downloading everything again, but the problem returned. How can I fix this, while it actually worked yesterday?

  6. Tell me more good sir!
  7. I'm still on my first playthrough (Emily, no powers, clean hands, shadow) and I must agree. The second mission guards felt somehow harder than many other missions. Perhaps I wasn't used to them yet, but the first mission felt like the typical Dishonored vibe, and I played exactly as before. Because of my added difficulty of using no powers, the game is extra fun. Even feels like a more colourful version of Thief. Agreed, but if a rewired clockwork kills an enemy, it's added to your kill list. However if you lure an enemy into a nest of bloodflies, it's not considered a kill when they kill the guard
  8. Will there be a Fallout 4 Complete/Ultimatie/GOTY edition anytime soon?

    I'm fighting reall hard against all urges to buy the digital season pass, but I need to know if my struggle is with cause.

    1. StrickenBiged


      It'd have come out by now, surely? It's been a while. 

      I'd say wait for the next sale. Not all the DLC got that great reviews. 

    2. BlazingCat83


      Bethesda usually does sooner or later.

    3. Mr_Freaker


      But why do they wait so long :/


  9. Mass Effect 3: can the veteran trophy be acquired through the armax arsenal or multiplayer?

    1. Stevieboy


      I didn't play any of the MP and only did 1 playthrough of the game. Grinded the remaining kills using the combat simulator. Kills during MP are said to count towards the trophy too though, so you can do either, or both.

    2. TangrakNor


      I guess Armax would be the better solution, so did I

    3. Elyther


      If you're looking for another option, I cleaned up veteran using the infinite spawning Cannibals near the beginning of the game. 

  10. I'm quite a big fan of the Elder Scrolls lore, despite only having played Oblivion and Skyrim. However, I don't like to commit to online guild, raids, ... I just like a good single player game. Even story doesn't really matter as I like the gameplay and abilities a lot. Is the ESO GE fully functioning as a single player game? I do not care about getting all the throphies, just if this would provide a fun Elder Scrolls (-like) experience to play whenever I want? I've read it has become better suited for single players, but I'm worried this could be greatly exaggerated.
  11. I had played anything between 48 and 72 hours before I tried achieving this trophy. It's not the type of trophy you can *just* achieve overtime without actually doing an effort. I had chosen for Sanctuary as my primary hub, but there are a few other locations possible, but they need to be actually big. I had 24 settlers, including those few residents that stuck around after meeting with Preston. That "mama" character with her "sight" was the only one I couldn't assign to do anything. I don't know if that's a glitch or just how she rolls. I disbanded all my supply lines from Sanctuary so I could assign everyone to a job. Because I had 23 settlers and 1 useless "mama", I had about 5 people assigned to food production (those trees that give 1 food each) All my other settlers were assigned to a level 3 shop, but not just any shop. If you select a shop, they clearly state if the shop increases happiness or not. I think they were doctors, bars and general traders. My defenses were arround 200, my water as well, my food arround 29. I don't know in what manner certain objects improve your happiness, but let me say that I have seen my fair share of catportraits I had fences arround the area, put walls close to broken walls to "repair" them, so I don't really know what impact this had on my happiness. I think it's more a question if you have enough food for everyone. I had 29 food for 24 settlers, but I had like 40 trees, those trees just like nice I don't know how much decorations count for the trophy, but I had to deconstruct a lot to obtain this trophy. I tried to surround the entire domain I was using by walls, which used a lot of space, space I needed for clinics and stuff and more turrets, ... So yeah, it's not that great obtaining that trophy
  12. Fallout 4: I sent pladin danse to the airport, i hear his voice, but can't find him? Help?

  13. WARFRAME. Whenever I want to talk to a syndicate leader, a message appears: http://lotus/LANGUAGES/SYNDICATES/SYNDICATE_consolelockedonrank Help?

  14. Probable Skyrim, Dishonored and Mass Effect 2 I say probable because I really haven't put much thought in it. Also it's not always clear what is defined as an RPG.