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  1. It's just two trophies that can't be obtained due to Dirtnet closing. The rest of the online still works
  2. Not a bad list. The online trophies look pretty straight forward and would come naturally just playing with a friend. The provide assistance 5 times just sounds like the SOS stuff. Not bad!
  3. I'll try the demo today. The full game song list looks great! I don't think I'll bother with the three DLC packs, but the deluxe edition has some songs I really like. Only thing I don't like is the lack of Real Emotion from X-2
  4. #216 - Monster World IV Monster World IV - 29.82% Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 This game again?! I've played this a few times recently. From the PS3 version, to the Wonder Boy Collection, to the remake. This was the copy that came as a digital download as part of the Asha in Monster World remake. I had bought the digital version of the remake, but came across someone on eBay selling just the code for the download so I grabbed it for $7. I can never get enough of the Wonder Boy series. This is a great entry in the series and can actually be quite challenging at times, especially the Sky Castle with its crazy moving platforms and spikes waiting to take you back to the start of the area. While it's not my favourite in the series, it's still a really enjoyable platformer and I know I'll be playing through again when I grab the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection
  5. I'll jump back in for Spring! I'll have a PS5 by the start of March so my first five games will all be on the PS5. I still plan to add some PS3 games in the future, but for now my first five games will be: 1. Hogwarts Legacy 2. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 3. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 4. Resident Evil 4 (24/3) 5. Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key (24/3)
  6. If your 100% completed trophy list really means that much to you, don't bother. Play it on an alt account? Play through the PS4 version again? Live with the fact that your profile won't be 100% but you got to complete as much of the PS3 version as possible? I don't think anyone can really answer this for you because it all comes down to what means more to you.
  7. You can share it here. I think that other topic ended up being locked anyway
  8. @StraightVege great review. I've had this installed and forgotten for a couple of years now but I think I'll finally fire it up and give it a go. I also have Valfaris sitting installed right next to it
  9. I would love to see KO take down Reigns, but I just don't see it happening tomorrow. I wouldn't mind seeing him get screwed out of a win by the thug squad and then annihilate one of them before they can enter the rumble, take their place and win it (provided the championship match isn't the main event). I'm a bit torn about the idea of Cody and Rhea winning seeing as they are both heavily tipped. It would be great to see a massive swerve and someone we're not really talking about comes out and wins, but yeah can't see that happening. Just hope it isn't The Rock or Naomi. As for the other matches on the card, I honestly don't really care. Love for Bianca to drop the title then released by the company, but yeaaaaah I don't think so, lol
  10. A moment of silence for those waiting for this on Stadia...
  11. The only thing I have seen online mentioning an internet connection is from the Hogwarts Legacy website and it says that for those who purchase a physical copy, an internet connection will be required to download and install a Day 1 patch. Hopefully that's all that its going to be because I hardly see any reason for it to require a connection at all times
  12. Yeah I'm not too familiar with that period and a lot of names, but you've got Sirius Black's great-great-grandfather, Phineas Nigellus Black, as the current headmaster. I thiiiink if I remember correctly there's a teacher with the surname Weasley around that time as well. Also what I mentioned about its the time that Dumbledore was a student, so there's definitely the chance we will see some familiar names in the form of relatives :D
  13. Its going to be strange having these different teachers, especially seeing as were so used to the classic ones we know. I'm really hoping to see some relatives of people we know though. Maybe a Malfoy in Slytherin giving people a hard time.
  14. I'm really looking forward to taking potions and defence against the dark arts. Flying might also be fun if it helps with your flying ability and maybe care of magical creatures
  15. Gameplay looks very Witcheresque which isn't a bad thing at all