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  1. Yeah i started over thinking i missed an enemy, but i didn't. The all enemies trophy popped for me when i killed a spider in the next area
  2. I just installed it now. Nice to see the title screen for a change! Haha
  3. Still no luck, even trying it that way. What a pain!
  4. I just installed this and after a very long wait to actually fire up the game, it crashes within seconds and I'm greeted with a good ol' CE-34878-0. Has anyone had any luck playing this game? I'm playing on a standard PS4
  5. If there's one trophy that I'd love to autopop on PS5, its this one. I'd happily play through hard and take down Pride and Joy again, but this......THIS?!?!
  6. I've been meaning to grab this for awhile now. I'm looking forward to getting into it
  7. Great game! I wasn't expecting too much, but it's actually a lot of fun. Great levels and awesome weapons. It has a real Ghosts n Goblins feel to it. Quick question. The trophies for completing the game, are they only unlocked for finishing in one sitting, or can you just complete the final level via chapter select? Its going to be a tough platinum, especially the no deaths and hardcore playthroughs
  8. Graces for me. Absolutely loved it. I liked Asbel and I really enjoyed most of the story. I need to properly playthrough Vesperia. I started it but dropped it soon after
  9. Of the 12,801 people to 100% this game here, I'm officially the slowest with a total time of 10 years, 8 months, and 3 weeks, hahaha. I don't really know why I didn't 100% it sooner. It wasn't difficult and it was actually pretty fun. I'm currently going through some games on my PS3, basically just finishing and deleting what's installed so I can make space for a few new things....if I'm ever able to download again (thanks, Sony!) Wonder Boy in Monster World Ahhhh one of my all time favourite Mega Drive games. This is one game I won't be deleting anytime soon. I'm happy to play it again and again, even if I don't pop any trophies
  10. I sucked pretty badly doing that on normal. I'm glad you could skip it on hard, lol
  11. Ignore me, I realise all the games I posted are available as physical copies
  12. I can pair this with another event I'm currently taking part in. Are no platinum, 100% games included?
  13. Platinum - 5 (10%) Gold - 16 (32%) Silver - 14 (28%) Bronze - 15 (30%) That's split between 9 games
  14. Wow, you've nearly platinumed everything on your profile. Not much to pick from, but I'd have to go with MGSV. I need to finish it as well. Awesome trophy collection!
  15. It was fun. Pretty basic compared to games like Dragons Crown and Odin Sphere, but I still enjoyed it. It had a couple of cool combat mechanics. Platinum wise, it became a bit of a tedious grind, but I'd still recommend giving it a play