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  1. That's the US store. 24.99 there. Sorry, not sure if Its the right store for you guys. I'm still waiting for it to drop in the AU store
  2. Damn, I thought Rondo was really good. I should probably expect a few complaints from the friends I recommended this to recently, haha
  3. I loved this last time. I'd love to join again. My list 0 -900- Alice: Madness Returns (46%) 1 -1301- Gravity Rush (7%) 2 -12872- Resident Evil Village (54%) 3 -1603- Borderlands 2 (55%) 4 -6774- Sonic Forces (64%) 5 -5125- Shiren The Wanderer (8%) 6 -13046- Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection (28%) 7 -7497- Devious Dungeon (88%) 8 -9718- Baldur's Gate (10%) 9 -189- Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (23%)
  4. Does that mean no more puff puff?
  5. Thanks! Now all I need are the all swords, shields, and bracelets trophies and the 30 uses of a vending machine for my plat
  6. I can confirm that the magic merchant was there on my second playthrough!
  7. I tried blitzing through and I tried playing without skipping any scenes, but nothing. Shadiochao has mentioned in the tips and tricks thread that it may only trigger after finishing the game and playing on a subsequent playthrough. I'll finish and start again to see
  8. I'll give that a shot and see. Thanks!
  9. I tried multiple times on normal and just recently tried on easy. I also switched to an alt account, but nothing
  10. I was hit, but i notice in the video they have also been hit once. I dunno, this really has me stumped!
  11. This one is really bogging me down. I do exactly that but nothing. I don't even interact with the vending machine or any NPCs but the merchant still isn't there. I even deleted all my save files and started fresh
  12. Still no luck. I started a brand new game, didn't talk to anyone I didn't have to, no saving, no vending machine, and yet still no magic merchant. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong with it
  13. Interesting! I need to start over anyway seeing as I missed a life drop, so I'll try that. Thanks
  14. I'm having a bit of trouble finding the hidden magic merchant in Rapadagna. I've only found one video of the location, which involved jumping off the second floor of the woman's house and going behind some hedges, but there was no merchant. Is it random or are their some prerequisites that need to be met?
  15. Yeah i started over thinking i missed an enemy, but i didn't. The all enemies trophy popped for me when i killed a spider in the next area