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  1. using a Turbo controller to spamm X then you can be idle for as long as you want
  2. Hello am i understanding right you say i can work on the ps4 and ps5 platinum at the same time but need to do everything twice only the max level trophy will pop? And i can get ps4 and ps5 done before reaching max level?
  3. Is the dlc still crashing/freezing on ps5? if yes i gonna play on ps4
  4. 😭 i wish there was more dlc
  5. Use the rocket launchers hide behind walls this is supposed to be the easiest level you made it so far you can definitely do it good luck 👍
  6. Did you ever play meele before? You cant fail nightmare the platinum is extremely easy everyone with a meele deck can just run trough it with bots no continues needed i recently did the campaign 4 more times for my last ZWAT skins used every character with meele deck doesn’t matter and always no deaths no issues also doing hives etc the game is 3/10 if you know the mechanics if you say 7/10 i assume you play damage or doc and relying on randoms but you can simply play meele and go with bots for a solo 3/10 experience but no hope is like 7/10 unless you get the best meele attachments then its a 4/10 but since luck is required i wouldn’t count on it
  7. If you have all the cards and you know the game mechanics well enough then its a 3/10 with bots
  8. I thought about doing the same with NG+ because i already did this 100% 3 times this is now my 4th time but i started with a new character and i get everything again legit im doing everything on death march just because i enjoy the game and its very easy if you know how to play only annoying thing is the 50 crossbow headshot on deathmarch it sucks
  9. If you want to beat no hope just play meele use bots everyone can do it right now meele is just broken Baseball bat with the new instant kill attachment it works on ogre breaker and hag if you cant get that you can just restart few times and look in the shop for the +75% stumble damage its also OP but you really want to get the 10% chance of instant kill for all bosses to make no hope a 3/10
  10. There is a new meele attachment it says have a chance of killing the target instantly on legendary its 10% just hit the ogre or breaker once after killing few zombies its broken kills everything instantly doesn’t seem to trigger on commons only on mutations i think all you need after the meele buff is the breakout card i finished all levels in about 2hours without retrying i used a doc build first but on my second time i used meele and it way easier its like cheating if you use baseball with 75% stumble or the instant kill attachment literally everyone can do it also you can just leave the game and restart to get different items in the shop like stumble damage from the beginning sorry if my English is bad im still learning
  11. Bots carry easiest no hope act for sure just kill mutations and buy all cards on the way No continues needed
  12. I got told you cant autopop from ps4 to 5 or opposite if you earn trophies offline can anyone confirm this?
  13. Lol yes actually because when ever my team tried to score they would just appear very fast in Base mode for example and then wipe everything out so its a 100% loss atleast in base mode and goes pretty quick but it’s possible to win if you get the team mates that are not cheating fast enough in combat battle for example I didn’t earn any trophies when ever i encountered modders so i doubt that they can do that but maybe only team mates get benefits i have no idea sorry Thanks for the info i finished the game and i just probably never gonna play it again i had some fun but at the end i regret starting it Sorry for my late reply i didn’t noticed that someone wrote here thanks for the answers 👌👍
  14. Yes looks like there is nothing i only read about people with similar problems by now also found something about future stronger support in this game so i was hoping that this change was already in the game something with suspending cheaters i was thinking this includes something like reporting
  15. Basically the Titel says it all i found people flying trough houses faster then with kurama link or people one shot everything with regular hits no cooldowns and different ultimates in the same game right when the game starts i didn’t found anyway to report or avoid cheaters/modders game was fun at the beginning but now i can say its not recommended to play this game if you take PVP serious if you good at the game and match up with people that are hacking its very depressing this is remembering me on the time in dead by daylight with jumping survivor that just jump over the exit gates game is broken not always but sadly too often