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  1. Yeah the inclusion of the MP trophies is a bit of a let down. It's a re-release of an already fairly niche game. Can't see the online being terribly popular second time around. And it wasn't even that popular the first time. Kinda wish Rebellion would take a hint and park the MP. MP and snipers aren't a great mix.
  2. I enjoyed it, but it's not as fun as SSX. Steep is a bit strange (and I'm not just talking about the talking mountains). It kinda takes itself seriously, then suddenly tries to be all wacky. It feels like they went for a more realistic route, crammed in as much hokey product placement dialogue as they could (cough "when the founder of Red Bull gave us wings back in 67" cough), and got all over the top with each new DLC in what feels like someone bolted a game of Fortnite on the side of a snowboarding sim. But "cool guy let's have a Red Bull and be super radical" tone aside, it's a really good challenge. It's way more technical than SSX but also suffers from some weird physics where you'll just suddenly lose all momentum. Some of the menu and map controls are really janky but it's minor. It also does the whole virtual tourism thing better than SSX. Rocket packs kinda killed the exploration challenge but what are you gonna do? Personally, if I could only choose one: I'd still go with SSX. Yeah, it's arcady but it's just flat out fun. Steep is more your "Gran Turismo Sport": it's more realistic and technical, but not full sim. I think Steep suffers most from trying to be too many things. It's part game as service, part exploration, part DLC machine, part serious, part weird, part sim, part arcade, part MMO. Even the fact that every single menu page looks completely different to the next kinda hints at this game being a heap of people who all threw different ideas together. If they get more focused and higher, a Steep 2 could be the definitive snowboarding game.
  3. I'm with the poster above. This DLC is not worth the price tag at all. The fact it's excluded from the season pass just feels like a cash grab. It's basically an hour of warm up events that are impossible to fail, followed by a handful of ski slalom events and awkward interviews with actual athletes constantly reminding you that "no one has yet won all three medals". Then it's a couple of mountains with not a whole lot of other content. It's great to be able to board Japan but seriously, there's next to nothing to do. And if you're just in it for the trophies, it's 100% not worth the price. Wait until it's on sale (if that ever happens).
  4. I've always found the sound cutting out is a cascade to crashes. In my experience it goes like this: some sound effects will cut out but not others, then more sound effects and music will cut out, finally only a few sound effects remain, then inevitably the game will crash. Of course the game will also crash without the sound issue. Because who doesn't like that when you're midway through a Crucible level? This game is a mess of bugs. Visual glitches, sound problems, unresponsive buttons, being knocked into inescapable areas, low res textures, objects and environments randomly popping in and out, terrain glitches, invisible objects appearing that you get caught on, visible glitched objects appearing that you can't get past. Honestly, this is supposed to be the "definitive" version? It's a mess.
  5. You don't. You only need to complete one of the 25 wave blocks in one sitting (1-25 or 26-50 or 51-75 or 76-100). I had the Wicked K fight appear in the arena menu after completing wave 25.
  6. In Breach, nanoblades make short work of everything. You’ll never touch a gun again. As for the Plat/100%, I just got both and it was a slog. I loved the previous games but this one bored me senseless. I stopped playing three times over the years, and finally knuckled down. The main game has moments where it’s good but the story is brief and lacklustre. Nothing really important happens and most of the game is sneaking from one side of the city to the other to simply have conversations that could have been phone calls. Even fans of the series felt MD is far and away the weakest story in the series. Trophy wise, Foxiest is a pain as it seems to glitch somewhat. And collecting all the eBooks requires a guide as a few are missable without following very finicky steps. Plus they’re tied to your save file so you have to get them all in one run. Personally I didn’t find Breach nor its DLC that bad, once I got into the rhythm of it. But it did put a lot of people off. Frankly I found MD really disappointing to the point I’d skip the next game. Assuming they ever make it.
  7. Cool. Thanks for that. I did figure the gains would be minimal. Besides, the cool downs are still so extreme and the overall effects of the talismans pretty minimal that I just don't really use them that much anyway.
  8. You can enhance a talisman three times for each level up (refine), but is there any point? I noticed you can simply refine without the enhancements in between. Does refining to the next level override any enhancements? i.e. is a level 5 talisman without enhancements as powerful as a level 5 talisman with enhancements? Mostly looking to reduce the grind, but don't want to wind up with worse gear as a result.
  9. HAHAHA. I feel the pain. I played the game at launch, got bored, then just fired it up today to finish the story. Some of the completion list stuff is ridiculous. I just don't know I have it in me to perfect all the dance games. But in answer to the OP's question: once you get some decent car parts (there are completion tasks for collecting 80 or so parts), then no. Go for the S and A rank maps but ignore the rest. Honestly I just found the treasure maps annoying and they regularly broke the flow of the game. You'd be in Eden heading towards an objective, fight some thugs for the billionth time, then get an S-rank map. So it's leg it over to Bat, drive out the gates, drive to the first checkpoint, fast travel to the closest point to the treasure, try and avoid outlaws, try and work out why the multi-level ramps don't line up properly so you can't just drive up them, do some combination of boosting and braking to get onto the ramp, get into the exact spot the game will actually allow you out of the car, collect Fender 147 Type 48, can't use it as it needs repair with 600 blocks of rare gold, then leg it back to a fast travel point while avoids thugs again. So yeah, not really worth it.
  10. I'm a massive Yakuza fan and my opinion of FOTNS:LP wavers. The story mode is probably the best part. It's fast paced, loyal to the source material, and really over-the-top in a 1980s kinda way. But the "open world" part of the game ... yeah, not so great. It's obvious they've transplanted big chunks of Yakuza over. Many of the mini games are the same, most of the activities are the same, most of the nuance is the same ... only it feels so bland and empty compared to Yakuza. The world is true to the manga, but a far cry from the rich, vibrant world of Kamurocho. Eden and the Wastelands get very dull very quickly. Driving around the Wasteland feels like a chore and despite being a large area, there's no real changes in the environment. It's just sand. Everywhere. Driving from point A to point B is a real chug. Compared to something like Avalanche's Mad Max game which had tons of variety in its areas, FOTNS is just the same environments full of the same enemies who are just a little stronger than the same enemies in the last identical area. A lot of people complain the Yakuza games are more or less reskins of each other. And that's a fair comment. I guess the difference is Yakuza packs so much detail and life into the same city blocks of Kamurocho that it feels like you're having different adventures in the same city. Seven or so Yakuza games in and Kamurocho always feels fun to explore and full of new things to find. Eden is just bland. You cut one lap of the city and you've seen it all. There's very little to do, everything looks the same, and it's just the same old post-apocalyptic rusted metal you've seen a thousand times before. I know it's based on the 1980s source material, but in 2019, it's not interesting. Mini games are disappointing with a couple of exceptions. Bartender is fun, and the dance mini game is interesting. But the merchant game is basic, the hostess game feels like a worse version of Yakuza, and the arcade games are literally the same we've played a dozen times before. Yep, it's more Outrun and Space Harrier. Again. And the same old casino games are back. Again. With the same old casino completion list. Again. The game is also littered with odd design choices. You can't mark things on your mini map. You can't sprint. In your car you can zoom in to a useless micro level of the map but not a wider area. Healing items are more or less non-existent in the Wastelands so you have to keep going back to Eden. You collect car parts but they still need to be repaired with dozens of hard to find materials. Talismans feel next to pointless and the cool downs are insane. 40 minute cool down for 30 seconds of defence boost? Yeah nah. And despite all the different ability upgrades, combat always feels the same. I've only found about six music tracks for the car and I'm sick of them all (in fact, two are the same song and two are lifted from the arcade games) and there's no default music while driving. Just the same six cassette songs. It just feels rushed and lazy. My biggest gripe though is the repetitiveness of it all. Enemies all look the same and you'll fight the same hordes over and over and over. You'll be ambushed when you're trying to slog your way to a treasure map and it's highly annoying. Rewards are minimal and there are odd difficulty spikes in the southern areas, despite there being no real reason to go there. The game and its challenge lists are really grind heavy. You'll need to do the same action hundreds of times, collect the same hard to find materials hundreds of times. It's just a chore. On the whole, it's not terrible. The story mode is the definite highlight and worth a play. It just feels like they bolted on a lazy and stripped back version of the Yakuza open world that every single Yakuza game does better. Even Yakuza 1 / Kiwami feels more full despite only having one smallish area to explore. So do I recommend it? Eeeehh? Mayyyybe? If you're a fan of both FOTNS and Yakuza then sure, check it out, though it's hardly going to be your favourite game. If not, then I'd rent it or wait for a deep discount sale. I paid full price at launch and honestly, I wish I hadn't.
  11. Its 50% off on PSN this weekend. Kinda feel bad for anyone who paid full price given the game is only a month old. Based on more or less every other Focus Entertainment game I think it will be even cheaper during one of the random PSN sales. Probably moreso in a physical bargain bin.
  12. I also have a question: does this need to be done in a new campaign going through the missions in order, or can you just do mission select and do them in any order without ever manual saving?
  13. To get rid of the convoy you need to visit he small village to the west of the windy road in the northwestern section of the map. There is an old man there who will give you a side mission to clear the convoy. The quicksand and boulder upgrades I haven’t found yet but I’m also only up to Chapter 8
  14. I'm cool with completion trophies. Yakuza games have always been about that, so it was kinda disappointing to platinum Yakuza 6 so quickly due to not actually needing to do everything. Is anything missable in the Kiwami 2 list? I missed Yakuza 2 when it came out on PS2, so this will be my first time playing the story so I'm trying to avoid spoilers (though I can kinda piece together key points given who does and doesn't appear in later games).
  15. Took me 65 tries but I finally got 960 on Otometal after a few heartbreaking 940s. Unfortunately there’s not much advice to give as the biggest hurdle is the irregular timings where some sections are about half a beat off the music. I watched successful runs on YouTube a few times to memorise some of the trickier sections. It’s worth noting that some lines are actually continuations of the previous line even if the speed is different. Let go of the “Hold” notes just before the end and you’ll get Greats more often. Work on getting through bigger chunks from the beginning with all Greats. Otherwise just keep at it. The more you do it the more likely you’ll have that one dream run. Haha. Pool was nothing. I only had to play two games. 950 on Otometal is the genuine game breaker.