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  1. Hi everyone I’m up to Biome 6 in Act 2, have faced the boss once (unsuccessfully) and the RNG gods are killing me with horrific versions of Biome 6. I want to level my weapons but I’m yet to encounter a tier 3 trait. Lots of 2s but no 3s. Is there a biome or proficiency level that makes tier 3 traits appear?
  2. Yeah I wouldn't want to do it twice. I don't know why it makes you farm materials when you can buy most others and you have to have $1mil for another trophy. So you wind up with huge amounts of money, trying to get some random item to drop so you can upgrade a weapon you'll never use. The game is repetitive enough as it is without the needless item farming.
  3. The thing that makes the trophy list annoying is that while nothing is missable as such, if you don't do certain things at certain times you drastically increase your play time. This was less of an issue in Automata as each playthrough was very different, but Replicant is a much smaller world and each playthrough is mostly the same as the last so the game can feel more repetitive. I missed the Part 1 quests that enable planting in the garden, and missed a purchasable weapon in playthrough C that now means I have to do a second C run and will have to spend more time in my E run growing plants.
  4. A couple of pointers from me who has made a couple of avoidable errors in my platinum run. I finished my first A run in 11 hours for Lightspeed. I ignored all side quests, did not skip cutscenes, and wasn't even super fast. At very least do the side quests that set you up for planting the garden. I did not, and it will add time to my E run that I could have saved during B, C and D runs. Weapons you miss during A run in Part 1 are all available in Part 2 of subsequent runs. BUT be warned that the Faith weapon that you can purchase from the Aerie will not be accessible after a certain point in the game. I realised this too late and have voided my C run. Money grinding is fastest done in the diary third door (where you play as the older character). $50K, plus 10K XP, plus lots of materials, can do it in circa 15 minutes. Beats fishing by a mile.
  5. Turn off PGA Highlights. It’s in Settings under Presentation.
  6. Was your individual score par or better? When your teammate sinks a putt, your scorecard will be marked with a / so only holes you sink putts on add to your score. It doesn't seem to matter how many holes you putt and score on, as long as a) your individual score is par or under (no scores in squares, b) your team score is par or under, and c) you beat the other team. The trophy did not pop for me on my first attempt as my individual score was over par. On my second attempt, my individual score was under par. My teammate even scored the putt on the 18th hole (and about 4 other holes) and the trophy still popped. So again, your individual score being under par seems to be the key, not how many putts your make. You can check it in the pause menu, then go to scorecard.
  7. Can confirm that YOUR individual score must be par or under, and your team score must be par or under and beat the opposing team. My team mate sunk five holes, and I did NOT sink the 18th (by accident) but the trophy popped.
  8. I will say that I've always found the Souls games a bit hyped up in difficulty (Ninja Gaiden says hello). They are tough but fair, with a sensible difficulty curve and multiple ways to tackle a boss to suit different builds. Demon's Souls on PS5 is glorious. Can't recommend it highly enough. Favourite game of all time. Also, from what I've read, patch 1.06 has removed the Master glitch. If you have a digital PS5 like me, you'll have to beat Master legit.
  9. They did patch it to make it easier but it's still really hard to pull off. The enemy attack needs to be almost touching you. I almost feel the difficulty of this game needs a rebalance. A lot of the combat reminds me of Bloodborne in the sense that parrying is key to victory. But also that there is almost no room for error. I'm playing on Normal (the second of four difficulties) and I'm dying constantly to anything above a standard enemy. Master difficulty must be an absolute nightmare (considering there's no NG+). For bosses and sub bosses you basically need to be fully upgraded to that point and have a really solid strategy. Deviate from that and you're dead. Take one or two hits and you may as well restart as arenas only ever have two or three health refills and even then they'll refill about half your health which is good for about one boss hit. What makes it needlessly harder is that all bosses spawn grunt enemies. So you're trying to focus on a boss with zero margin for error while getting attacked from behind by infinitely spawning grunts. It's really annoying tbh. I've beaten all the Souls games several times over, but this game is breaking me. I nearly feel like leaving it to see if they rebalance it. One second you're collecting pancake hats for your cute little friends, the next you're getting absolutely whipped by another golem style boss with 4 minions. For Taro, I don't think I parried him, but I did find rot hammer helpful. Also, don't attack the rot thing on his back (the purple thing you tell the rot to stick to then detonate) until after his second phase around half health when he starts doing laps around the edge of the arena. Try and use the rot attack on his back then. Otherwise you'll have to dodge like crazy because his grab attack in unblockable. This is what annoys me with the grunt enemies during boss and sub boss fights. You have no way of knowing if they're about to attack. And because they infinitely spawn, boss fights just turn into a tornado of camera anxiety as you're madly looking around trying not to get hit.
  10. Honestly I wish game devs would stop with bosses that spam dozens of little enemies. It’s just annoying and too many games do it. I’m currently trying to beat Stone Guardian and having to constantly be aware what three annoying little guys are doing while trying to take down the boss is just beyond irritating.
  11. This trophy is the worst. The number to is too big and it's just endless grind of the same corridors of the same enemies. And it's worse of PS4/5 because there's no way to track it. I enjoy earning trophies but I'm really over trophies that just disrespect your time with obscenely long requirements that are nothing more than some dev choosing that number. Give me challenges, give me different ways to play, don't just give me a massive number to hit and ask people to spends countless hours repeating the same boring action for hours and days. I'm giving this trophy a couple more sessions and if it doesn't pop I'm not gonna worry about it.
  12. Are you doing them all locally / you hosting? I've heard it doesn't always count if you join someone else's game. I've never played this online so I can't confirm. Mine popped fine. I wasn't counting but it felt about right for 15. But I tell you what. It feels like I've done about 500 hives so far ...
  13. Well, I'm playing the PS5 version in August 2021 and it's glitches galore. Just today I've had: my character turn completely invisible, mandatory enemy targets appear below the map, assignment progress not progressing, companions getting stuck in the environment, button prompts not appearing. It's all stuff that was rectified by restarting the checkpoint, but come on, it's pretty scrappy.
  14. I tend to agree. I picked up Miles Morales on 25% off sale and wished I'd waited for a deeper discount. The game is great ... it's just skinny. Not as much stuff to do, the overall difficulty is easier, the same location as the first game, and a much shorter story. It's an in-between game to set up what I can only assume will be both Peter and Miles in a full Spider-Man 2 game. A bit bigger than DLC, but no where near as big as a full game.
  15. Great. Thanks for the info. I might wait for a sale. $125 is pretty steep. Especially since I just 100% the 2016 Ratchet and Clank in a few days.