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  1. I bounce in and out of this game constantly. Maybe it's just being in quarantine makes the open world feel more appealing, but I think I've stopped and started this game about six times now. Each time it's the same: I'll get bored with the mission structure. It's always the same: go fetch something from a fort, return it to the quest giver, multiple quests available, more things/people to be fetched from forts. And there are seemingly never ending missions. Just get bored with the overall game design. It's just box ticking. Go fetch this, go kill that. You're just an errand boy running around like some ancient Greek FedEx guy. Seriously, it should be called Assassin's Creed Odds'n'ends. Just a massive pile of random delivery lists. The mercenaries. This is probably my biggest gripe with the game and while not boredom related as such, it certainly has added lots of time to my run in having to redo forts over and over. The mercenaries system is borderline game breaking. You go to fort because you need to get something from a chest for the 400th time, and in doing so, you kill the guards and congratulations, you have a bounty. You'll be fighting the fort leader and suddenly a mercenary just happens to know exactly where you are and comes running in. Then as you fight him, another mercenary joins the fight, and he has a lion. So now you're fighting a leader, a bunch of soldiers, two mercenaries and a lion, and then BRAAAAAMMMM the horn blows to announce that a third mercenary has shown up like it's that scene in John Wick 2 when all the assassin's phones start dinging at the same time. And they're all 16 levels above you. You die, and you have the start the entire fort all over again. It is just the worst. Sure, you can sneak around an go the silent approach, but a) sometimes you get sprung, b) slow and silent takes so much more time and after dozens and dozens of these fetch quest forts you just want it over with. It's just so weird for a game to punish you for engaging in its core mechanic. I don't care about any of the characters or story. I'm playing Kassandra and I enjoy her (mostly because I find Alexios' voice acting so bad) but I just don't care about the story, and that's because it doesn't really have much to do with anything. You're not an assassin, you're not a templar, yes the story kinda goes into the Order of the Ancients, but weirdly the actual main story doesn't really cover that ... it's all in the Cultist missions which are optional. And don't even start me on how that whole Cult thing concludes. Kassandra (and I'm guessing Alexios) just doesn't seem that personally invested in the story. Like she's just there. One second you're fighting for Sparta, next you're fighting for Athens, you just do whatever the quest giver tells you. I never felt like it was Kassandra's/Alexios' story and you're just there to fetch things for other people and weirdly romance every second person. By chapter 4 I was just hammering on the circle button to skip all dialogue and choosing a gold response to move it along. The end of the main story is just baffling, but does something a lot of recent AC games do: the real bad guy just comes out of nowhere and is just another political dude you fight in a large area. Odyssey is a classic example of bigger is not always better. There's too many game systems at play, all cobbled together into this giant whole, and none of it actually makes the experience more interesting. It's like the created this giant map, then had to fill it with stuff. Great opening act, but it's just incredibly repetitive and boring from there. Despite it being the biggest AC game by a mile, it feels rushed. Especially compared to Origins which I loved. Odyssey feels like it was designed by an algorithm not people. For the record: AC2, Black Flag, and Origins were all spectacular. Odyssey is trying too hard to be The Witcher, Shadow of Mordor, and Red Dead and not enough time trying to be an AC game.
  2. No, countermeasures don't count. You gotta shoot the missiles etc down with your lasers.
  3. Can confirm I got this with the above method. Ended with 54,000 Starfighter Damage. Nadiri Dockyards, Solo VS AI, Easy. A-Wing, Rapid Fire Cannon, everything else stock. Keep energy loaded into lasers. Stay in the middle undercover bit and go for enemy players and smaller AI fighters. Only shot at the Star Destroyer right at the end but I’d already unlocked Trigger Happy by that point. Slow your speed down to about 1/4 - 1/3 and just lay into enemies as they get stuck and caught on the environment.
  4. Ah yes you're right. It's really annoying how certain kills only count in certain modes. Like there's no difference between shooting down mines in Fleet Battles versus Dogfights, so it just feels like it's trying to force you to play each mode. If kills counted across both modes, I'd be well past 1000 instead of 550 currently. I don't think repair droids count. At a guess, I reckon I shot down 25 mines and the rest were missiles and bombs if I got lucky (mostly it was a head on missile while I was firing straight at the enemy). I probably played about 45 Fleet Battles to get the 10 wins each side (sometimes your team is all Lukes and Hans ... sometimes your team is all Porkins) and comfortably shot down enough mines in that time.
  5. Longevity is the biggest issue with Squadrons. I’m level 41, I’ve unlocked all components. Completed fleet battles. There’s not much more to do other than unlock the same skins for every fighter while slowly crawling towards 1000 kills. But mostly I want the devs to fix or explain to me why my lasers seem to be only 20% as powerful as everyone else. I unload fully charged lasers into enemy TIEs and do zero damage while four hits on me with full shields kills me. Not fun.
  6. Not sure if repair drops count. I don’t believe turrets count. And yeah, limiting kill counts to one mode or the other sucks. 1000 kills in dogfight is too much. If it counted both dogfight and fleet battles it’d be better. Just artificially prolonging your play time.
  7. In my experience I've only ever seen the MC75 and Star Destroyers fire missiles but it's a rare and random occurrence. Sometimes if you're going head on with an enemy (such as the very beginning of the match) you might be able to shoot an enemy player missile. I wouldn't bother targeting missiles any other time as they're very difficult to hit. The big slow goliath missiles the bombers fire are slower, but again, a rarity. Mines is your easiest option. On the road to 1000 kills in Dogfights, you'll have to play hundreds of matches, and you will certainly see a lot of mines. Once you have a match with someone who drops mines, they will typically do it a lot. Won't be every match, but I'd say 1 in 5 matches. Mines are easy to spot: they're stationary and have a red ring around them. Aim for the centre and you're good.
  8. Denied is collective across as many matches as needed and not one life. No trophy has a “on one life” requirement. A couple have to be in one match (Unkillable, The Trap is Set, Stun Em) but you can die during the match.
  9. Are Solo Vs AI Fleet Battles 100% offline? Finding Co-op VS AI matches was at times a ghost town and I'm planning on leaving the Trigger Happy trophy til last
  10. This game really needs better stat tracking. There's not even a counter for total kills. As an FYI, there are three areas you can see "stats": Your career tab on the home screen (mostly it's win and kill ratios but no hard stats as such) End of match summary screen (this can give you some specifics like missiles shot down etc) Your social profile. Press the touch pad, select your own name, and click on Game Profile. (this gives you more detail such as total matches etc) Unfortunately none of it definitively helps you track trophy progress. Winning 10 Ranked Fleet Battles with each faction and the 1000 kills in Dogfight will take the most time so honestly you'll probably get most trophies organically.
  11. To answer my own question seeing I just got the trophy: look for enemies who drop mines, and make sure to hang around them.
  12. Is there a trick to this or is it simply luck? I know you can target missiles but they’re extremely hard to hit given how fast they are. And few people seem to drop mines
  13. Yeah I only worked it out the other night. I could never work out what the four dots next to the reticle were. I think the max in one shot is 4. For the drift I tried double tap but found it too fiddly. Went with hold L3 and it's a lot more predictable to use.
  14. Bombers have some pretty heavy hitting weaponry. And TIE Bombers can shunt power into lasers to max their output. Fly in with the gattling gun or beam laser at max output, and you'll do a ton of damage quickly. Getting under the shield is the key.
  15. I got this last night. I used the TIE Bomber and Y-Wing, using Seeker Mines and Cluster Missiles. If an enemy is close behind you, drop a mine, hit boost, and drift when the mine icon turns yellow. If an enemy is in front of you, lock with cluster missiles, hold the lock until two or more dots appear next to the reticle (which represents more than one missile will be fired at the current target, not to be confused with locking on to multiple targets), fire, and drift. It's a bit fiddly and a lot of it is luck. Obviously you need to be in a drift animation when the kill happens for it to count. Not sure if there is a buffer of a second either side of the drift, but the screen grab it captured when the trophy popped shows my POV looking to the side in the middle of the drift.