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  1. I'm running the SU33 with HCAAs for long distance wake up calls. It's actually heaps of fun and the short 5 minute matches is just right. They just have to fix it so the lobby auto starts because most of the time is waiting for the lobby leader to wake up and start the match.
  2. Thanks for confirming. Picked up AC7 yesterday and having a blast with the MP. Once you ditch the F16 for something better it's actually a ton of fun. Until the F22s roll up with frickin lasers and EVMs.
  3. How's the matchmaking in this game at the moment? Thinking of picking it up, but worried it might be a ghost town. Anyone confirm?
  4. This. I played all the FromSoft games right into NG++++ and they still felt fun and like there were new things to keep discovering. Lords doesn't have that at all. There is literally no benefit or reward for going beyond NG. Enemies give you about the same amount of XP, bosses are only marginally tougher. No new weapons, no new gear. If you repeat a side quest you get no new reward. You just hope you find enough Attribute Shards to level up a bit because the XP system is busted. By NG++ I just did a boss rush run. Ignored everything except bosses and finished the game in about 3 hours. IMO Infiltrator is the only tough boss simply because he pounces faster. The rest are all the same: big lumbering guys who are easy to side step and telegraph their moves a mile away. Use Shift magic and you can take down bosses on NG++ in about four hits. But weirdly I had the most trouble with those little spiky enemies in NG++. Often they'd attack in pairs, they spot you from four rooms away, and they kind of stun lock you in this weird way. It's not insta-death, but they just keep interrupting your swings so you can't actually get a hit in. It's more annoying than anything else. And the whole last leg of the game is mobs of enemies and this is not a game designed for fighting mobs.
  5. I just finished the second of three playthroughs on NG+ and the pacing issue is much more noticeable second time around. I have really high stats and poise, but I lose all my energy blocking an attack. And it feels like I'm super easy to interrupt. Nearly like being stun locked but without the instant death. Just makes the game really laggy. Fight more than one enemy at a time and good luck getting a hit in. Swing, get interrupted. Stagger, get interrupted. Get knocked back, get interrupted. I only died once in NG+ fighting two of those damn mage things at the same time. But in that ENTIRE playthrough I never amassed enough XP for a single level. Third time I'm just doing boss rush. Forget this game and it's useless NG+s
  6. The hardest part is getting used to the slower gameplay style. Once I ditched heavy armour and went medium I had a much better time. Aside from one or two bosses, they're mostly really simple. The only times the game gets difficult is when: a) you're mobbed (this game does not suit mob fights), b) you're running in circles trying to work out with identical hallway in which identical environment contains the door/chest you got a key for, c) when the game crashes and you have to do the last hour all over again, and d) those mage enemies which are harder than any boss simply because they interrupt all your attacks then explode in your face.
  7. I'm with a few others here: five years ago I made it to the Worshiper and bounced straight off the game. Couldn't get into it. Went back recently and having a half decent time. NG was OK, can't complain too much. But the wheels come off in NG+. Enemies barely give you any XP and each level costs millions. I cleared all of the Rhogar Realm in one pass and had less than 100k XP. Add to that there's no new gear, no new drops, there's just no real point. Bosses are about twice the HP but you're still hitting them with a toothpick. It's still not hard, but it's just kinda weird to offer NG+ and beyond but make levelling next to impossible without shards, and no better weapons. Just finishing it to wipe it off the backlog.
  8. I'm not sure if it's the way the game s designed or if it's a bug, but I did Warrior first run, now I'm doing Cleric on NG+ and I still have all my Warrior spells on top of the new Cleric ones. So basically, I'm just playing in the Warrior style despite selecting Cleric.
  9. Hmmmm, I'm just about up to this part. I'll try the gauntlet method and report back on if it works first time. Yep gauntlet works. I only used the gauntlet to do any damage to him (glitched him with the Prayer trick). Took a while to whittle him down but the trophy popped A-OK
  10. Yeah the inclusion of the MP trophies is a bit of a let down. It's a re-release of an already fairly niche game. Can't see the online being terribly popular second time around. And it wasn't even that popular the first time. Kinda wish Rebellion would take a hint and park the MP. MP and snipers aren't a great mix.
  11. I enjoyed it, but it's not as fun as SSX. Steep is a bit strange (and I'm not just talking about the talking mountains). It kinda takes itself seriously, then suddenly tries to be all wacky. It feels like they went for a more realistic route, crammed in as much hokey product placement dialogue as they could (cough "when the founder of Red Bull gave us wings back in 67" cough), and got all over the top with each new DLC in what feels like someone bolted a game of Fortnite on the side of a snowboarding sim. But "cool guy let's have a Red Bull and be super radical" tone aside, it's a really good challenge. It's way more technical than SSX but also suffers from some weird physics where you'll just suddenly lose all momentum. Some of the menu and map controls are really janky but it's minor. It also does the whole virtual tourism thing better than SSX. Rocket packs kinda killed the exploration challenge but what are you gonna do? Personally, if I could only choose one: I'd still go with SSX. Yeah, it's arcady but it's just flat out fun. Steep is more your "Gran Turismo Sport": it's more realistic and technical, but not full sim. I think Steep suffers most from trying to be too many things. It's part game as service, part exploration, part DLC machine, part serious, part weird, part sim, part arcade, part MMO. Even the fact that every single menu page looks completely different to the next kinda hints at this game being a heap of people who all threw different ideas together. If they get more focused and higher, a Steep 2 could be the definitive snowboarding game.
  12. I'm with the poster above. This DLC is not worth the price tag at all. The fact it's excluded from the season pass just feels like a cash grab. It's basically an hour of warm up events that are impossible to fail, followed by a handful of ski slalom events and awkward interviews with actual athletes constantly reminding you that "no one has yet won all three medals". Then it's a couple of mountains with not a whole lot of other content. It's great to be able to board Japan but seriously, there's next to nothing to do. And if you're just in it for the trophies, it's 100% not worth the price. Wait until it's on sale (if that ever happens).
  13. I've always found the sound cutting out is a cascade to crashes. In my experience it goes like this: some sound effects will cut out but not others, then more sound effects and music will cut out, finally only a few sound effects remain, then inevitably the game will crash. Of course the game will also crash without the sound issue. Because who doesn't like that when you're midway through a Crucible level? This game is a mess of bugs. Visual glitches, sound problems, unresponsive buttons, being knocked into inescapable areas, low res textures, objects and environments randomly popping in and out, terrain glitches, invisible objects appearing that you get caught on, visible glitched objects appearing that you can't get past. Honestly, this is supposed to be the "definitive" version? It's a mess.
  14. You don't. You only need to complete one of the 25 wave blocks in one sitting (1-25 or 26-50 or 51-75 or 76-100). I had the Wicked K fight appear in the arena menu after completing wave 25.
  15. In Breach, nanoblades make short work of everything. You’ll never touch a gun again. As for the Plat/100%, I just got both and it was a slog. I loved the previous games but this one bored me senseless. I stopped playing three times over the years, and finally knuckled down. The main game has moments where it’s good but the story is brief and lacklustre. Nothing really important happens and most of the game is sneaking from one side of the city to the other to simply have conversations that could have been phone calls. Even fans of the series felt MD is far and away the weakest story in the series. Trophy wise, Foxiest is a pain as it seems to glitch somewhat. And collecting all the eBooks requires a guide as a few are missable without following very finicky steps. Plus they’re tied to your save file so you have to get them all in one run. Personally I didn’t find Breach nor its DLC that bad, once I got into the rhythm of it. But it did put a lot of people off. Frankly I found MD really disappointing to the point I’d skip the next game. Assuming they ever make it.