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  1. How did you unlock them? I just got "Overachiever" to unlock by completing a race. EDIT: I also unlocked "Trophy Hunter", turns out I was missing a wheel customization for Toshiro! Platted!!
  2. Patch is up, but the trophies are still locked.
  3. Yes, but I discovered that the Hard version still rewards you with the 2000-ish souls loot.
  4. Nah.🙄
  5. They nerfed Stage 5 loot, it now gives 1400 souls at best.
  6. I sent them a DM!
  7. Yeah that's another though one, mainly because of missing platforms that force you to climb transversely, thus bringing you into collision route with those flying fists. Name's Rumor Hoenybottom, though.
  8. Wally Warbles in his initial phase where he spams those darn eggs. Rest of them didn't take me longer than 10-15 minutes long of attempts, with the sole exception of King Dice, due to it being a much longer fight since you have to go through that boss gauntlet before you can face him.
  9. No Boss Rush this time around? 😑
  10. Shurikenjutsu Master Clear the game without dying in "Hardcore" mode.