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  1. If anyone wanna try out lets do it together u cant really farm it solo it takes forever and / or all get killed every 20 sec
  2. Wanted to pick this game up as it was on sale with Shadow Warrior 2 but didn't give it a try or bought it yet cause of the Platinum difficulty. Don't get me wrong I do play games if they are good enough without thinking about Platinums or trophies but with this series idk yet, good to have a heads up though
  3. Don't give up, its actually not that hard after couple tries Yes I aware that it might be more difficult for some and that's always gonna be like that but trust me after u play a stage for 3-4 times u should really knock the spawns out easily and after that's its just the combo ur gonna hold on to throughout the stage that'll carry u. Not bragging but the first 4 stages for example were pretty easy, did all of em in the first try but the last 4 are annoying so the right strategy and maybe 1-2 runs as practice will help u trough it. Also after beating the stages for the first time on a A rank u will get 5000 Lei Bonus so u can upgrade ur weapon even more to make things easier
  4. Reading and re-reading the series for almost half of my life now... Im heartbroken and sad 😢 Such an incredible author and talent in the manga world, off also sad well never get the well deserved ending of this masterpiece
  5. For an easy one finish up Rogue Company, other than that FF7 Remake is a lot of fun and a great game (Maybe wait for the PS5 upgrade)
  6. As u already finished nearly every game on ur list, I have to say go for Skyrim like u are right now Couldn't ever get into that game fully unfortunately
  7. It is very bad imo yes, did it all in one go to get the plat 2 days ago.
  8. Didn't come across that option yet but heard that Square would add and adjust some minor things with the day 1 patch so maybe the little things will be added then
  9. I don't think u can purchase any trophies. And the other names compare nearly 1:1 as fro now, list fails to load sometimes maybe its buggy and will change to new ones soon
  10. Cant see the plat name yet somehow :/
  11. Still doesn't show the platinum somehow don't know why
  12. Oh sry didn't check the OG list, so yeah its the same list nearly. You don't have to fish or collect couple of the needed things from the original but other than that its the same list yep
  13. And the Trophies are somehow mostly related to time based Bossfights, beating this and that under 2-3 minutes and so on. There are a ton of them, additional to that a speed run trophy and the old NieR-ish trophies like getting 4 endings and stuff