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  1. Thats why I completed everything besides the Little Tokyo trophy because the last gig bugs and I don't want to start a new game only for that district. Dropped it for now and I hope they can fix it later on. My earliest safe file is also bugged so I wonder if any fixes will help or I have to start a new game no matter what...
  2. Only thing holding me apart from the plat is the one gig in Japantown called "SOS merc needed"... reloaded my first save file still was bugged. I really don't wanna start a new game and play hours and hours till I come to Japantown and worst case still run into this bug. But also I don't believe that a fix would help me here really.
  3. Would work if u safe before even going to the gig that bugged. I didn't got any problems with that trophy but the one which has the bugged gig in Japantown... so annoying
  4. Thats what im asking for the last 500 years, patch after patch everything seems to get worse for me. Single gig still bugged wow I don't wanna make a NG+ for this mess of a game
  5. Its a "coincidence" unfortunately 😂 would have been amazing to have an Easter egg like that tbh. The movie they watch has nothing to do with samurais really
  6. So stupid that the devs cant even patch gigs or missions first.... these are just breaking the game one way or another. I really don't care about graphics at this point or some useless "fixes" that will create even more bugs at the end so just give us a bug free gig system and everyones happy.
  7. No I really only meant the bug within the gig "SOS merc needed". I don't really care about the dup glitch, there are way better exploits for making money.
  8. The worst bug still chills in the game so yeah 18gbs for nothing in my case. And with the bug I mean the one preventing you to finish the last gig in Japantown.
  9. A new Hotfix released just now on PS4, PS4 and the Xbox consoles with roughly 17.3 GB on PS5 to download. Here are all known fixes that comes with the patch. Quests Jackie will no longer disappear in The Pickup or The Heist. Fixed an issue preventing players from landing the helicopter in Love like Fire. Fixed an issue with Takemura not calling in Play it Safe. It's no longer possible to trigger the same dialogue twice in Big in Japan. Fixed an issue with Delamain appearing upside down at the end of Don't Lose Your Mind. Saul now correctly reaches the van in Riders on the Storm. Fast travelling before the encounter with Tyger Claws no longer breaks progression in I Fought the Law. Fixed an issue blocking progress in Ghost Town if an autosave made upon Raffen Shiv's arrival was loaded. Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages if Happy Togetherfailed as a result of combat. Elizabeth Peralez stops being excessively insistent with her calls after her job offer is refused. The scene with Misty and Jackie now starts properly after leaving Viktor's clinic. Wakako's dialogues no longer get blocked after finishing Search and Destroy. Walking away from Stefan in Sweet Dreams shouldn't prevent other characters from calling you anymore. Brick’s detonator should now be properly interactable for players to disarm. Or set off. Your call. Elevator doors should now correctly open in The Heist. Saul now correctly gets out of cars in Riders on the Storm. Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages after running too far away from Frank in War Pigs. Jackie now correctly leaves the factory after the combat is finished in The Pickup. Fixed an issue with Militech reinforcements not spawning if driving through the gate too fast in Forward to Death. Skipping time while in the club in Violence no longer results in issues with progression. Fixed issues with starting Gig: Getting Warmer... Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages after Pyramid Songhas been abandoned midway. Fixed an issue whereby Delamain core could be already broken when player enters the Core room in Don't Lose Your Mind. Fixed issues with Delamain not appearing or doing nothing outside the Afterlife in The Heist. Fixed an issue with objective getting stuck on "Talk to Viktor" in The Ripperdoc. Fixed an issue whereby it was impossible to talk to the bouncer in front of Lizzie's in The Information. Added description for Don't Lose Your Mind in the Journal. Fixed an issue preventing player from saving, using fast travels, and talking to other NPCs after reloading a save with an active call with Frank in War Pigs. Fixed an issue with Panam not calling about any other matter until I'll Fly Awayis completed. Fixed an issue with Dum Dum following V after The Pickup is finished. Gameplay Improved the reaction times of NPCs taking cover. Corrected the number of shots needed to kill civilians from a distance while in combat. Visual Fixed an issue with Delamain's image displayed on top of the current caller during phone calls. V's mouth doesn't stay open after entering the space lock in Where is My Mind. Fixed some UI overlap issues. V appears more modest in the inventory preview after the half year montage NPCs are faster to appear in the quest area during Stadium Love. Added some warmth to HDR. Fixed T-posing NPCs in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Just Say No and Gig: Hot Merchandise. Fixed an issue whereby after a braindance it was possible to be stuck in 3rd person view with no head. Silencer icons are no longer displayed with no image in the inventory. UI Fixed an issue with weapon crosshair persisting on screen. The inventory menu no longer closes immediately after opening it for the first time after leaving a car. Fixed an issue whereby upon accessing a fast travel terminal the button shown on the top right corner prompting to open the quest journal would not work. Performance & Stability Multiple stability improvements, including crash fixes. Miscellaneous Offscreen explosions make noise now.
  10. I got every district besides the one with Japantown in it. Every district had bugged gigs, I just could finish them today somehow but one gig "SOS Mercanery wanted" (some like that) in Japantown is still bugged so I think I will have to reload a way previous safe file or NG+ for that district trophy. I heard a lot of people have that bug but some of them could finish the district after reloading previous safes.
  11. A gig in Japantown with entering the building is bugged, cant enter it, so I cant clear !all" gigs in that area and unfortunately in every fucking area there is one gig bugged besides of Watson. Would have had the plat long ago but nope.
  12. Unfortunately not man... same here last one on the list but still nothing for me when I go there. Enemies still dead no respawns or calls nothing. Every door locked, gets on my nerves so badly!
  13. Yeah I got it with the previous spot after maybe 8-9 times of them dying... thanks tho, man the game is a mess at that point. Nearly half of the remaining gigs are bugged for me. I never get the phonically, only the messages then u already know its bugged. Waiting till a fix will help I guess before getting the plat. Sad could've been a relatively nice plat fast too but nope the bugs say wait a minute dude
  14. Thanks, trying it right now but for me they stand on the other side and one of them always is a little too far to get killed. UPDATE: Got them all to die from the detonation but unfortunately the trophy is bugged for me.... I did it two times now still no trophy after getting the 3 kills. At this point the game gets worse and worse for me in terms of bugs.
  15. Wow Im on a roll right now. Guess I can smash the game against the wall if this continues. Just went to my next gig to continue with other gigs before attempting the bugged ones and guess what? Right the next gig was or is also bugged. You never get the call from your fixer only the messages all the time when gigs are bugged just figured that out... it is the one where you have to (AGAIN) kill the boss of a club in the City Centre.