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  1. I have a bug that I cant crouch in Chapter 6 to get the secret chest there...
  2. If you mean 0 personality per game, yes of course and that's good that way you don't level up the other 2 personalities too much and you can focus on buying stuff for the green one in the shoo so it'll be way over 75% later. And even if it says 0 sometimes you'll get points, was the case with my friends career save data. You only want to worry about the xp if u get 0 its bugged, otherwise do it in one go and buy stuff from the shop for personality + training sim for the same personality.
  3. Go for Mbape as I did, you have to go for the green points, not purple don't know why everyone is going for purple when his position favours the green points. Buy stuff from the shop and do 2 training drills not 3 both for 45 points in green. Then just sim games, never play them this will only lead to the bug. I got 146 points every match. IF you get 0 points its bugged and u have to reload a data or try a new one. IF your requirement changes to 90k instead of 75k its bugged and u have to restart.
  4. got the trophy, its just a bug u aren't allowed to quit the mode if u start to sim the games at 75k needed. 5-6ish hours needed with sim only an 146xp gained per game.
  5. This trash is so buggy, my friend and I simulated, he always got 0 xp I got 106. After playing one game with Mbape alone my sim xp went to 68 per match. After we saved and restarted Fifa the requirements for Level 3 went from 75.000 xp to 90.000 xp..... Guess its typical EA
  6. you can also play "solo shows" with 3 friends, that's what I do. For me its bugged otherwise I would have nearly all trophies as of now but nothing unlocks so I do help my friend getting it and it works. Just don't play Squad Shows.
  7. Did Infallible with my friend, it popped for him but mine is bugged as hell, won even more than 8 games in a row... nothing Edit: Support answered, telling me that I met the requirements of multiple trophies BUT there's something going on on PSN that holds the trophies from popping. The Devs are currently "working" on it...
  8. The fastest way to grind kills is: 1. Get a second controller (more enemies, can be just afk) 2. Choose the second level. 3. Kill all enemies in the first area with the character you wanna level up, get the "Power Up" pizza and also kill all incoming enemies. 4. Just backout to the map and restart, the kills will still count and you get round about 40 kills in around 30 seconds.
  9. Can confirm that this works, just got it after 4 tries of joining online lobbies, but still kudos for the vid buddy nicely done! πŸ™πŸ½
  10. Did it with a nice group via Game Sessions, I was the host and I got even disconnect, the host jumped to a friend and we all had to rejoin him, after that we kept bugging out and rejoined and even at the last stage someone rejoined. We all got the trophy thankfully so confirming that it indeed is working πŸ™πŸ½
  11. I was too, but nothing to be nervous about just enjoy the story and the atmosphere at first Like I said there are actually 3-4 good hidden junks of spirits. One the place I told u about above, large section underground, u have to re-visit. One is on the ground by the biggest shopping mall, its pretty good hidden under the floor, u have to jump into the ground with a little bit of water to reach it. 2 are hidden on roofs which u have to fly to from the highest point of the shopping mall. Hope this'll help in the future!
  12. really? I set everything else actually but the trophy isn't popping for me. Any ideas what I could have missed? Got it, had to set different objects into every slot somehow, then it popped.
  13. I have everything besides a VIP-Area Item and there's nothing on the market as well... anyone have a idea how or where you can get them? Really strange usually you should have at least one after finishing everything in UT
  14. Im also collecting spirits for the plat right now and my last underground spirits were in the large section where u were separated from KK. There should be around 3-4 "trees" which spawn the last underground spirits after destroying them. Hope this will help u out.
  15. Thx buddy, always nice to use ur guides πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ