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  1. I had a lot of trouble with this trophy, so I'll post my method here to help anyone else who might be struggling with this. I set up a team match with a team consisting of 4 or 5 CPUs on one team with the lowest difficulty vs myself. Play on any stage stage just make sure to turn off all the hazards and harassments. When the match starts, wait until one of the CPUs throws the ball at you. If you catch the ball, the charging speed of your throw will be very quick, so quickly throw the ball after catching it. Whenever I hit a CPU, I got a stinger hit like 30% or 40% of the time. This could be a good method for anyone who's out of ideas on how to achieve this trophy.
  2. It took me 65 or 70 hours
  3. So far I'd say I've came first 12 times in race rounds. 4 of those times I've had enough time to emote before going to the exit, but I still haven't got the Big Tease trophy yet. I've done multiple different emotes, let the entire emote animation finish and been VERY close to the finish line when doing this. Like why isn't the trophy popping? If this happens 1 more time I'm gonna message the devs or something to see if I can get this trophy unlocked for me because this is really unfair.
  4. Perfect relics are a lot more difficult imo. There's a lot of pressure on you when you're close to the end of the level. You can at least have fun with the time trials
  5. If you're a big weeb (like me lol) pick up the vita. I'm not a fan of the small analog stick, but that's about it.
  6. Got the speedrun trophy first attempt with the new patch. You should be good to go 👍
  7. Thank God. It's about time they updated the game. Time to get the platinum me and many others should've got 2 months ago.
  8. I never said they we're hard, they are just unnecessary imo. I played Pirate Warriors 4 first, so i never had to worry about additional objectives in every level, which made me realise how much more enjoyable it was than this game. I have the Dream Log about 90% complete and i haven't even finished the story yet that just shows how much I'm avoiding it lol.
  9. Holy shit I'm losing my mind with the story mode in this game. The treasure events found in every story level turn this game into a boring and annoying chore. I'm playing a goddamn musou game i shouldn't have to care if some small commander of mine dies or not. I just want to have some simple fun without having to tick off a checklist of buggy and unnecessary tasks that bog down the game experience. The worst offender of this would be the Impel Down level. You need Buggy to release three sets of prisoners and it's a miracle if he doesn't walk past them. If he does free the prisoners, he'll only save 2 out of the 3 sets of prisoners so its like wtf do i do about that. Even with a save point before the Buggy section and multiple attempts (40 minutes) he'll only release 2 sets of prisoners. It's driving me fucking crazy just let me enjoy the good parts of the game like the Dream Log, which doesn't have any of those horrible treasure events. I really needed to get this off my chest because my god this is one of the worst story mode experiences I've had in a game. 👍
  10. Well I've now created a guide for this game to help everyone out, so nobody will have to go through what i went through lol. Link - https://psnprofiles.com/guide/12058-orangeblood-trophy-guide
  11. It's been more than a month now and they haven't updated this game, so i can complain all i want now. Star wars republic commando (Aspyr's other port) is completely fine though. I played through the game twice and it never crashed once. I'm really hoping that Aspyr doesn't leave stubbs to die with this bad port.
  12. Thanks for answering. I'm soooooo glad that i don't have to do any of the optional objectives. Train rush without jumping sounds tricky but at least that's the only really hard candle to do
  13. I'm REALLY struggling with most of these wishes omg. The mafia boss and director boss are absolutely killing me. I'm not using easy mode because i know it doesn't earn you the bonus because objectives, which are needed for the I Refuse To Die! trophy. Can you enable easy mode in every wish and still get the all death wish stamps trophy? I really hope you can because i desperately need it. This is harder than crash 4 by a ton imo. I wasn't very good at this game to begin with.
  14. N++. I like challenging games but this one just annoyed the hell outta me. Its horrible
  15. I've seen that post once before. It looks really confusing and I also don't own a computer so I'm out of luck. I actually got a response back from limited run games a few days ago regarding the disc version of doom. I had trouble linking the tweet so I'll just quote them saying that "It will be the latest patch." I'm not surprised that this is the answer but there was a small bit of hope nonetheless. I've looked at tons of videos and read up a ton of info on Doom 2 and I've now come to my clear conclusion that I will stay away from this game. I'm not even gonna play it in doom eternal lol. If you can't platinum doom 2 then there's absolutely no hope for me to platinum it. I've noticed that you've been clearing your backlog recently and I really hope you can clear this monster of a game someday. Good luck!