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  1. It's been a while since I played SS4, so I might be wrong here, but do you have any modifiers active during the playthrough? I'm unsure if SS4 kept in the modifiers or not, so I'm probably not remembering things correctly. If modifiers are active, it usually disables some trophies from being unlocked like with the previous games. Another issue might be that you used more than one save slot? I'm not sure what the issue is either and nobody else has brought it up, so maybe try messaging the other people who you saw with the same issue and find out how they got the trophy to pop.
  2. Are you fucking serious? 


    1. kindajustin


      It's a pretty funny coincidence that the first achiever and fastest achiever would have profile pics of Yagyu and Hibari, respectively.

  3. Hey, it’s me! Congrats dude!

  4. Hey, it's me.




    Good work. You did it even though you thought it was impossible. You're a beast.

  5. Hey, it's me. 


    I won't be intercepted -- so congrats on the Super Meat Boy: Forever platinum. :)

  6. Finish Super Meat Boy first before you say something like that lol 🤐 Just saying...I'm not trying to be rude or anything
  7. Hey, it's me. 




    Not much left - and what there is left is just insight on what's to be conquered. 


    "To know what will come is the same as to make it so."

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    2. Troz


      This game is a 7/10 tops Clueless at 1x

    3. CelestialRequiem


      7/10 for a demon like himself. 

    4. VoidVictorious


      He is a beast!

  8. Missile Boy, Zombie Boy & Impossible Boy were the three no death trophies that had a major difficulty spike compared to the world before it. Rapture Light or Hospital Dark are the two worlds that most players will conquer deathless before trying Missile Boy, but the trophy % between Maggot Boy and Missile Boy doesn't really reflect how hard it is. If you can get Missile Boy, you can definitely get Demon Boy. It only took me one day to get Demon Boy lol, but the same can't be said for Zombie Boy and Impossible Boy. If you think Super Meat Boy is too hard, go and give Super Meat Boy Forever a try and you'll quickly want to run back and play the original lmao. SMB is so much more fair and forgiving compared to the sequel.
  9. 15L8c6b19.png
    Super Meat Boy Forever
    Heat Death Girl Trophy

    "Beat The Other Side Dark World without dying"

    I'm sorry that I'm making another post so soon, but I just had to post this. My main profile has been pretty inactive recently and that's because I was busy practicing this monster of a trophy. To know if I was capable of earning the Platinum for this game, I needed to see if I could earn one of or maybe even the hardest trophy in the game and yeah I did it, but my God it was a fucking struggle.

    Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto runner with 6 levels per world, which is much different from the original game. Now with it being an auto runner and only having 6 levels to beat, you'd think it would be much easier, but it's quite the opposite. Super Meat Boy Forever is harder than the original and that is a fact lol and I don't think there will ever be a single person who would say the original is harder. I tried out SMBF the same day I got my SMB Platinum and I was seriously not ready for the massive difficulty spike. This was the hardest Platinum of 2021 instead of Diablo 2, but nobody even knew this game came out or just forgot about it lol. This game is a slap in the face and a reality check for people (including myself) who thought they were good at platformers after beating the original SMB because this game kicked my ass so much and it will continue to do that while I go for the Platinum.

    Even after beating the last dark world without dying, I'm still worried about the other trophies as the second and fourth dark worlds are almost or even as hard as the one I beat. I'm still super proud of myself for doing this and sticking with the game after some really awful moments that killed my no death runs. I legit died over 100 times in two of the levels in this world when I went through them for the first time and now I beat the whole world without dying. So what I'm trying to say is that you should never give up no matter how many saw blades destroy your ass lmao. This is the hardest thing I've ever done lol. Here's the run..

    I used the same seed in the trophy guide, so now I know the pain that the guide writer (good man Joe Dubz) went through. Now that I'm gonna start the game on my main account, I can finally give that guide the 5 star rating it deserves 😊

    There were a few pauses in the run and that's because I was talking to my friend on Discord while attempting it. So thanks and sorry CelestialRequiem for putting up with my crazy emotions throughout the call lol. This game can really get to you...

    Thanks for reading and remember...
    Never give up and always believe in yourself lol

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    2. Flubberwunked


      Thanks so much Aiha 😌

      Yeah I was also thinking about that too. It would be really helpful if people showed the seed they had along with their run as looking up runs for a specific world on Youtube with the seed in the description would be a life saver. If the game went on PS Plus there would be enough players to potentially make it happen. It's good to know that you're not stuck with the levels you're originally given, but no matter what seed you're using, it's still gonna be hell lmao.

      The seed is just these 8 symbols. Who really knows how this changes the levels lol

      There are only two more No Death Runs that I'm worried about, so hopefully I can get them cleared up eventually, but they are gonna be as hard as the one I just did...Thanks for the encouragement though 😁

    3. Honor_Hand


      So many saw blades in this game to die to, lol. Hell, even the pause menu is filled with them. xxD


      Fantastic work on this one, Flubber. These tough-as-nails platformers always intrigue me. Not sure if I'd have the skills required to beat them out, but I'd sure be willing to give them a go. I don't own Super Meat Boy Forever yet, but I do have the original in my library. Planning to start it during a rainy afternoon weekend for whenever I feel like torturing myself or something. 😂

    4. VoidVictorious


      "Divine providence cannot be thwarted by man's efforts."

      I like putting quotes before my posts! Just kidding @CelestialRequiem! @Flubberwunked, I will never cease to be surprised by your skill and more importantly your perseverance! Well done my friend!

  10. FbR0JPYXoAA3zsT?format=jpg&name=large

    Platinum :platinum: 271 - Transformers Devastation
     Enjoyment: 9/10 - Difficulty: 5/10 - Hours Played: 20


    I've never really liked or cared for Transformers at all. During my younger years, I never got the appeal of transforming vehicles, so I just stuck to Mario and Sonic instead lol. A certain someone (who will be mentioned later) was really eager for me to give the game a go and I eventually caved in and bought it. After playing and platting it, I would like to deeply apologise to Transformers for thinking it was lame as this game is one of the best that I've played all year. Let's find out why...




    As you'd expect from Transformers, the plot isn't super complicated and it keeps things pretty simple. Basically just a good guys vs bad guys story where you have to retrieve the macguffin in order to save the day. I thought the story was good, but not amazing. There weren't that much cutscenes, which is good because having a lot of them would've really broken the flow of the gameplay. All cutscenes are voice acted and I really enjoyed all the performances. Optimus Prime, Starscream and Wheeljack were my favourites. This made the story much more enjoyable to follow. There were enough twists and tense moments to keep the plot moving at a quick pace, which would be needed for a game as short as this lol. Once you're done watching all the cutscenes on your first playthrough, they can all easily be skipped in future playthroughs, which is much appreciated. Overall, Transformers' story was simple, but also engaging thanks to the fast paced plot and great voice acting. 



    A good way to sum up Transformers' excellent gameplay would be like if Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish had a baby lol. Transformers really does take the best features and gameplay elements from those two fantastic games. Devastation is a 3D Action game with an equal emphasis on melee and ranged combat. For melee attacks, you can choose from fists, a slow, but stronger hammer, a sword, etc. I stuck with the single sword as it allowed to you perform rush attacks much quicker, which helps with one of the more important trophies. You can either perform light or heavy attacks although I didn't notice a difference in damage with the heavy attacks, so I usually just stuck with light attacks. If you manage to finish your combo, your autobot will flash, which gives you the opportunity to perform a rush attack. These are like combo finishers, but from my experience I thought they were pretty useless. Sure they look cool, but the damage of those attacks don't really scale with the weapons, which only makes rush attacks effective in the early game when you have weaker weapons.


     A ton of enemies have their own ranged attacks, so it's only fair that you have some ranged options at your disposal. Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Laser Beams and more are what you can choose from. Snipers and Assault Rifles are the two best weapons in my opinion and they each have their important uses both in general gameplay and trophy related stuff. The Sniper in this game is so damn satisfying lol. It has a generous amount of ammo for how powerful it is. You don't even need to aim that well too as just pressing the aim button automatically locks onto an enemy although this can be pretty annoying at times as it sometimes likes to lock on to an enemy that you're not focusing on. If you have three Snipers equipped at all times, it can make boss fights an absolute joke. Assault Rifles are mainly helpful for making the hardest trophy a lot more manageable, but it still has its uses such as it being able to stun/knock enemies back pretty frequently. At the start of the game, my guns felt much more powerful than any melee weapon I had.

    "Autobots, rollout!"

    There are multiple ways you can get new weapons such as enemies dropping them once defeated, opening hidden (sort of hidden) chests around each level, clearing any level or buying them from the shop with their usually insane price tag. The weapon drops are completely random, so you may get unlucky if you're looking for a new hammer or new sniper, but weapon drops are so frequent you'll get what you're looking for eventually. Weapons can have many different perks and can be upgraded using other weapons as materials to upgrade them. It was fun creating the ultimate weapon and seeing myself get stronger. I got really lucky and pulled this S rank sword out of nowhere and I was eternally thankful for it lol.  

    Dodging is just as interesting as the actual fighting as it's key to becoming better at the game. Pressing R1 will make you roll, but if you dodge at the right time, everything will be in slow-mo for a few seconds, giving you an opportunity to think of your next move. You can buy upgrades from the shop and two of them will making dodging a lot easier and more effective. The Reversal upgrade in particular was so fun to use. If you dodged but also held the attack or aim button at the same time, you can perform a counterattack. I never used the melee counterattack and just focused on ranged counterattacks. It looks cool as hell and can make landing precise headshots so much easier. 


    Now to get to these combat encounters you're going to need to travel there (obviously lol), and Transformers even makes the downtime sections enjoyable. Since you're playing as an Autobot, you can transform into your vehicle mode, which makes travelling around a breeze. Rings that give you speed are sometimes placed around the map to make you go even faster although they weren't that common unfortunately. Transforming into your vehicle mode can also be very useful in combat. You can drive about and avoid attacks until you find the perfect opportunity to initiate with a rush attack. Switching between your fighting form and vehicle form feels very smooths and looks awesome.


    There are multiple characters to choose from too to add even more variety. Optimus Prime is a good character overall with him being both effective with melee and ranged attacks while maintaining a decent speed. Bumblebee is the one of the quickest and is smallest of the group. He can perform two rush attacks in a row unlike the other characters and slide under enemies with his unique ability, but he is the weakest character in the game when it comes to raw strength. Wheeljack is a more defensive character with an emphasis on ranged attacks as his base ranged attack damage is much higher than any other character. His unique ability allows him to pull out a shield to block enemy projectiles, but I never found a use for it. Sideswipe is the fastest character and even with this great perk, he still has great stats other than his low defence. He's probably the best character in the game overall. Grimlock is the last character and he definitely feels the most different out of any character, but that's not a good thing. Grimlock doesn't transform into a vehicle as he instead transforms into a Dinosaur. This form is extremely slow compared to the rest of the cast, but to make up for that, his Dinosaur mode is expanded upon with it having more attacks you can pull off. Grimlock is supposed to the slow, but strong character you see in most games, but he feels just as powerful as most of the other characters (excluding Bumblebee), so you're only putting yourself at a disadvantage by playing as him. Switching between your fighting form and Dinosaur form felt clunky as hell and I really didn't enjoy playing as him. Wheeljack was my favourite by a landslide. I loved all the weapons in the game, so having them be even more powerful felt amazing. Wheeljack with three snipers is unstoppable. If I had to rank the characters in order it would go like:

    1. Wheeljack
    2. Sideswipe
    3. Optimus Prime
    4. Bumblebee
    5. Grimlock (he's the only one that actually sucks lol)

    The man, or should I say robot of the hour


    Transformers Devastation thankfully ditches those horrible realistic autobot designs from the movies and instead goes with the classic designs. It's a very colourful and game with vibrant colours and settings that aren't dull. The character models are the best part of the graphics as they seem to have this cel-shaded look to them, which looks great. Since the game is so short, you'll only be fighting in a few different environments and they are good, but nothing stands out that much. You'll be spending most of your time in a large city, which looks fine enough. It really shines when you get to explore the city around the evening time as the lighting looks really nice. The other areas are usually just your typical robot mecha base, but these aren't bad by any means. 

    Here's the squad ready for a fight...

    The music here is pretty decent. A few tracks did stand out to me for being pretty memorable such as the hub area where you can choose your autobot and the credits theme (both songs don't have their uploads on Youtube). The battle themes and songs outside of battle were both pretty good too, but the main highlight of the audio for this game would be the sound effects. All the sound effects make the combat much more satisfying. From the sniper shots, rush attacks, the classic transforming sound or the slow motion explosions and gunshots, it's all amazing. I usually listen to my own music and stuff after my first playthrough of a game, but Transformers made me want to listen to game audio instead of my own stuff, which is a much bigger feat than what it sounds like lol.



    If you take a quick look at the trophy guide for Transformers, it makes it seem quite demanding, but it's relatively easy if you've had past experience with PlatinumGames' other titles or done some research on how to play effectively from a trophy hunting point of view. You'll need to do five playthroughs for each of the five autobots with each playthrough slowly developing your skills and gearing you up with better weapons. For me, I started out with the easy difficulty with Optimus while focusing on the collectibles. After that, I had the worst playthrough as Grimlock on the normal difficulty with each other character playthrough being on the hardest difficulty (not counting Magnus difficulty because that's not required for the trophies). The roughest playthrough was definitely my third playthrough with Bumblebee on the hardest difficulty. Trying out the hardest difficulty for the first time combined with Bumblebee's low attack stats and average equipment made it the hardest playthrough. I did learn the most from this playthrough and just knowing not to be as aggressive in combat and instead focusing on dodging first. Near the end of the playthrough I luckily pulled a God Tier weapon like I mentioned earlier in the review, which turned the game into an absolute cakewalk. Now you'd think that going through the game five times would be extremely tedious, but it's not for this game. Like I said, this game is fun as hell and seeing yourself improve just made the game even better. There are only seven levels in the game with the first level only being the long one, so flying through the game multiple times was a blast.


    POV: The Decepticons after being defeated for the fifth time

    Just like in Metal Gear Rising, there are trophies for beating all of the main bosses without getting hit. These were much easier to do compared to MGR for a number of reasons. There will always be an autosave/checkpoint if you've damaged the boss enough, which makes failure not as punishing. The bosses do go down surprisingly quick especially if you combine two or three equipped sniper rifles with an item that gives you 100% attack power for a limited time. It's a nasty combo that can delete certain bosses in seconds. While these trophies weren't as rewarding as I thought they were gonna be, they were still extremely satisfying to get. Being able to kill a boss that gave you trouble in your earlier playthroughs in about 20 seconds felt great lol. There are also some miscellaneous trophies tied to some of the bosses, but these are pretty easy as well, but they should be done separately from the no damage trophies to save yourself some trouble. These boss related trophies need to be done on the hardest difficulty, but even with that, they are still very manageable if you have the right gear.

    The most infamous trophy in the whole game is the "Platinum" trophy (dunno why they called it that lol). This is another similar trophy found in MGR, but it's SO much easier compared to it. Each battle you engage in will rank you at the end of it. You'll get more points by doing certain things like clearing it in a certain amount of time, not taking that much or any damage, number of headshots, number of vehicle or rush attacks, etc. This trophy wants you to get an overall SS rank (highest rank) and for all of the levels on the hardest difficulty. By "overall SS rank" I mean that you can get some A ranks or S ranks in some of your battles, but still get an SS rank at the end of the level if the majority of your battles are ranked SS. This does make the requirement a lot more generous and less frustrating. The main method to get SS ranks is by equipping one or two very weak machine guns so you can farm headshot points off of enemies. There is no limit to the amount of headshot points you can achieve during a fight, so farming these each battle is the easiest way to obtain an SS rank. It doesn't matter if you take five minutes or take a bunch of damage, the amount of headshot points you accumulate will make up for it and then some. I found this to be a very fun trophy to achieve as I had little problems with it myself. I only had to restart a few fights, but things never got frustrating. If you've platinumed MGR like I have, this game will be pretty easy, but still very fun.

    The quest for the "Platinum" trophy. It almost has the same % as the Platinum, so I guess the name is fitting after all 

    At the end of all that, there are still some extra stuff to do. There are 50 extra challenge mission to do and these were a chore to get through. Since you could play them on the easiest difficulty (Scout), it just boiled down to me using the sniper 24/7 to kill the enemies as fast I could. I did these challenges after earning 98% of the other trophies, so this was pretty boring compared to the SS rank run. These could've been cut out and it wouldn't change the game at all. 

    So this is what an optimal way to get all the trophies would look like:

    Playthrough 1. Play as Optimus on Scout difficulty and focus on getting the many unnecessary collectibles lol. Looking at a collectibles guide will really slow the pace down, but you only gotta do it for one playthrough. You'll start to know which weapons you're interesting in using and which ones you should forget about. If you own one or two D or C ranks machine guns, don't sell them as you'll need them for your final playthrough.

    Playthrough 2. Play as Grimlock on Warrior difficulty. Don't even try to do any of the trophies tied to the Commander difficulty with Grimlock as he's such a bad character. Jumping to normal difficulty will help prepare you for Commander difficulty in your next playthrough. Hopefully you'll get some good weapon drops to aid you in your first Commander playthrough.

    Playthrough 3. Play as Bumblebee on Commander difficulty while earning most (if not all) miscellaneous trophies. Depending on how skilled you are or what gear you have, this may be a pretty rough playthrough. To save yourself some trouble with your other two remaining playthroughs, try and get all the miscellaneous trophies specifically the ones tied to the bosses. Some may be a bit tough, but you'll need to focus your other two playthroughs on no damaging them and SS ranking them, so you should make the most of this playthrough by getting them out of the way. You may or may not get a God Tier sword out of nowhere like me lol.

    Playthrough 4. Play as Wheeljack and get all the No Damage boss trophies. Now that you have more experience and hopefully better gear under your belt, tackling each boss without getting hit should be easier than expected. Using ranged weapons against bosses is the safest way to deal with them, so Wheeljack is the perfect Autobot for that due to his ranged damage being higher than any other character. Stock up on those attack boost items and upgrade your snipers to make this playthrough as easy as possible.

    Playthrough 5. Play as Sideswipe and finish all levels with a SS rank. This will be your hardest playthrough, but all the experience you've had will make this much more manageable. Have a strong melee weapon, a strong sniper and two weak machine guns as your loadout to make things as easy as possible. Focus on headshots for each fight and skip getting an SS rank on the one or two battles that you struggle with. Back up your save if you're not confident that you'll SS rank the next battle. 

    Ok don't get this confused with a trophy guide. This is still a review lmao. 


    I wanted to dedicate this section to one of my best friends @CelestialRequiem as he's the one who told me about this game and introduced me to PlatinumGames. Celestial is one of the nicest and smartest guys I know and I've learned so much from him lol. A lot of you have probably seen him on the forums and some of you may think he's a bit controversial, but he's just always honest with what he says. I've laughed at quite a few interactions he's had with some people and it's always great to see him on the forums. Unfortunately, he's lost his drive to game right now, but hopefully that changes as he's got the skills to complete so many difficult games mainly shoot em' ups. 

    If you take a look at his profile, you can clearly see that he's a massive fan of PlatinumGames. He was the first achiever for PG's newest game, Sol Cresta. He stuck with it despite one of the trophies being bugged for a while, but he was finally able to earn the Platinum after a patch was added. Now he's the first achiever for all stacks of Sol Cresta. Hard work pays off my friend :platinum: Another notable achievement of his would be him being the fastest achiever for the PS3 stack of Vanquish. That game is pretty notorious for having one difficult trophy that has bested a lot of players, but Celestial was able to beat the whole story on the hardest difficulty while getting all the collectibles and not forgetting about any of the miscellaneous trophies along the way and then having to do all six tactical challenges with much of a break at all. It's truly an impressive feat as it usually takes people hours to get that final challenge done. Major props to him :yay:

    All hail the PlatinumGames God :highfive:

    By far his biggest accomplishment is him being the fastest achiever for both stacks of Transformers Devastation. Doing everything needed for the platinum trophy in a single day takes so much dedication it's insane. He was wanting me to try and beat his time, but I don't think that's ever gonna happen lol. That is his record to keep for good. 

    I plan on playing more PlatinumGames' titles because of Celestial's love for them. Metal Gear Rising, Vanquish and Transformers are all in my top 10 favourite games this year so far, so he has introduced me to some really great games. Wonderful 101 is the next game that I plan on playing, and apparently it's gonna be a challenge, so I'm really looking forward to it.

    Should you play Transformers Devastation? YES! YES YOU SHOULD! This game slaps so much lmao
    Thanks for reading :wave:

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    2. Flubberwunked


      @kindajustin Thanks Justin! It's an awesome game that you should play sometime if you're looking to challenge yourself a little more.

      @Destructor-8 Thank you 😁 Finding a copy isn't as hard as you'd think. I got my copy on Ebay for like £22, which is definitely worth it. While it does take a lot of skill to become perfect at the game, it won't be necessary for the Platinum. Just some good gear and a bit of practice is more than enough to get you through it.

      @zizimonster Yeah you should totally check out Transfromers soon. It's not as hard as it looks, so you shouldn't have to worry about it being a lot tougher than Bayonetta. As for me playing Bayonetta, I'm probably gonna pass for now as the trophy list isn't that much of a challenge compared to PlatinumGames' other games. If I'm down for an easier, but also great game in the future, Bayonetta will be on my mind. 

      @VoidVictorious Thanks Void! I didn't know of Celestial's love for Tom Hanks went that far. @CelestialRequiem why did you never tell me about this lmao 😂

      @AihaLoveleaf Thank you so much 😊 I hope me and Celestial were able to sell it to you. It is an underappreciated game despite it going free on PS Plus at one point. I can see why it could easily be written off as another simple game to promote Transformers or something, but PlatinumGames really tried their best with this one and their efforts really paid off. Within 5 minutes of playing, I had already fallen in love with how the game played and I guarantee that you'll feel the same way if you ever get around to it. If you do end up buying it, Celestial may egg you on multiple times to beat his completion time, which is insane lol.

      @Honor_Hand Yeah that 0.90% Platinum will catch anyone's eye. With just a little research, you'll soon find out that it's one of the easiest sub 1% plats you can get. Platinum's other games like Metal Gear Rising or especially Sol Cresta should have this Platinum % instead.

      You're probably in the same boat as me when I was thinking about starting it where I had no knowledge of the Transformers series, but I enjoyed Platinum's games. Playing this game just because it's made by Platinum is a good thing to do as you'll right at home almost immediately. Smooth gunplay from Vanquish and engaging close combat from Bayonetta and MGR are both here in this game making it one of Platinum's best from a gameplay perspective. The extra effort to hunt down a physical copy will be more than worth it. Thanks for the kind words 😌

      @Yuber6969  Thanks Yuber and yeah this would be a great game for your A-Z challenge. It'll only take you about 20 hours to get everything done and there's nothing repetitive or grindy (unless you count playing through the game 5 times as grindy) to do, which will be pretty refreshing for you after some of the games you've played recently lol.

      This game is nothing compared to Vanquish lol. Round 5 from Challenge 6 is harder than everything you need to in Transformers. Getting those SS ranks is very manageable and lenient and the no damage boss trophies can be cheesed with the right gear. Don't worry about the game being hard or anything.

    3. CelestialRequiem


      Tom Hanks blows. 

    4. Destructor-8


      That's cool. I'll definitely try to find one then. It seems pretty cool.



    So recently I've started playing Adventure Time ETDBIDK on PS3. I played it years ago on my old PSN profile when I was 13 and I really enjoyed it. I decided to go for it on my main because of the insane of amount of Ultra Rare trophies there were, but this ended up being a mistake...

    This game is notorious for being buggy mainly due to it crashing so damn often. I read on the forums that not singing into PSN helps with the crashing issue in a way, so I decided to do that. The time on my PS3 is never set correctly for some reason whenever I'm not signed into PSN. This started to happen after Sony added that extra verification thing to signing into PS3 and Vita, but this was never an issue as I always just signed in, so the time would naturally fix itself. I didn't even think about how me playing offline could affect the trophies that I got because I totally forgot about the "missing timestamp" thing that can show up next to trophies. I ended up getting a few trophies with the "missing timestamp" and this ended up fucking up my profile a bit.



    I've now found out that trophies with missing timestamps aren't given the proper number and are instead put at the bottom of your trophy list. The image below is my trophy log and those trophies are now before my first trophy.



    This has now completely messed up my trophy (not Platinum) milestones. My 8000th to 10000th trophies were specially chosen as the Platinum for each game, but since those trophies are now at the bottom of my list, it's moved them around in a way that has completely messed them up.


    Welp...there goes the Nep Reverse, Rabi Ribi and Bugsnax milestones from looking good

    With me now knowing about this, I don't think I wanna Platinum the game as I would NEVER want my Platinum milestones to be messed up. I doubt there's any way to fix those trophies with missing timestamps other than hiding the game, but I'm really against hiding games in my opinion plus I would lose over 25 Ultra Rare trophies.

    Am I overreacting here? Yes. Yes I am, but trophy hunting is my main hobby, so those milestones really mean a lot to me. Adventure Time is cursed lol

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    2. Zassy


      Whaaaaat. Grah, that's disheartening as hell. D= You toiled hard to affix quality milestones only for this design quirk to sabotage them. You have full sympathy here. ;-;


      In your shoes, I'd seriously mull hiding those few trophies, in order to reclaim those milestones. Not interested in hiding trophies otherwise, but damn, you got upended here, blindsided to an extent.

    3. Megatritionsts


      Thank you Flubberwunked for being on my side its nice to have you around I am doing the best I can to be happy every single day! 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Man, this sucks. I personally don't plan milestones too much but having this happen to you after so much careful planning and making sure your profile looks all organized sure sucks. Especially because you had no idea it was going to modify your latest milestones in such a manner.

      The only way you could fix this is by hiding trophies here. But yeah, if you're not much for that, then there's no other way to fix this as far as I know. Sorry, man. =(

  12. Hey, it's me.


    Well done on the Transformers: Devastation platinum. 0.90% plat for a 2/10 game.

    1. Flubberwunked



      I learned from the best (you lol) that's why I was able to get it done so fast :platinum: :highfive:
      Gonna venture into another game you love sometime in the future.

    2. zizimonster


      Awesome! (too bad I'm currently out of rep points)


      Wait a sec


      ...a 2/10 plat difficulty? Really!?


      I hope this isn't a trap because I own this game, and I might give it a try someday. 🤖

  13. Hey, it's me.




    Congrats on 25 million views on your guide. Congrats. Make more.

    1. Zassy


      7M+ user favorites yet Still Awaiting Ratings, smdh. PSNP guide ratings = PS5 accolades, fr fr.


      In all seriousness, I had completely forgotten about this little RPG Maker creation. Completely forgotten, as if it had never arisen. Still unsure if it suits my style without rocketing overboard, but if - major, reluctant if - I ever play it, we know where to turn. :> Aaand whom to squint at when it turns out to have like a 9.65/10 difficulty for us Un-gud Casul.