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  1. It seems like you need a ton of bits to be able to buy everything in each shop. Is there any way of getting a lot of bits quickly? My method is just playing Horror Night House Level 1 and just mashing X so I'm digging as fast as possible. Every meter you travel = 1 bit btw. My method doesn't even seem that quick either. Edit: Well RIP. 2 weeks and no replies
  2. Ok so things turned out kinda weird. I actually beat the level yesterday on my alt account (Link) and I was absolutely buzzing. I started the game on my main account today and I attempted level 29 to see if I could get it done first try. I seriously did level 29 on nightmare on my first attempt on my main account. The run was extremely scuffed, but I somehow still did it. If you practice this level in single player it will seriously help you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vlplDYxV1O0 I got hit into the blue armour pretty early by a fireball, but even with that huge mistake, I still finished. I zoomed in the video to make things look better. I'll upload all the levels on nightmare whenever I get them done. (On Map 12 right now) Most levels are piss easy compared to level 29, so I guess starting with that level was the right thing to do. Thanks @J_E_B_B for giving me the idea of attempting this myself. The first time I saw your video I was gobsmacked lol. Also @AJ_Radio I know you can do this. It's very annoying to attempt as one small mistake could mess up your run, but it's still doable. Just practice the level in single player over a period of time and you'll gradually get better and be able to take on the level in co-op.
  3. I've been practicing level 29 myself on my second account to see if I'm actually able to get the Platinum because I know many people say that this is the hardest level in the game. I've been attempting this level for about 5 hours and it's quite possibly one of the most tilting and unfair things in gaming. I've gotten to the final stretch twice (the last section where you have to run straight to the goal). While I haven't officially finished the level, I guess it somewhat confirms that I am capable of completing level 29 with the 1.07 update. So if I'm able to beat this level does that mean I have what it takes to get the Platinum? @J_E_B_B
  4. Ohhhhhhhh shit........ Maybe i shouldn't have bought this game after all. gg I have an unobtainable Platinum now. Time to pack it in. This is fucking brutal oh my god. Pro tip trophy hunters, don't buy a game day 1 without knowing how hard it'll be. What kind of masochist is gonna put themselves through this?
  5. I just started playing this game today and it's great. Fun and simple gameplay with some decent challenges along the way, but there's a fine line between challenging and absolutely brutal. The "No Everest for the Wicked" (dig 8848 meters) trophy sounds extremely tough. Right now I'm currently struggling to even reach 1000 meters without dying twice. I know there's upgrades that you can buy, but I don't think they will help that much. Is this trophy a true example of a Platinum breaker?
  6. I'm really glad there's another trophy stack for this game. It's definitely the best Shantae game in my opinion. Probably gonna make this my 225th Platinum.
  7. FCqGWsYWQAwpB8S?format=jpg&name=900x900


    Platinum :platinum: #219 - Rabi-Ribi (9000th Trophy)

    Enjoyment: 8/10 - Difficulty: 7/10 - Hours Played: 35


    It's about damn time I got this Platinum. I bought this game on my 18th birthday in 2018 long before I became a dedicated trophy hunter. I literally just seen the cover art and I bought the game lol it's as simple as that, but past me didn't know of the challenge that was waiting. Welllll I never went for the Platinum and forgot about the game for 3 years as I moved on to different games that had me more interested.


    This game just sat near the bottom of my trophy list for years with no sign of progress ever being made....until now! (Finally) My interest for this game came back when I saw that there was a trophy guide created for it. I took one look at the time and difficulty requirements and welp...my interest quickly faded again. Fast forward to October 2021 and I now wanted my completion percentage to be above 95% and the best way to increase that percentage was by completing one of my uncompleted games. I'm not sure why I picked Rabi-Ribi, but I'm certainly glad I did because my love and appreciation for this game is unreal compared to my thoughts on it in 2018. I loved it so much that I made the Platinum my 9000th trophy. 



    Yeah... 3 years is definitely a long time lol


    When we first start the game, we see our main character Erina confused about what has happened to her. She has been transformed into a human and she needs to find her master and find out what's really happening. She meets many characters along the way to help her on her journey. 


    I really did try to like the story, I really did, but it just wasn't that interesting or engaging. The characters aren't the best either when it comes to their personalities and growth as characters. There we're some characters I liked such as Erina, Cicini & Seana, but they aren't exactly amazing characters. The character design really does save the day here as it made these really forgettable characters at least somewhat memorable. I started skipping through the cutscenes less than halfway into the game and this unfortunately came back to bite me in the ass. I came across a bug that was preventing me form progressing further and it turns out the main source of the problem was because I was skipping the cutscenes. The game definitely got it's revenge there lol.



    Having an attractive girl wearing a bunny suit and also in a box is certainly one way to get my attention


    Rabi-Ribi is perfect example of a Metroidvania. Multiple areas with key areas and items being inaccessible until you have the right upgrades/items to reach them. There's obviously going to be a decent amount of backtracking, but it's no so bad because of the many warp spheres that can get you to certain areas in a flash and also that the world itself is extremely fun to explore. There are items and upgrades littered everywhere and finding them was a joy with and without a guide. Trying to find every single item and get 100% without using a guide would probably make you go crazy though lol. Some of these items are really well hidden and will require some genuine thought and planning on how to reach them, but there are also so many item spots that will make you go "How the hell was I supposed to know that was there?" Either way, exploring and collecting everything was really fun.


    Rabi-Ribi's combat is more fleshed out than your typical Metroidvania. The best way to explain the combat would be Touhou boss battles except you're on the ground instead of flying. Each boss will have multiple unique attacks that will usually send a lot of small projectiles in your direction. There's so much variety in the attack patterns, which never made any of the bosses boring. There's over 25 bosses, so it's pretty impressive that they came up with so much unique attacks. There are a lot of other factors that make the combat really fun and engaging such as all the upgrades you get and having both a close up weapon and long range projectiles. Seeing the rainbow coloured damage numbers and hearing the sound effects made fights pretty satisfying.



    Kinda hard to tell what's going on here to be honest, but it's basically just bullet hell things lol


    The soundtrack for Rabi-Ribi is really good for the most part. There's a few forgettable tracks, but it's great for the most part. There's a lot of catchy tracks whenever you're exploring the world, but the best tracks are the ones that play in the boss battles. My favourite song would be "No Remorse". It's the final song you hear when you're facing the final boss and it made things pretty tense especially on the harder playthrough of the game.


    This game looks stunning. I adore the character designs, CGs and the sprite work. Erina has to be one of my favourite female protagonists just based on design alone. Long hair, bunny suit, bunny ears and a nice colour pallet made her a very appealing character. A lot of other characters look really great as well. Seeing both their sprite version and drawn version gives us a nice balance of cuteness and attractiveness lol. The UI and menus look pretty cute too as they have a lot of chibi art of Erina and Ribbon. This is definitely one of the most bright and colourful games I've ever played. Rainbow colour patterns are pretty common in this game, which was always nice to see. There was a few times during battle that I had to use an item, but I paused at the wrong time. This resulted in the screen going absolutely crazy with flashing colours and it would definitely trigger someone's epilepsy, so be warned if you can't take multiple flashing colours although it isn't too common.



    They're just vibing lol


    Now onto the trophy list for the game. There's at least 3 playthroughs required with only 3 missable trophies. These missable trophies aren't bad at all because you can always keep track on what chapter they are obtainable on, so you just gotta remind yourself to not progress any further. As previously mentioned, the 100% playthrough was extremely fun and easy even with dodging every spike obstacle I seen, but the 2 remaining playthroughs definitely kicked things up a notch.


    The second playthrough was beating the final post game boss (not really final post game boss actually) with 0 items. Not gonna lie here, this was an absolute bitch at times lol. Obviously bosses we're going to be a lot tougher, but I thought the real challenge was navigating through the world with very limited movement abilities. Trying to get past the "Hall of Memories" area in chapter 6 and reach the boss was seriously so much harder than the final post game boss I'm not kidding lol. You are allowed some items that don't increase the item percentage and you'll absolutely be depending on these few items. While a lot of deaths outside of bosses did feel really cheap, I still thought this was one of the most interesting gaming experiences I've had in a while. It was like avoiding the starting sword in Zelda 1 on the NES and trying to take on the entire game with only bombs and stuff.


    The last playthrough was a 1 hour speedrun. This was so much easier than the 0 item playthrough for sure. This was actually the very first time I earned a speedrun trophy without looking at a guide first and I'm pretty proud of that. My run was 56 minutes long, but I did fight an unnecessary boss, so it could've been a bit better.


    This trophy list is the perfect balance of hard, but fun and not frustrating and that's very important for someone like me who gets "emotional" pretty quickly lol.



    There's a lot of really nice trophy icons here, so I decided to show some of my favourites


    I highly recommend Rabi-Ribi and you should go for the Platinum trophy if you do buy it. You may need to sharpen up your bullet hell skills first before attempting the 0 item run. I'm so glad I eventually got around to this amazing game. Thanks for reading :)


    Special shout-out to @Joe Dubz for being extremely helpful both on the forums and helping me out too. He's a top tier guide creator who was very responsive and is always looking to improve his guides by adding more and more information. Any new information is extremely important especially for a sort of niche game like this. Thank you 👍

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    2. Troz


      con.cong. consgats, congat.. .cong.. conatsa. , .scons...



    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the platinum! :D


      I've seen this game on the store multiple times and the cutesy artwork on it has piqued my interest more than once. I mean, just like you, I can't say no to bunny girls. xD Seeing just how colorful the game and the characters are, and how the gameplay is similar to that of a Metroidvania also helped to boost my interest in the game. What has turned me down from it is that high difficulty and its often high price tag. 


      After reading your review here now, though, I know I definitely need to pick this one and give it a go as I'm sure it's going to provide a great time. Also, bunny girls. 🐇 Can't go wrong with bunny girls. :dance:

    4. Flubberwunked


      @Troz Thanks lol


      @Honor_Hand Thank you Honor! Yep, can't say no to bunny girls lol. It's not too common to find a cutsey looking anime game that that offers a good challenge. If you've played any Touhou game before then you should feel right at home and the harder bosses and challenges would be much more manageable because of that.


      As someone who has recently been pretty stingy when it comes to game prices, I can confidently say that the game is definitely worth it at full price. You should still wait for a sale though because it does go on sale pretty often. It would make a great addition to your trophy list too!

  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qrF9ic1HWAY What is this??? I've beaten this boss 4 times and every single time I'm just left on the floating area with nowhere to go. I watched someone play through the boss themselves and they we're teleported back to the area with the spring, but that's seriously not happening to me. Please God tell me that I'm just an idiot and that I'm missing something because I'm seriously praying that my save isn't fucked. 98% items and 95% of the map filled. Can someone please help me with this? EDIT: I found out what the problem was. I was skipping the cutscene that triggers when the boss is defeated and doing that somehow messes things up whenever the game warps you back to Windy Ravine. I beat the boss and then let the cutscene play out normally and I wrapped back to windy Ravine just fine. Don't skip the ending cutscene after beating the boss.
  9. Thanks a lot for the tips. I got the all items mission done on my second try. I got the turkey mission done too, but I'm still really confused on these 2 performing specific shots missions. What do you mean by the "objective ball"? Is that the ball my monkey is in or is it the next ball I have to pocket in the correct order? Is there a specific game mode that will help in achieving this? I'm also really stumped on the soccer mission too. I've done what seems like 20 goals that I think count as direct shots, but I'm still not getting the mission done. I really wish they we're more clear about these specific shots. All of them that I've already got we're very likely from pure luck lol.
  10. Alrighty so the Platinum is almost in the bag for me, but I've got 4 missions left to do. I haven't done them yet because they are either difficult or not explained that well at all. I would really appreciate any reply to help me with these final missions. The missions are as follows: (Fight) Get all items in a single match - This seems incredibly hard and luck based. Am I just unaware of a strategy to cheese this mission or is there no easy around it? (Billiards) Perform a combination shot - I've looked up the actual definition of what a combination shot is. I performed the shot in game and no mission. I'm really not sure how you perform this shot. (Bowling) Get 3 Strikes in a row - I've gotten 2 strikes twice, but never 3 times. Is there any particular set up or method to get strikes more consistently or is brute force the only way to go? (Soccer) Perform a direct shot - Again.... How do I even perform this type of shot? The name of it is extremely vague I don't know what to do for this one. I seriously appreciate any help and information that is given to me for these missions. Thanks.
  11. I hate this game lol I want my 3 hours back from playing Dimension of the Machine. Such a borefest
  12. My post was first about how the Dimension of the Machine trophies we're glitched, but an update as made these trophies not glitch out anymore. Deleted my mini rant talking about the glitched trophies because nobody has to see that lol. Take care.
  13. Yeah this is definitely the hardest mission in the entire game. There's so many factors that make it so goddamn frustrating to play. I got 78 points and I never hit a ball once out bounds and I even got a couple of birdies. The wind isn't that bad, but trying to putt your ball into the goal is actually fucking awful. The area near the holes are usually sharp and at a small incline, which makes getting your ball into the hole soooooo annoying. You waste so many turns just trying to putt your ball into the goal it becomes insanely tilting and makes you play worse. Doesn't help that it takes at least 20 minutes to get through all holes, so if you fuck up late into the run, have fun doing that all over again and then potentially make easy mistakes on the earlier stages. They could've at least made it 80 points, so I would have this godawful mission done with. Good luck with anyone who's trying this mission and I'll say a prayer for your controllers lol.
  14. I think the controls and physics for the main game are completely fine, but the same cannot be said for a lot of the mini-games. The Golf and Baseball physics are so whack and god awful and makes getting all the missions done in those mini-games a big hassle. Monkey Target is an absolute joke too. You will dive right into the water countless times just do that you can try and learn how these clunky controls work. This is a perfectly good remake in my opinion, it's just that the mini-games and the missions associated with them really hinder the Platinum experience due to their awful controls and physics.
  15. You need to keep your hit streak up. You can't mindlessly spam the shoot button. You'll need to remember how many shots it takes to kill each enemy, so you don't accidentally shoot nothing and lose your combo. If you keep a combo for around 3/4 of the stage, then you should easily get 45K. It's also easy to not get hit when you're going for the big combo, so it should only take 2 or 3 tries.