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  1. This game has a very mixed reception from what I've seen but I had actually really enjoyed myself and I absolutely love everything about this game but those were my feelings before i got into the Post Game. My god the Homerun Sempai and the Evil Chef are brutal. They will 100% one shot your party which makes for a really unfun time as you are constantly relying on your Stun Ability to land (Which it hardly does) and that basically means dozens upon dozens of resets because you didn't get the luck you needed. Having to rely on the bosses to be stunned 24/7 doesn't make for engaging gameplay it's just frustrating imo. Levelling up your party helps the tiniest bit (your attack goes up by 1 each time lol) and combine that with the pretty slow paced grinding and you'll want to throw in the towel even quicker. By the time you enter the Post Game you should be around Level 25 to 28 and the max level is 60 so getting there is easy but pretty time consuming. I have no issue with grinding because it always feels like I'm making some progress but I don't feel that at all here. I see my HP go up but it may as well stay at 1 because HP doesn't matter in the most important fights. Luck isn't just present in fights but also with the weapon and gear you can earn/buy which could really determine how much of a good time you will or won't have. Some weapons are key for beating certain bosses but it could take a long time until you'll actually have the chance to get what your looking for. This game is extremely niche and unknown which has made any guides or videos for this game almost non existent. There is no footage of someone beating the 2 hardest bosses (Homerun Sempai and Evil Chef) and I will definitely upload my fights with them whenever i eventually get lucky enough to defeat them. So in conclusion Orangeblood is a pretty fun time going through the story but the Post Game is a slap in the face. It's such a massive difficulty spike for no reason. So yeah try this game if you want but I can't guarantee that you'll have a fun time going for the Platinum Trophy.
  2. This game always comes to mind now whenever I hear the word "Underrated". Mad Rat Dead - A pretty recent game that was released late 2020 which unfortunately didn't get much attention. It was developed by the same team who made the Disgaea series so it being a rhythm platformer is pretty surprising. You play as a rat who wants to get revenge on the human who experimented on him which actually ended up killing him but Mad Rat thankfully gets revived by the Rat God and now he's out to seek vengeance. To traverse each stage you'll have to hit the notes of the song to the beat and this makes playing through the whole game a blast as an amazing soundtrack accompanies you the whole time.Ill I'd highly recommended this game for people who are interested in rhythm and platformer games or for people are interested in finding out new great video game soundtracks. Only downside is that the price is pretty steep for how much content you get out of the game.
  3. The attack speed would still be a problem though. Let's just say you have to quickly run past a hallway with a few shotgunners or pinkies, their attack speed will make it more likely that you'll take a ton of damage which will obviously make the speedrun of each level much more luck based and tricker because you may die and that gives the already dead enemies more time to come back again making your second or third trips down the same path just as hard as they first were. I haven't played the game yet but so don't take what I said too seriously. I heard one guy say that the first Chapter is actually the biggest roadblock and that the second and third chapters aren't too bad compared to those levels. Is this true or not? Yeah I've heard too much about level 29 in Doom 2 so I'll gladly never touch that game lol.
  4. After September 2020 this trophy is now much harder to obtain thanks to the unnecessary update. "Nightmare behaviour has been fully restored to the original 1993 release by making enemies move twice as fast." From what I've heard this isn't the only change that's been made as you now have a reduced ammo capacity and enemy attack speed is also doubled too. With all this information I highly doubt this game is still an 8/10 like the guide says which sucks because I'm afraid I might not be able to plat it. I'm looking for a challenging game, not an impossible one. I can't find any videos online of somebody doing a Nightmare Co-op run that isn't past September. Is this game still possible to plat with a lot of luck and planning? I do have a twin brother who can help me from time to time and I know Share Play is a possibility too so I know there's still hope. I would love to hear what you guys have to say!
  5. I got both Hotline Miami games for £4 and it was the best 4 pound I ever spent. I had known about this series for years but only played it now. Loved the music from both games and especially the challenge from the second game! I wish there were separate trophy lists for the PS3 & PS4 versions but sadly that was not the case.
  6. I made a guide for a somewhat niche game in early December and still no feedback even to this day. Directly messaging them would make me seem impatient and slightly rude so I don't wanna do it.
  7. I've definitely seen that guide before and while yes it was helpful for a few trophies, the description for the one I'm after doesn't help at all. This is the reason why I made this post because that guide is pretty unreliable in some areas. I just need video proof but nothing exists about this game online lol. It's kinda frustrating that this dumb gimmicky minigame is gatekeeping the Platinum for me. Thx for trying to help nonetheless
  8. The 'Through Thick and Thin' trophy is the last trophy I need but I can't seem to get it no matter what I try. I've been trying Chapter 1 Stage 1 & 4. My rating at the end is ALWAYS 170% or 90% every single time. Do i need to go faster? Is there better stages to try or what? I would really appreciate any reply I just want this game done so I never need to look at it again lmao.
  9. and the Funniest Post of 2021 goes to..........
  10. It's been 2 years since I've played Chaos Child but from what I remember the triggers you chose didn't effect the other normal scenes and only affect which route you go to. I would say im 90% right but if you are still unsure look around other places to see if you can get a definitive answer. What i know for sure is that the game doesn't let you know if you are viewing something new. There should be an option in menus that stops skipping the text whenever that text hasn't been read yet. A lot of visual novels seems to have that feature so Chaos Child should have that feature.
  11. I'm assuming you mean Super Meat Boy right? Crash 4 is not even close to SMB when it comes to difficulty. I platted Crash 4 with just about 60 hours and then went on to play SMB on my alternate account and got my ass handed to me lmao. Crash 4 makes you do no death runs for single stages unlike SMB which wants you to do 20 levels without dying a row. Granted SMB levels are much shorter but they are also harder. This game is much more forgiving and takes a lot less practice plus I found the platinum relics fun as your practice pays off pretty quickly. SMB was just an unfun and seriously stressed filled time imo. Give crash 4 a try if you are looking for a challenging game that doesn't severely punish your for the littlest mistakes.
  12. Even when there's an opening to go through the slightest touch on the purple block sends you flying for no reason sometimes. I was awful at the start part but i can get past it about 90% of the time. Practice actually matters at that part lol. On my no continue run I wouldn't have enough attempts to try get past the conveyor belt because 4-7 eats up all my lives. Expert doesn't sound as bad because you have to sit through 48 levels to see you get your heart crushed by defeat. 6-10 looks really challenging though. Good luck on beating it.
  13. I can get to World 5 on advanced without using a continue pretty comfortably now. The first time i got to 5-10 I burned through all 9 of my continues with left me pretty devastated lol. I've practiced 5-8 and 5-9 and I've kinda got them down. (Beat 5-9 seven times in a row one time) Unfortunately practice mode has not made a difference to 5-10 at all. 175+ attempts and I can't do it. The first purple moving obstacle is the one part that's seriously troubling me and it doesn't help that you are on a strict timer with a pretty bad camera sometimes with is very difficult to change while on the conveyor belt. I can only find 3 videos of someone actually beating 5-10 and it just seems like total luck. I would love to get a response from anyone talking about their past experience with this stage. Thanks.
  14. Judging by the Platinum times for the PS5 version it's highly likely unless those times are illegitimate somehow. I'm not a fan of auto-popping trophies but this is the only platinum i wouldn't auto popping as any Fortnite plat owner deserves it lol.
  15. It's a really fun game atm but I decided to play it on my alt account because I know I wouldn't be dedicated enough to go through the grind as it would get really repetitive later. Levelling up weapons seems like the biggest issue. The sentry turret launcher would take ages to level up.