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  1. Q4jBjwk.png



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    2. CelestialRequiem


      You ain't scared.

      You going to do it on Hard or Revengeance? 

    3. Flubberwunked


      Hard because I'm trash with Sam 😭

    4. Copanele


      Oh my, there are other people who do Brazilian double jumps in this game? My compliments! xD


  2. Just got done with the DLC trophies on the PS5 version and I was going to get them done for the PS4 version too, but I've ran into a problem. I've checked the online and local storage/save data for both my PS4 and PS5, but it seems like my 100% save file from like 9 months ago has completely vanished. I know this isn't really an issue that's part of the actual game, but it's the only time that this has happened to me. It now looks like that I'll need to basically 100%/Platinum the game again just to get a lot of progress done for the Live Laugh Hut trophy, which is something I shouldn't really have to do. If this is my only option, (which it seems like it is) then I'm just gonna forget about those 3 DLC trophies for a while. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. Yep I uhhh.... just checked the guy's profile and it's completely private. I just assumed Noeder meant hidden trophies. I spoke too soon there and didn't check out the guy's profile. Hidden trophies are fine, but I'm not so keen on a completely hidden profile.
  4. This is a terrible opinion.......
  5. EWPjztE.png


    Well done. 

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    2. Wild-Arms-R


      @kindajustinRemember I never said it didn’t count, I simply said it’s less impressive.😊


      But give the man credit he’s a beast, he did actually do it, so respect.👏🏻

    3. kindajustin


      @Wild-Arms-R you know best my dude. I hope we can at least agree Flub is an excellent trophy hunter.

    4. Wild-Arms-R


      @kindajustinYeah he solid, I will never knock someone’s determination and skill.

      Id be a fool to do that, but I still don’t have agree with his(and many others) methods.

  6. Well uhh... I never thought I would be writing this, but here we are. Yesterday I somehow earned the infamous trophy known as Mein leben from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I'm super proud of myself and I can now 100% say with certainty that I'm very skilled at FPS games.
    So I've recently been interested in playing difficult FPS games, and I've been having a blast. (Thank you Honor_Hand for the suggestions) I always knew that the most difficult FPS was Wolfensetin 2 and I never wanted to try it because I absolutely hate permadeath related trophies, but I was definitely curious about it. I watched a full Mein Leben run and got even more interested, so I ended up playing Wolfenstein: The New Order and absolutely loved it. I bought Wolfenstein 2 and played it on my alt account shortly after finishing The New Order. The I am Death Incarnate difficulty wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be, which had me thinking if I was actually capable of completing a Mein Leben run.
    Only three playthroughs were done. The first run was my blind run (I vaguely remembered certain sections from the run I watched), my second run consisted of me following a Mein Leben walkthrough step by step and reloading checkpoints to practice certain sections and my third run was my first run through Mein Leben and I actually did it my first try.
    Now I know many of you will think that I'm bullshitting, but I'm seriously being honest here lol. Unfortunately there is no way I can prove what I said, so you just gotta trust me. Whether you believe me or not, I still earned the trophy. It took me 25 hours to do it, which was a lot less than I was expecting. The run took me five and a half hours and that's because I was following a walkthrough for each section. This is an excellent guide and I highly suggest you use it if you're going for this trophy. The worst part about this is that I have to do it again on my main account. I wanted to be 100% sure that I could beat Mein Leben before starting the game on my main account. PSN alt account is kuromiloverstan if you wanna see the trophy. (Please ignore that dumbass name btw) 
    I recorded my reaction to beating Mein Leben and looking back at it, it was kinda underwhelming lol. Legit beat Mein Leben on my first attempt and I didn't even scream yes from the top of my lungs lmao. In the video I do mention that I did it on my first try, but I know that's not proof. So if you want to hear me say "Oh my God" like ten times, then watch the video lol.
    Dunno what else to say... I finally earned my first 10/10 difficulty trophy. I would say never again, but I have to do it again 😭 Enjoy this photo of me posing as a Supersoldat.
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    2. Troz


      @Wild-Arms-R is a guy with no trophy under .50%, really trying to tell us what "hard" is?


      Nothing is wrong with an alt account. Some people take pride in their profile, and want to make sure if we have something on our profile, we can get all the trophies. Nothing wrong with that. I do the same.


      Trophies and a profile sometimes go beyond every game we play. I love to look at my profile, look at my 100%s, and see what I've accomplished. And that's a pretty good completion rate. So there's nothing wrong with testing the water with a game before you decide to jump in the 100+ hour journey of obtaining the 100%.



      Like nobody is impressed that you can earn a plat in a game we’re you already know what your doing.


      So you're saying if I did the Crypt of the Necrodancer platinum, after practicing on an alt account, by your logic nobody would be impressed? Who cares if you practice a little? Do you think professional sports players have never practiced a day in their life? No! They practice and we are impressed that they can do what they do. Same with trophy hunting, if he does Mein Leiben we are still impressed because he can do it. Not like he has cheated, he took a safer route.



      Thats pretty funny yo, A as Also your the seem dude that was trying



    3. Wild-Arms-R



      Why are you trying to compare sports to trophies?

      This isn’t the best comparison, yes these athletes practice, but they still get statistics and rating before they are ready for the big leagues.


      Somebody uses a alt, they basically saying there record(main account) isn’t affected by it.

      Its very dis genuine to do things like that, and most of the time is signs of ocd and kind of leaves to having a very weak mindset.


      Your pretty much playing with a safety net.

      Noting respectable about that.


      And nobody who does Crypt would use a alt, like nobody is putting that much time 2times yo.



    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Guys, take this to a PM. We don't need this toxic shit here.

  7. Grave literally just made a small comment about how Crypt was still the hardest platinum and you act like that? People are just trying to have a thoughtful discussion, but you just randomly come in and be an asshole for no reason. Nobody even likes you anyway, so stop commenting and save yourself the embarrassment. It's nice to finally see people respond to you because you can't hide behind that "No comments needed" bullshit here. Just be quiet and go back to wasting your money on Ratalaika games
  8. FMyDQgiVUAgYOnd?format=png&name=medium


    Omori was announced for the PS4/PS5 today. (Switch version was announced earlier) I am so unbelievably hyped that it's coming to PlayStation. I don't own a computer myself, so I watched my brother play through the whole thing instead and it was one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. It's going to stick with me for a looong time that's for sure.


    The story was absolutely phenomenal and was told brilliantly. There's seriously so much to love about this game. The very appealing and unique art style, the banger OST and of course, the story. The gameplay is pretty good as well. It's your standard turn based RPG, but there's enough interesting mechanics to make it stand out from the rest. If you're a fan of stuff like Yume Nikki, Earthbound, Undertale or Paper Mario, then I HIGHLY recommend Omori.


    Omori's platinum is 100% going to be my 300th platinum milestone. No other game is taking that spot.



  9. Well it took 4 months, but it looks like two people actually managed to get this impossible trophy. One person from the PS5 and one from the PS4. They're both Japanese players, so I doubt they'll say much about it on here. Can't believe they did this fucking ridiculously hard task. They must've tried for hours on end. I wish I could be as good as them lol. 10/10 difficulty for sure. The game is already difficult, but this trophy takes it to the next level. The game may look simple if you're just watching it, but it's just so damn hard it's sometimes hard to describe why lol
  10. Sorry if there's already a similar thread created about this topic, but the old post is kinda dead so I thought I would make my own one. Recently I've been pretty disappointed in myself because I can't platinum a certain game, so I want to prove to myself that I'm not completely trash at games. Shooter games seems to be my strong suit, but I don't know which games are great, but also difficult. Does anyone have any good suggestions for difficult First/Third Person Shooters? (E.g Doom 1,2,3, Vanquish, Hotline Miami 2) I'm looking for games around the 7-9 difficulty range. Any reply is much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. LittleBigPlanet 2 for sure (Back when the servers were actually up lol)
  12. 1L58deff.png

    10000th Trophy


    Neptunia Reverse (PS5)


    Not much to say here. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory was my 100th platinum, so it would be fitting that I had a Nep game be my 10000th trophy. It's such a nice looking platinum icon and the star in the name makes it look even better.


    As for the game itself, it was pretty good. It's your standard mainline Neptunia game with little to no changes added and I'm perfectly fine that. All the locations, enemies, songs, etc have a strange comforting vibe to them because I'm so used to them at this point. I'm glad the game was a bit more on the difficult side because most recent Nep games have been ridiculously short and easy, so I'm glad there was some challenge here.


    Arrange Mode and Fishing are the two big new features to Reverse. Arrange Mode unlocks all the characters and outfits from start, which was great because I could create my dream team right away. (Neptune, Nepgear, Uzume and Noire) I have no clue why they added a fishing mechanic to Neptunia. It doesn't really suit the series and it just felt tacked on. You can completely ignore the fishing if you're playing casually, but if you want those trophies, prepare for a boring fishing experience that'll take you a few hours. Once I got my fishing trophies, I never needed to fish again. 


    I would say give Reverse a try if you're looking for more Nep platinums. The only trophy that'll be a bother is the Colosseum trophy. You'll be surprised at how much research and effort is required to get that trophy. Thank God for the Internet lol


    So yeah, Neptune and Nepgear are awesome and so are you for reading this post ;)

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Honor_Hand


      You talking about the icon and the stars and I'm here just staring at Purple Heart's badonkers. 👀


      I feel that for every year that passes of me not playing a single Neptunia game, like 2-3 of them come out to add even more to my list of pending waifu games in this series I need to play. I've only played the first Re;Birth game, so yeah, lots of catching up to do. xD


      Also, congrats on the milestone. Such a cultured choice, good sir. 😌

    4. Flubberwunked


      @Troz Cultured taste I see 👀


      @Yuber6969 Thank you Yuber! There really isn't much change here so you can still call it a port lol. The graphics haven't even been improved that much. They just slapped on a bloom filter and called it a day. 


      @AihaLoveleaf Thanks so much :) This game was only a PS5 exclusive just so the publishers could add a title like "Neptune's first game on PS5" even though there's nothing technically advanced here. This could 100% be ported to PS4 with no issues and it was an easy opportunity to get more overall sales. If you're looking for the best Nep experience, Megadimension Neptunia on PS4 is definitely the way to go. It's much better than Reverse and has a solid trophy list.


      @kindajustin Thanks Justin! Your ideal team is pretty good too. I usually do have Uni in my party, but swapped her out for Noire this time. She has a lot of wide range skills, so she's always recommended. I've never really added Blanc to my party, but I love her as a character. Her English VA does a stellar job as always. 


      The Stardew Valley fishing game wasn't that bad in my opinion. Yeah it can get boring if you're doing it over and over, but it does take some skill and wasn't as boring as Nep fishing. I never thought I would be talking about fishing in video games but here we are lol.


      @ihadalifeb4this Thank youuuuu


      @Honor_Hand Now that I think about it, the way I was describing the icon makes it sound like I was trying to ignore the "plot" in the center lol.


      While I do really love the Neptunia series, I can admit that you're not missing out of anything ground-breaking. They are just fun little RPGs with really likeable characters with great designs. The combat itself is pretty standard to be honest, but it's definitely not bad. The longer it takes you to get into the Neptunia series, the more pointless spinoffs that you'll need to play lol. I swear a spinoff gets released at least once a year it feels like. 


      Thanks :) Glad to know I've got your seal of approval. 👍

  13. Does anyone have any idea where you get the Colosseum plans? You apparently get the plans in Chapter 4, but I'm long past that and I've also talked to every NPC, but no luck. I have no clue where it is. I don't think I've ever been this confused about a game before. I would really appreciate it if someone could reply when and where they got the plans.
  14. I'm at Chapter 4 now and I now have access to all 4 main locations and I've been patiently waiting for new weapons for Noire to show up in the shop, but there hasn't been a single new sword for her. The only new sword I found for her was a random drop in a Lastation area and she's really lacking behind when it comes to her attack. Neptune, Nepgear and Uni are constantly getting new weapons in the shop and I really don't wanna kick Noire out of the group because I really like her. I've also noticed that this is a problem for Blanc too.
  15. Bit of a rant here So right now I'm currently trying to get the Excellent Prize for Star Driller Level 2. You have to reach 1000m without dying and also collect every item and air capsule. I've made it to 900m without dying and collected everything multiple times, but I usually die because I run out of air. Star Driller is so fucking demanding when it comes to it's Excellent Prize score it's absolutely ridiculous. Seriously you have to play PERFECTLY to get the required score. It really doesn't help that a new item gets introduced in Level 2, warp. This goddamn "power up" has ruined so much of my runs it's tilting beyond belief. You need to collect every item to get the required score, so you're going to get the warp item whether you like it or not. The amount of attempts I've done on this level alone outnumber every other Excellent Prize I've gotten. (Horror Night House Level 1,2,3, World Drill Tour Level 1,2 Every Drindy's Adventure Level & Hole of Dragua Level 1,2 & 3) Don't play this game if you're looking for the platinum, it's not worth it. This game is absolutely brutal and will show no signs of remorse. Just play something fun like Borderlands instead lol