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  1. The game is really short. It'll take you around an hour and a half or 2 hours for a 100% run and around 40 minutes for a speedrun. The difficulty at first is really hard and you'll often find yourself dying in really cheap ways. Your invincibility frames after getting hit are EXTREMELY short, so your health can be drained by any enemy very quickly. You'll soon learn to adapt to the game's difficulty and cheapness, but it doesn't make bosses any less annoying. Every boss will need a little bit of trial and error before beating them. Some attacks are really hard to dodge too while some are easy to dodge because of your shield ability. Whenever you die, you respawn in the exact same room you just died in, which makes the no healing trophy more tolerable. You should be combining the no saving and no heal trophy with your 100% run. There is a statue in the very first area in the game that's used to save, but you can actually heal yourself just by talking to it and it doesn't void the no heal trophy. Don't accidentally save when healing yourself this way. If you want to get this Platinum without any hassle I HIGHLY recommend GreenZSaber's Platinum Walkthrough. (He's posted his video on a separate forum post) There are a ton of missable items and NPCs, so you really should be watching his guide. He's a great player who routed everything very well. (Man's a legend no matter what game he plays lol) He has a good route for the speedrun trophy too. The hardest trophy is the speedrun trophy because pausing the game does not pause the timer. You'll want to remember GreenZ's route and practice it yourself a few times. Getting the speedrun down was actually kinda fun. You can now use healing items and spells, but you'll now be weaker because you won't be grabbing all the health upgrades. You also can't save if you make a mistake and every death adds 5 minutes to the timer. Your only issue will be at the very end whenever you face the final boss as it can be a real pain with your limited health. 4 or 5/10 difficulty with just under 8 or 10 hours playtime.
  2. OMG This is amazing news! Destroy All Humans 2 was one of my favourite childhood games. I loved the remake of the first game, so I have high hopes for this.
  3. I'm sure all of you have heard the recent news of the LittleBigPlanet servers for PS3 and Vita we're closed. This was a big slap in the face as me and many others we're waiting patiently for the servers to come back up after being shutdown around late May this year. Some wanted the severs back so they could finally get their remaining online trophies, while other people such as myself, just wanted to go back and play it again casually. When I started LBP2 in December 2020 on this account, I was surprised at how much fun I was having by diving in and meeting new players. The game was just as good as I remembered. I quickly found myself wanting to dive in and do my own thing instead of get the remaining trophies and start new games. I became addicted to the game again. This all unfortunately stopped in late May as previously mentioned.




    My heart sank when I saw the post made by the official LBP Twitter account. I knew this day was gonna come eventually, but I wasn't ready for it yet. My favourite game of all time... is now offline for good. LittleBigPlanet 2 means so much to me. My lonely days in secondary school (2013) we're quickly forgotten about as soon as I got back home. Thousands of hours spent with the most important person in my life, my twin brother. Around 2016, a few years after I stopped playing LBP, I had started to think to myself... "I've been gaming all my life, but what would my favourite game of all time really be?" It didn't take me long to think of LBP2 and all of the great fun and unforgettable memories I've had with it. No other game has even came close to matching it's level of quality and enjoyment.


    I just wanted to make this short little farewell post to LBP2 as it's my favourite game of all time and it always will be. Thank you for all the memories Media Molecule & the LBP community.



    These trophies we're already in my cabinet before the recent news, but they will now stay there forever.



    Thank you for everything LittleBigPlanet 2 ❤️ 

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Now that I’ve seen the trophy list @Flubberwunked, the online trophies didn’t look all that bad!


      Fuck. Oh well. 😓

    3. Flubberwunked


      @AihaLoveleaf Thank you! What games did you and your brother enjoy the most?


      Yeah it's sad to say that you shouldn't start any LBP game other than LBP3 on the PS4. (Which is the worst game in the series unfortunately) It's not a horrible game, but the online performance could be a lot better. It actually has the easiest trophy list out of any LBP game, so it is a good first game for trophy hunters. There are a few multiplayer trophies, but they are short and I can help you with them whenever you get around to this game.


      @AJ_Radio PS Now is a decent way to experience in my opinion, but it'll obviously vary greatly with each person. My biggest issue with PS Now are the PS3 games that they've put up on the service. I'm not really a fan of most of them.


      The original LBP trophy list is definitely the hardest and longest when it comes to the online. There was this guy called happyrabbit0053 who was seriously so helpful. He had about 16 PSN accounts to help you get the "Create" trophy much faster. It was still a bit of a grind, but it was a fun grind. 


      @Honor_Hand Thanks and yeah this is the worst way the severs could've ended. They had a few update tweets saying that they we're working hard on the servers while they we're down, but a lot of us really weren't expecting this outcome. It's unfortunate that you won't be able to get the Platinum for LBP2 as it's definitely a fun experience. At least it's not on your profile though.


      @TrozRules I'll never forget our first encounter. We we're in a level named something like "Jeff the Killer 3" or something lol. We we're both diving in to get the Dive In 25 trophy and we soon discovered that we we're both trophy hunters. We added each other, but you we're the one who kept messaging me, so thank you for that. You still wanted to be my friend even after we we're done LBP ☺️

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      @Flubberwunked The most memorable ones for me are ones from the Sega Genesis days with multiplayer: Sonic 2 & 3, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat, plus a few others I'm probably forgetting. Going into the 2000s we helped each other out with Pokemon a lot too, anything Gen 1 to 4.


      I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the only remaining LBP option at this point has to be the worst one 😅 but it is what it is. I appreciate your kind offer for help with the multiplayer trophies too! I'll get in contact when the time comes to go grab that Platinum. 🙌

  4. We're you using the "Infinite Lives" option in both of those playthroughs? Using infinite lives and completing the story doesn't get you the final story related trophy. That should be the problem.
  5. Platinum Hotline Miami 1 and 2. You know you want to lol
  6. Complaining??? How the hell am I complaining? I'm just asking questions (not being negative) about the online mode and how it could/couldn't be boosted. All I've said in my 2 posts is that I'm not great at fighting games and that I'd rather not take the longer route of actually getting good. The guide difficulty for this game is a 10/10, so you can why someone like me (who has only played a little bit of Tekken 7) will think that the Platinum is most likely out of reach. Actually read what I say and don't pass it off as me complaining. Can a guy not just ask some questions about a game he hasn't even played yet? Guess not. 😐
  7. Well if I have to "git gud" then I'm not gonna bother then. Maybe I'll just buy the game and play it casually on my alternate account. I really want this Platinum, but I'm so awful at fighting games. Fighting and Rhythm games are the 2 hardest game genres to master in my opinion. Congrats to you for getting the Platinum though, that must've been a painful experience.
  8. I'm on the fence about buying this game just because of the "Let's fight someone strong!" trophy. A lot of people are saying that you can't boost this trophy, but I still see some people commenting things like "Anyone want to boost this with me?" I have a PS4 and PS5, so I can match up with myself to boost this trophy apparently. I have some questions and I was wondering if anyone with experience in the online mode could answer these few questions for me; 1. How much times can you rematch with the same opponent? 2. Can you see your opponent and leave a match before it starts? (To avoid fighting against a real player) 3. Can you be matched up with any rank? (For example can my main account, which is Silver Rank match up against my dummy account, which is Rookie Rank?) I'll need to boost this trophy because I know I'll never be good enough to go against real players. I'll be fine with grinding for 1 Million FM and beating Survival Mode on Extreme, but not reaching Gold Rank. Thanks for reading this and I'm hoping I can get my questions answered.
  9. E-WOxi8WUCA2Jfo?format=jpg&name=large


    I finally got myself a PS5. I got it from a seller on Ebay because there are no local stores around me that we're selling a PS5. The price of it was only a little bit higher than the standard price, which was definitely a great deal.


    Ignore Aiai chilling on the box lol. As of writing this, there's only a month long wait until Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. I'm so excited to play it and I'm ready for the challenge.


    In other Monkey Ball news, I've been working hard on my gameplay guide for Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz and I'm hoping to get it finished by October 3rd. I've put my heart and soul into it, so I hope a lot of people appreciate it when it eventually releases.

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    2. Flubberwunked


      @Honor_Hand Thanks! There isn't a big reason to get a PS5 right now, so only having a PS4 is perfectly fine. It'll save you a ton of money. I really do miss the PS4's menus and UI. (RIP to my Toro and Kuro Dynamic Background)


      Although I've abandoned my Switch a long time ago, I still think you should get one. There are so many amazing games. My personal favourites are Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Hyrule Warriors.


      Thanks @MidnightDragon and yes he's cute monkey, but also a pretty expensive one lol


      Yeah @yuber1234 your time and money is better spent elsewhere lol. Hopefully we get a Persona announcement soon and hopefully you don't have to wait too long for another game to be released.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Flubberwunked Yep, I'm waiting to get one at the right time. Preferably when the availability issues have been sorted out and there's some of sale or cool bundle of it. But I can wait, I have no rush.


      Haven't played a Super Smash game since Brawl on the Wii. You can bet Ultimate will be the first game I'll be picking up then I get a Switch. Hands down the best party fighting game ever. :D

    4. Megatritionsts


      Nice PS5 hope you enjoy the console!🙂

  10. E9BsObkWQAMVWhe?format=jpg&name=900x900


    Platinum :platinum: #200 - Toro Let's Party! (Hong Kong/Asia Version)

    Enjoyment: 9/10 - Difficulty: 10/10 - Hours Played: 30



    For my 200th Platinum I choose Toro Let's Party for the PS3! This is the Hong Kong/Asia version of the game that has English subtitles. I'm very lucky and thankful to own this game as it's extremely rare to come by, which makes this Platinum milestone even more special in my opinion.


    The story mode is very straightforward as the plot is very simple and the progression is very linear. We follow Toro on his journey to become human and this means helping out other catsfolk with favours to earn "Thank Yous". With enough "Thank Yous", Toro will be able to make a wish to become human. The story was very cute and enjoyable with almost all the scenarios Toro gets himself into being fun to watch. The English translation was a bit dodgy at times as there we're spelling and grammar mistakes littered about. None of the mistakes ever made me confused on what the characters meant, so it could've been much worse. They we're definitely more common in the later half of the game.



    Kuro gives Toro the Memory Diary so that he's able to make his wish. What a nice cat lol


    I briefly want to mention the Graphics and Music. I absolutely adore how this game looks, specifically the character designs. Toro, Kuro and all the other cat characters look so simple and cute. I love their massive eyes, exaggerated expressions and unique colour palettes. This is peak character design for me lmao. While this isn't about graphics or design, I also love all the sound effects the characters make. Their voice clips and sound effects when walking and moving their arms all sound great and add charm to these simple characters. Most people would probably say the soundtrack is bland and forgettable, but there was a few songs that I really liked the sound of. Yes they aren't ground-breaking tracks, but most simple, short and upbeat songs we're always a treat to hear.


    The core gameplay for Toro Let's Party are Mini-games. There are over 30 mini-games with some obviously being better than others. 95% of the mini-games here are extremely short and simple. The type of mini-games could range from typical sport activities to becoming Santa Claus (lol) or playing card games that I've never heard of before. Each mini-game will grade you on how well you did from H to SSS. By the time I was done with this game, I never wanted to see the letter S ever again. 


     "All SSS" is a trophy name that tells you all you need to know on how to get this trophy, but my God it's much, MUCH deeper than that. Getting SSS Rank in every single mini-game has been the hardest thing I've done in my life currently. The LUCK and SKILL required is absolutely insane. I seriously still can't get over how such a cute game could kick your ass so much. Now imagine having to perfect some of these mini-games...using the Dualshock 3's forgotten motion sensor. Sounds like fun to me!!! In all seriousness some of the motion controls in this game we're awful, rage inducing and unresponsive. The mini-game "Free Throw" made me want to give up trophy hunting entirely.



    This is what Hell looks like.


    Some mini-games could thankfully be cheesed by pause abusing (Cheesed my way to No.1) and no I don't feel bad one bit. I've seen absolutely nobody mention this pausing trick anywhere, which is baffling because it turns some really difficult mini-games into a cakewalk. I'll list my personal 5 hardest mini-games here:


    5. Ball Lifting
    4. Fan-Tan
    3. Baseball
    2. Free Throw
    1. Tennis (more specifically beating Racquetoro for the "Tennis Meister" trophy)


    So in conclusion I absolutely loved this game. Yes I did rage quit 6 times but hey, I got there in the end and that's all that matters. There's a Japanese trophy list, but I'll have to think about if I wanna put myself through all that pain again lmao. Maybe it could be my 300th Platinum. (if I don't retire by then) I'd only recommend this game if you're extremely curious about Sony's Japanese (unfortunately JP only) mascot and only play this game casually DO NOT go for the Platinum. I'll always love the Doko Demo Issyo series no matter how hard it is to actually get into it lol.


    P.s. I earned over 100 Platinums in less than a year, so yeah... I cleary have a lot of free time. Thanks for reading.



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    2. Flubberwunked


      @Honor_Hand Yeah I really couldn't have chosen a better game. (Except PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale because it's unobtainable)


      See most games now intentionally do the whole cute/innocent looking game with a brutal challenge, but I seriously think something went wrong with Toro LP when it came to deciding the SSS rank scores lmao. It puts harder Sony IP games such as Twisted Metal to shame. 


      If you look up "Toro Let's Party Free Throw SSS" on YouTube the video itself makes it look easy and simple, but you really have to try the motion controls yourself to know how hard/bad it is. 


      Also I dunno how much longer this Platinum is going to be obtainable for. This game released in 2009 and there's 1 online trophy for connecting to the servers. I'm finding it very likely that the game servers are getting the shaft next year lol rip.


      Important P.s... Thank you!!! 😊

    3. TrozRules


      Congrats!. Congrats!. Congrats!. ..  . Congrats!. Congrats!. .. . .... . .. . .Congrats!. ... Congrats!. Congrats!.Congrats!. CongratsCongratsCongrats!. .. . .Congrats!. . .Congrats!. ,Congrats!. Congrats!. Congrats!. .,.Congrats!. .Congrats!. !

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Flubberwunked PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would've been a great milestone too, too bad for the servers being dead on that one. 😅


      That's the thing with motion controls. They can be fun if implemented right but if they attach a hard-as-nails trophy requiring precision and a high score from the player while using them, that's just asking for trouble, lol. xD

  11. LET'S GOOOOOOOO MY 200TH PLATINUM!!!!!!!! THIS WAS SOOOO HARD. I don't normally make reviews for games that I complete, but I feel like a review would be necessary for this game. I'm so happy right now. 



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    2. Flubberwunked


      Thank you @yuber1234 for the kind words! 


      @HYPERS you know it B)


      @Honor_Hand Thanks! I was struggling a lot, but the last 2 days we're really great when it came to my luck and skill. Today especially was an absolute miracle with all the stuff that happened. I've completed my challenge now, it's now time for you to finish off Trackmania! You've been making great progress on it!

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Honor_Hand


      @Flubberwunked Haha, gotta love when both skill and luck come together to help you complete a game. Thanks for following my updates on Trackmania. Looking forward to finishing it this weekend. :)

  12. I guess the peripherals required made the platinum even rarer because no causal person is going to sit in front of their camera for hours trying to get a gold time. RIP that family. Worked at Sony? Am I speaking to royalty here? Do me a favour and get hired again so you can slap Jim Ryan for me. Thanks lmao
  13. I checked Ebay for a while until I found a listing for the Asia version. Costed me around 70 pound which is an absolute steal in my opinion. The japanese version is very easy to find and trust me you don't need english subs to play this game lol. I've actually never heard of Carnival Island before. I wonder if it's difficulty is on Toro LP's level because if it is then I'm not touching it at all. This is legit the hardest platinum I've ever went for and I still can't get over how damn deceiving this game is when it comes to the platinum lol.