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    2. Flubberwunked


      Got the no damage run on the DLC Armstrong fight and it's definitely the hardest trophy in the game imo, but @Copanele some of those VR missions aren't that far behind when it comes to the difficulty of that boss.


      VR Missions 1,18,19 and DLC VR Missions 27 and 30 are by far the hardest ones. DLC VR 27 was the hardest one in my opinion, so you should probably save that one for last.


    3. CelestialRequiem


      Dude! You did it! 

    4. Copanele


      @Flubberwunked yep, VR 27 was the absolute worst. Now trying to do VR 30, I swear I don't understand how I can't simply get out of Mastiff's grabs. I am literally murdering the L3 xD 

      Also congrats! that was one crazy boss fight, Sam is way squishier than Raiden