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    So recently I've started playing Adventure Time ETDBIDK on PS3. I played it years ago on my old PSN profile when I was 13 and I really enjoyed it. I decided to go for it on my main because of the insane of amount of Ultra Rare trophies there were, but this ended up being a mistake...

    This game is notorious for being buggy mainly due to it crashing so damn often. I read on the forums that not singing into PSN helps with the crashing issue in a way, so I decided to do that. The time on my PS3 is never set correctly for some reason whenever I'm not signed into PSN. This started to happen after Sony added that extra verification thing to signing into PS3 and Vita, but this was never an issue as I always just signed in, so the time would naturally fix itself. I didn't even think about how me playing offline could affect the trophies that I got because I totally forgot about the "missing timestamp" thing that can show up next to trophies. I ended up getting a few trophies with the "missing timestamp" and this ended up fucking up my profile a bit.



    I've now found out that trophies with missing timestamps aren't given the proper number and are instead put at the bottom of your trophy list. The image below is my trophy log and those trophies are now before my first trophy.



    This has now completely messed up my trophy (not Platinum) milestones. My 8000th to 10000th trophies were specially chosen as the Platinum for each game, but since those trophies are now at the bottom of my list, it's moved them around in a way that has completely messed them up.


    Welp...there goes the Nep Reverse, Rabi Ribi and Bugsnax milestones from looking good

    With me now knowing about this, I don't think I wanna Platinum the game as I would NEVER want my Platinum milestones to be messed up. I doubt there's any way to fix those trophies with missing timestamps other than hiding the game, but I'm really against hiding games in my opinion plus I would lose over 25 Ultra Rare trophies.

    Am I overreacting here? Yes. Yes I am, but trophy hunting is my main hobby, so those milestones really mean a lot to me. Adventure Time is cursed lol

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      What a nightmare. 


      I remember getting missing timestamps on a game on my PS TV. That was really disheartening. Fucked with some of my plans and milestones just as yourself.


      However, if the last trophy is earned while online, it will not mess with your platinum milestones. 

    3. Yuber6969


      Damn man, that really fucking sucks. I still have a lot of PS3 and Vita games to finish so I'll take this as a warning.


      Also, I could totally be wrong here but I don't think that a game that has trophies with missing timestamps will automatically result in a platinum that will mess up your platinum order. I'm actually planning to plat a game soon that has trophies with missing timestamps (MVC 3), so I can let you know what happens.

    4. Flubberwunked


      Ok first of all, there's quite a few typos in my post. I literally typed the whole thing out in 5 minutes and I didn't do a great job at proof reading it lol

      With 100% confirmation from @CelestialRequiem it does seem like that earning the Platinum won't change the Platinum order about, which is great to know. I'm still really, really, really bummed out about the 10000th trophy being changed though 😭

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