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  1. To be honest, I never noticed anything like that, but now that you mention it, it DOES look better now! Nice find Man! Thanks a lot for the Update Keeper! I was DYING to see what picture you would use for the Destiny Plat. Looks really nice. Thanks again man see you in March!
  2. Finally got the Strider Plat.
  3. Banned because i haven't banned anyone in a LONG time.
  4. I pretty much play both Playstation and Nintendo. I do Have a Xbox 360 (white arcade) and it basically is a dust collector AND I have to use a BUTTER KNIFE to even open it. Not even kidding when I say that lol.
  5. Of course I already got Infamous 1st Light....and Prototype 2. Other then that, looks like a solid list this month.
  6. It was weird for me, because last night I wanted to renew my Ps plus membership and had a couple of psn cards to redeem. I turned on Ps4 (not knowing about the servers being messed up) and nothing was working. I kept trying over and over and over again until it finally started working again. So I entered all the codes (took about 2-5 minutes) and was about to get The tales of the Borderlands....then it pretty much says screw you Dragon and doesn't want to work anymore. Just found it weird that it worked for a couple of minutes, then just stopped working again. I logged on to my PS3 hoping nothing got corrupted when I type in the codes, thankfully everything is still good. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  7. Can't wait for this!!
  8. Well then...never seen anything like that when I played it. Thanks for the laugh lol
  9. My last purchase was a 1 year Ps plus membership.
  10. Bring the fireworks
  11. Decide to play
  12. Lovely Mexican tunes
  13. My first ps3 game would have to be Resident evil 5. it is technically killzone 3, but I do not count it because I only played it for like 5 minutes and got bored of it for some reason. So yeah, Resident evil 5 lol
  14. for his mother
  15. I got mine because of Gravity rush and Uncharted being free for playstation plus. Even though I haven't touched Uncharted, I can always go to it sooner or later. Not only that, but I use it to message people and play playstation all stars on it from time to time . I still try to show it some love even though I am mainly on ps4 now.