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  1. I just started KOF XIV, let me know if you want to do the online trophies. 

  2. First and foremost the game is enjoyable and neat to see the DS4 features incorporated, and by no means is it difficult. The story is a straightforward adventure with deeper subjects adddressed, kudos for that. However, from a purely trophy hunting stand point; fixed camera angles, inaccurate platforming, poor check point system, and unskippable cutscenes make this a rather annoying/tideous platinum to chase. In my opinion it over stays it's welcome a bit as well.
  3. Anyone know on the mission complete screen how damage x/6 is calculated? Thank you. I am an idiot - this has to do with how many power cores you have left once you complete the mission.
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome and encouragement. Cheers!
  5. I just wanted to say I recently finished my 20th platinum and have increased my overall completion percentage to 70%+. I had no idea how fun it was to hunt trophies and the great group of people I would meet along the way. I want to give special thanks to @Wyrmatt98 for helping me get "my" first difficult platinum in DOA 5 and @Executioner0 for the introduction to trophy hunting in general and help with Dirt 4. Although I don't get to play as much as I use to and my skills are slowly returning, I am grateful to have found a community of like minded people, with a slight obsession for trophy hunting. This site and the new relationships I have made this year have been a bright spot for me. Thank you both and to the rest of the community happy hunting.
  6. Just a word of caution. I pre-ordered Xenocrisis on PS4 in January 2020 and still do not have it. They have limited communication about shipping dates and the information on their website is inaccurate. I have reached out to them multiple times are received no response. I would love a physical copy GG&C 2 but I don't think it's worth the risk or wait.
  7. Okay, I didn't realize. Do you have to get DLC items to count as 100% collect all items/ending/secrets trophy, because to unlock Ending 19 I had to use Apollyon and beat Greedier mode. I hope once I clear all challenges the Platinum will pop. Doesn't make sense, I am sure new items are associated with the DLC challenges. Thank you for the help.
  8. I am not being cheeky, I looked on net and couldn't figure it out. I did all challange's and didn't get the trophy, do I need to get all items from the DLC to count towards getting all items in base (Rebirth) game? Noticed in your profile and everyone else's I looked at the game is Rebirth and mine is Afterbirth+.
  9. Can someone please look at my profile and tell me what I need for the Platinum trophy on PS4. I have the physical edition. Thank you.
  10. Just got a Vita a few months ago, and I am really enjoying it, feel free to add me if you like. I am a chill player, that just recently started to earn trophies.