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  1. Difficulty affects all areas of the game. Enemies strength, player weakens. I think but do not know definitively that the game will drop you to Easy only in a fight, e.g. Boss, Amons, etc. to ensure you "pass" to the next section. It will then revert to the previous difficulty. In short, you cannot switch it just for the Coliseum. NG/NG+ is the only place you can permanently change difficulty.
  2. I could’ve made this guide a lot shorter. 1. Load Tomb Raider 2. Hate yourself 3. Repeat x 15 hours
  3. I find this strange but expected giving the projections of the industry. To the former, The Last of Us is obviously a successful and well-respected game but it's a Late PS3 entry through-and-through - a good looking but dated corridor shooter. Unlike say, Demon's Souls which significantly updated a far more shabby game, I just don't see how they can do anything other than a cosmetic upgrade.
  4. Are you a vampire?
  5. I did my first two attempts and hit the wall at the color puzzles. I need to try it fresh in the morning. The triangle shapes and rotating puzzles don't seem like something I'll struggle with (famous last words). Maybe the orientation of each.
  6. It’s fun as a pseudo FPS but it’s unfortunately unplayable in FPV in vehicles. The FOV and AOV are truly awful and it’s an inditement of modern era Rockstar it was released in such a state.
  7. It only works on PS3 and that’s because you can turn down the patch update and play v1.00 offline.
  8. Yes Haruka Sotenbori Road is the only IF8 one for her. The others have 2 each IIRC. You can’t drop the difficulty to Easy, I don’t think? Also if you could and you 100%ed it you’d have to beat the game again because you need that specific clear data with 100% to bring the golden pistol into your Legend playthrough but I don’t think the option exists in the menus anyway
  9. Required? No. Helpful? Yes. Level up Akiyama and Shinada as much as possible before attempting the Colliseum. The rest are irrelevant. Make sure you’ll have Asura Dragon Spirit for Shinada. For Akiyama level up health and rush dashes. Get gud at parry, dash, attack or the final enemy on Limited Berserk is gonna be a bad time. Well it’ll be a bad time regardless but it’ll maybe save your controllers life. Edit: Check your CP list. There’s one for doing Haruka’s IF8 IIRC. Make sure you save scum so heaven forbid you miss something you have plenty of backups.
  10. I ran out the door to do the lantern challenges and missed the Witch’s Cave camp. The option to fast travel didn’t appear on my map (it was grayed out/it was not full white). If you ran into this issue too, go to the Wicked Vale Base Camp fast travel and proceed to the end of that section where you got on the lift the first time. You have to re-do the puzzle. But wait, no lift! The lever doesn’t work! Well your pal Wags is here for ya. Simply jump into the chasm below where the lift should be normally. When you respawn the lift will be there by Baba Yaga magic and the lever will work again, taking you to the Witch’s Camp. You can now return to get the last document or chat up Nadia or whatever you need to do. Cheers.
  11. Lovely game but hated this trophy.
  12. It sucks that I missed out on clearance prices for some PS3 games in years passed.
  13. The game crashed while it was auto saving so my data got corrupted on my 3rd playthrough. I finally got it on #4. This is the best link for Chatterbox. Simple and you don’t have to watch Powerpyx slowly go through every convo. NOTE: It is missing a full section on Whitman though. You speak to him 4 times both before AND after getting the salvage. A playthrough from the beginning to Chatterbox’s end will take 3 hours on Easy if you only stop to pick up ammo.
  14. It was a joke. A bad one apparently. Because it’s insanely repetitive.
  15. This just happened to me after the OPs thing happened to me the first time. I made sure I talked to everyone and multiple times until the icon disappeared. Trash.