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  1. My PS+ expires in February. I’m curious if there’ll be anything of note before then.
  2. Misty’s character model is so horrid. Not just her face which looks like Divine in Pink Flamingos but they ruined her overcoat, skirt, and leggings. It looks like a body suit. Why, just why. Anyway, I always hated Rockstar retconning Phil (and Catalina). A straight laced jar head boomer guy into Gary Busey. Changing the Confederate flag to an American flag would’ve been an easy fix and actually make sense…
  3. I’m curious to learn the performance specs notably if PS5 has improved ray tracing and draw distance.
  4. Looks pretty solid. I’ll probably buy it. this is probably my 5th time buying the trilogy 😄
  5. Doom multiplayer was fun, imo. In the vein of Quake and Halo. What was not fun, was grinding to the highest level to get skins. I’d enjoy some multi trophies but pls no Bethesda on more like 2016.
  6. It’s challenging. lol at “it’s not hard, it’s just really time consuming” and “it’s not hard if you study these YouTube videos” posts. Just lol. Still lol-ing. Ahem, okay. Got that out of the way. The challenges are difficult because they require precision and you’re at the mercy of the game’s RNG AI whether or not the freakers will die or they’ll hit you while on fire with 1hp left ruining your combo you just spent 5 minutes building. And a good chunk of the sub challenges are pretty questionably designed. Black Friday is a really fun level.
  7. Yeah it showed up post game for me as well.
  8. I guess you could say Next gen consoles Can't run Crysis
  9. I was expecting a solid platformer but yeah this was awesome. I was grinning like I was 12 years old again. Really great experience.
  10. I just gave them $4 for HM2. I'll live.
  11. Can’t wait to go back to Vice City.
  12. Yeah maybe it was just me. FWIW, I quit/restarted/loaded back into the game and also respawned the goat and neither worked for me.
  13. Fingers crossed this releases by November.
  14. Oh hell yeah. It’s time to be snek.
  15. I’ve been waiting for Hotline Miami 2 to go on sale forever. Gimme pls