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  1. Killzone 2 and NBA2K14 with full online support so I can platinum them. And adding online multiplayer back to PS3 Uncharted games. 😌
  2. My sub ends in January so knowing that February will be incredible. 😂
  3. Hmm. Trophies hunters howling.
  4. I’ve 100%ed Vice City probably 5-6 times at this point. The packages I always had trouble with were the ones on rooftops and the ones out on the water shacks. The rooftop downtown where you need to get a heli is one and the rooftop south of Ocean View/east of Raphael’s were two that I remember having missed. Best of luck.
  5. The hardest for me were: School II Venice Mall Bullring Downhill Jam Skatestreet I think Mall would be easier if I tried to do it again since I know more about the manual system now and figured out that the Dualsense will register an up/down input on the d-pad if you press anything other than the outside of the left/right button, ie, even pressing the lower part of the left button will register "left and down".
  6. If we're getting a PS5 Pro, 60fps Native 4K is mandatory. The industry should be developing at 6K and optimizing down to 4K. It'll preserve texture detail and future proof but this is an industry that increasingly accepts the lowest common denominator so who knows what'll happen. The PS3-PS4 gen is full of games advertised at "30 fps" but would run well under that so "just 30 fps" is just swallowing marketing propaganda the industry churns out much like "4K" currently is and been in the PS4-PS4 Pro-PS5 era. No clicks for you, DF.
  7. Yeah I’m attempting to do the same. Finished Venice finally and just started Bullring. Anyone have tips on how to reach the banana gap? I cannot for the life of me figure out how do it to even start this run. Every time I hit the barrier or fall way short. Edit: I’ve seen a lot of videos jump right of the metal trussing bar. I’ll give that a shot tomorrow night. I think I’m gonna go with jump into middle, steer myself off right, and buttslap or late ollie to the banana.
  8. I beat School II. First round is on me, boys. 🍾 I still have a lot more but I’m thrilled to be done with that. Good lord.
  9. I honestly don’t know how to do School 2. I’ve played this dumb level for a total of 8 hours at this point. I’ve crashed on the final rail 3 times because my grind meter is so crazy and messed up the wallplant 2 times. Either the grind or manual is extremely out of balance by the final section, I inevitably crash near the final rail before grinding up. What’s more frustrating is I will tap left/right and it won’t do anything in the meter so I can’t micro adjust. So tired of this garbage.
  10. I cleared all the hard get there’s in THPS1. Progress. That said, I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been stuck in School 2 for like 4 hours. When I try to turn to line up with the little kicker to the 2nd School Grind, my manual meter always goes wonky. If I’m lucky I’ll make it around the bend to head towards the last Grind and my manual fluctuates like crazy even though I haven’t manualed lately since it’s 3 unique consecutive grinds (ledge, bball hoop, concrete lip) before that. I swear something is off with my dpad because I make a point to reposition my fingers so I only hit left/right. Sometimes it won’t respond either. I’ll see if my other controller is any more precise tomorrow. Thanks again for the tips everyone.
  11. Thanks guys, I’ll keep trying and keep in mind the taps to turn. I finished Skate Park and Chopper and am now working on Downtown. Got to the final ramp a couple times and my manual died before I could jump but I’ll stick with it.
  12. I meant in steering not balancing my balance meter. I just don’t know why my manual meter was cooked after maybe being on it for 1 second.
  13. Yeah, I’ve been doing all that. Here’s where I’m coming from: I watched videos of guys playing Mall and their meter was more centered often despite doing less tricks (they would ride the rail longer without comboing). Now I’m on Skate Park and I turn right via press/hold the right dpad button to try to get to another gap area and my manual gets completely ruined and I wipe out. I also want to mention I’m not over adjusting the meter, either. I try to only adjust when it seems like I absolutely have to. I just don’t know why my manual gets ruined and others are more centered since I already understand what you mentioned in your post. It seems landing angle is part of the equation and also maybe something about tapping the dpad instead of holding. I’m trying to get gud but I’m already frustrated and I’ve only done 3 of the hard get theres.
  14. Can someone describe manuals to me? I’ve watched tips videos like AndyTHPS but sometimes my manual will be okay and other times it will be high/low on the bar. I use d-pad, I’ve avoided holding up/down out of habit, I hold X while the manual is active and so on… Its quite frustrating especially in these shorter/smaller levels without strong lines. Any tips that helped you get these done would be appreciated.