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  1. I just randomly searched for this on the PS Store and it appears to be gone. Shame. It looked fun. Anyone have any insight behind this happening?
  2. An alternative option is replaying the Mayhem in Decker Territory and stealing one, driving away somewhere close by but remote, finishing the Mayhem and then delivering it. It works for Lockdown as well.
  3. Remember the deep sales of 2016, Mr. Frodo?
  4. I’m out. It looks too Fisher Price GTA now and the removal of the smoky, smoggy, retroy effects from each game makes it feel soulless despite the other improvements. I mean even the menus just have this bland corporate feel to them.
  5. This was glitchy for me too. I tried switching limos, backing up and moving forward in the parking spot the waypoint said to park in. What worked was going to the right on the sidewalk nearer to the door. He came out right away after I did that. Hope it helps.
  6. I’m no expert but there are two things that seem to work. The first is letting your swing go halfway through the upswing which will launch you forward through underpasses, etc. The second is mastering point launch (L2+R2) and X at the right time to do more or less the same. This is handy when you over or under shoot a given blue checkpoint etc.
  7. Frank auto targets in TPV, don’t worry about FPV unless it’s a hunched over enemy because the auto targeting will miss. Focus in one direction, pop off shots, focus in the other direction, clear out any zombie flanking you. That or Adam’s small chainsaw with three books.
  8. Great tips but this is the one one I don’t agree with. Well, not any more than halfway at the absolute limit. If you wait until the final bar gets close to emptying, Frank’s eating animation may not complete in time and you will die before your health increases. And more importantly if you replenish health at halfway through the final bar, that’s 50 seconds saved which is 5 minutes per 1 in-game day or 35 minutes over the course of the 7-day survival. The risk is too high. It’s the difference of two milks. Just learn the value of the items, get all the health books, and use the RMB to avoid damage since a new one can be obtained relatively easily until zombies spawn on Day 4 and even then you should have 40-50 shots to clear the hallway in Entrance Plaza. FWIW, I got hit a decent amount by Carlito and hungry zombies, used pies and lesser items to heal, wasted at least 3 milks, and there still existed 3 milks, 2 snacks, and 1 yogurt when I let the zombies have a Frank-sized snack at 7d3h. More could be gathered from D7 psychos. In other words, tldr: don’t play with fire.
  9. It’s very much a relic of the early Xbox 360 era. I like the game but like it despite itself. The horrible AI and quest management system to name the utmost of my grievances. I’m also pretty frustrated that the Psychos glitched halfway through so I got locked out of trophies and progression there.
  10. My PS+ expires in February. I’m curious if there’ll be anything of note before then.
  11. Misty’s character model is so horrid. Not just her face which looks like Divine in Pink Flamingos but they ruined her overcoat, skirt, and leggings. It looks like a body suit. Why, just why. Anyway, I always hated Rockstar retconning Phil (and Catalina). A straight laced jar head boomer guy into Gary Busey. Changing the Confederate flag to an American flag would’ve been an easy fix and actually make sense…
  12. I’m curious to learn the performance specs notably if PS5 has improved ray tracing and draw distance.
  13. Looks pretty solid. I’ll probably buy it. this is probably my 5th time buying the trilogy 😄
  14. Doom multiplayer was fun, imo. In the vein of Quake and Halo. What was not fun, was grinding to the highest level to get skins. I’d enjoy some multi trophies but pls no Bethesda on more like 2016.
  15. It’s challenging. lol at “it’s not hard, it’s just really time consuming” and “it’s not hard if you study these YouTube videos” posts. Just lol. Still lol-ing. Ahem, okay. Got that out of the way. The challenges are difficult because they require precision and you’re at the mercy of the game’s RNG AI whether or not the freakers will die or they’ll hit you while on fire with 1hp left ruining your combo you just spent 5 minutes building. And a good chunk of the sub challenges are pretty questionably designed. Black Friday is a really fun level.
  16. Yeah it showed up post game for me as well.
  17. I guess you could say Next gen consoles Can't run Crysis
  18. I was expecting a solid platformer but yeah this was awesome. I was grinning like I was 12 years old again. Really great experience.
  19. I just gave them $4 for HM2. I'll live.
  20. Yeah maybe it was just me. FWIW, I quit/restarted/loaded back into the game and also respawned the goat and neither worked for me.
  21. FYI: The money multiplier mutator forces the Goat to wear a top hat. This mutator cannot be disabled unlike the other mutators. This glitches other trophies where you have to wear special clothing ie: “Use the Sword, Goat” and “The World is Your Canvas”. I haven’t checked others. In order to fix this, I had to delete my save and start the DLC outright since this is the only way to get rid of the money multiplier mutator.
  22. Oh hell yeah. It’s time to be snek.
  23. I’ve been waiting for Hotline Miami 2 to go on sale forever. Gimme pls