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  1. Wow lucky you. So what region is the physical? Or does it have it's own list? Can't wait to get mine.
  2. Yes Infamous 2 has .
  3. I just need tomb raider 2013 Tekken 6 Tekken tag tournament 2 Anarchy rush hour Watchdogs 1 blazblue game And I am done with PS3. I don't feel motivated playing PS3 anymore.
  4. Definitely. Am enjoying Playing it vs randoms though. Super nice game. Thanks for the help everyone. Have a good day.
  5. Nice 43 to go. Thank you for your reply and help.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Am pretty sure it's wrong though. I need 100 for the trophy if I had 360 I would already have it. Thanks again. Wins 30 Wins loss ratio 1.10
  7. HI how are you going? I have 30 wins with a win /loss ratio of 1.11 How many matches am I at? I forgot the maths formula to calculate this. Thanks for helping.
  8. Power Rangers
  9. Maybe it's hardcore like attacking zegeta
  10. I don't have this game but thanks you introduced W to something I wanna try soon.
  11. Japan always gets the best stuff
  12. EA ? Nope
  13. You manage to find a solution? I wanna stack this 1 also.
  14. How can I get missing timestamp on a new account ? Is it possible?
  15. Thanks T_Fernandes_Nov you the nicest and most helpful guy on PSnprofiles.