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  1. Since the new UI update, I can't find the tab for the personal statistics. "100 Million" and "Day & Night" are the only trophies left, so I really want to know how much time I still need to invest for the platinum. Maybe someone can help me
  2. Yep, thermal paste replacement could help a lot. Should have done the same actually, still have some MX-4 left.
  3. Well, I definietely wouldn't call that quiet but yes, the fat PS4 is more silent than my PS4 Pro. The Pro sounds like a jet.
  4. But why. A lot of games will run smoother on the PS5. If a game supports variable framerate on the PS4 Pro then you can definietely expect 60FPS or maybe even in some cases 120FPS when your TV supports HDMI 2.1. Also a quieter gaming experience due to a better cooling system and faster loading times if you install the game on the SSD. It's completely nonsense to play a game with worse performance if you have the option to play the improved version of it. And in terms of storage, if you really don't want to delete games all the time, you can still purchase an external HDD for your PS4 library and use the SSD solely for PS5 games.
  5. Yes, the PS2 games are running through an emulator. PS4 and PS5 are using the same x86-architecture so there shouldn't be any problems. The PS5 doesn't need to have a working PS2 emulator because the emulator is not located on the console itself. You can treat all PS2 Classics as normal PS4 games. But I'm actually a bit confused why some of the PS4 games are not working on PS5. As mentioned before, it's the exact same architecture. I don't see the reason why some of them are not working. But well, if it's just those 10 games, then I don't really care too much.
  6. Yep, same happened to me.
  7. Thanks! I got it! Deleting the save file + playing offline worked for me
  8. I've played three full seasons now and the trophy is still not unlocking for me. I also tried to play offline but it didn't work either. Maybe someone knows about this bug and can give me some suggestions what I should try next. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the info. I have played two full seasons now and the trophy is still locked. I'll try playing the game offline now and see if it works. Edit.: Unfortunately it did not work for me :/
  10. Try to get your free rocket pass to level 2. After you unlock another item you'll get the "Stocked" trophy.
  11. Nope. The cars are from older rocket passes and from opening cases. I don't own the current rocket pass.
  12. That's me I guess, Hello Cross-platform progression is now active in Rocket League. I selected the PC as my main platform in my Epic account and then launched the PS4 version. I got the trophy immediately after starting the game (170 hours of playtime on PC) so I can't confirm if this trophy is glitched or how you can obtain it now. I have a lot of cars in my inventory through several battle passes, so that might be the unlock reason.
  13. If you are a Soulslike fan, then go and pick it up, but don't expect something on the level of FromSoftware titles. Code Vein is full of uninteresting, dull cutscenes and also it's level design is sometimes utter trash (I'm looking at you cathedral of the sacred blood) The combat is fun, boss fights are alright and if you're into anime stuff, then you will also highly appreciate the character creator.
  14. Maybe... It really depends on the price. I should probably wait for a more streamlined version and there are also a lot of PS4 games that i still want to play... but if Demon's Souls is a launch title then i really can't resist.
  15. There are several reasons for me to purchase the disc version. Selling / Borrowing Games The thing that i like the most about console gaming is the ability to sell your games. You're not purchasing a license for the game, you're purchasing the game itself. I'm also a PC player and i really dislike how i get forced to purchase everything digitally on Steam or other platforms. It's maybe convenient to start your game immediately without replacing the CD first, but i rather want a growing offline collection that also has a real value to it. Pricing Digital copies are not always cheaper. If there's currently no sale going on, the digital copie is mostly way more expensive then the retail version. Technically you can also sell your game immediately after playing it (if you don't want to grow a collection) and get most of your money back. You can also get games even more cheaper if you purchase used copies. That gets even more interesting when a console generation ends. Just look at the PS3 and XBOX360 game prices, a lot of AAA titles are ridiculously cheap nowadays. Download Speed You'll install games way faster with the disc, even if your internet connection is really fast. I also don't know if it's just me, but my download speed on the PS4 is really bad. On Steam i normally download games with 12 MBit/s, on the PS4 i can't get more then 3. Maybe that gets better with the PS5, but i'm still concerned. Multimedia System I can finally replace my XBOX One S that i only purchased for the 4K player. The PS5 will be my go to multimedia system and my main blu-ray player.