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  1. Buy the Nets playbook and look for a play called "Quick Thru STS" run that play and you'll never lose a game again. there a guide on youtube if you need it.
  2. It depends on how devoted you are to getting it..... also having a lot of luck would help. but at this point I would say no you can join our discord group and ask there also.
  3. I've been thinking of just to continue to play Mycareer since I don't need the VC as my myplayer is 99 overall...Save all the VC and just buy packs. What do you guys think? Sadly that's for people who have over 2k cards i have 1658 currently.
  4. I'll make sure to look next time I log in, but that's kinda weird that they did that but not change the Triple threat offline rewards or add the Heat check packs in somehow.
  5. I didn't notice anything new what did you see?
  6. I'm currently at 1532 still going...
  7. Ok what you want to do is go to myleague and pick a team ( doesn't matter which team, everyone picks the Lakers), then go settings and put the quarter length to 12 minutes, game speed to 100, and turn off all fouls ( I also like to have the trade override turned on) Now start a game and when they show you the screen of who you're playing move the player indicator to the middle so it says CPU. The game will play out and at the end when you quit the game you'll get 1100 VC for a win and 1000 for a loss. Now this method takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. So you can now get up and do other stuff watch a movie, netflix, PC games, work on some PS3 trophies, house work, cleaning. (all of which I've done while 2k has been running) Also if you are able to monitor 2k remember to skip the timeout's and the halftime show. Some people said that the simcast live works ( which only takes about 10 minutes but you get a lot less VC) but I tried that and didn't get any VC so I've been sticking with the one I mentioned above. Another thing is I assume you have a Mycareer player don't forget to spin the prize wheel and pick up the daily 500 VC at the agent office.
  8. I'm right there with ya man I have 1,408 cards...I'm going slow and steady hoping I can get this done. Are you using the passive VC method at all?
  9. It's prolly not but, I'm too far invested at this point. So I'm going down the the ship
  10. Never give up! I only have 1276 cards but still have a lot of the single player content to do. I'm still grinding even though sometimes I feel physically ill playing this game.
  11. I have 27/59 of the regular basketballs, and only 2/52 of the team basketballs. Historic uniforms i have almost all of them minus a few, same for the logos, courts, and playbooks
  12. When I say TTO I forgot to mention I meant Triple Threat Offline, As I've never played the online portion of the game maybe that would be easier but I don't think i could win and at this point in the games life it's just gotta be a cheese fest. I assume you have to win to get a HC pack? As for the premium cards I have 169 out of 592 ( I think I added it up correctly )
  13. I understand what you're saying, but at this point in the games life what else am i supposed to do? The way I look at it is the series 1 and 2 cards can still be gotten through packs in the pack market and token market. I've finished the first Domination, have about 10 games left in the historic, and have all of the all time domination left to finish. I've played 460 games in TTO. I've finished a few of the spotlight challenges the 70's and 80's working on the 90's now. I've also finished a few of the team challenges. I've tried the AH flipping (buy low, sell high) but that really didn't work out to well for me as i didn't know what cards to really focus on. I did make some MT off it. The way I'm looking at it now is if I can get as many of the HC cards done now it's just going to make it easier down the road. If this takes another 6 months then so be it. "slow and steady wins the race" although i would rather that be sooner than later , but then again maybe i'am looking at this completely wrong. All my MT goes to HC cards VC I earn passively goes to buying the series 2 packs for 2,812 vc Any tokens i earn through the dom, and spotlight games goes to the token rewards for players If i get the 10 tokens in TTO ( from the vault ) I buy the legacy packs for the series 1 cards. I appreciate all the tips and suggestions also the people putting the HC cards up for 7k you guys are heroes
  14. I'm still grinding. I only have 1,200 cards but it's probably been me that's been buying all the HC cards at that price.. I try and play 3-5 games of DOM and 10 or so game of TTO per day only buying the HC cards. After that I run the passive VC method. I'm losing my mind playing this.
  15. Well I made a post on the 2k fourms will you guys go over there and please post in it so hopefully they do something for us. All we have is our voice and maybe just maybe they help us, but i'm not going to hold my breath.