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  1. I'm mostly done everything. Personally, my full list of FF plats does not include Kingdom Hearts games. Adventures of Mana is an official FF game. (It is Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan). Secret of Mana and beyond are not. I also don't count dupes. FFVIIR, Crisis Core, and SoP still just count as 1 if you have both the PS4 and 5 plats. Dissidia NT Free Edition trophies are just dupes of full edition trophies and aren't required. FFXIV PS4 and 5 have unique lists though, so both are required. Final Fantasy XV Comrades standalone contains all of the trophies from the integrated one, so just having that counts as 100%, even though FFXV won't say 100%. Just gotta finish off Theatrhythm and XIV. XIV I could get the plat at any time in minutes. Just need to clear Savage Second Coil, but I'm waiting to do it minimum ilvl, no echo to actually pop it. Going through all the savage fights min ilvl with a static currently. That's most of my remaining trophies. Green = Platinum Blue = 100%, no Plat Red = Unfinished Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Crystal Defenders Final Fantasy XIV (PS3/4) Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Adventures of Mana World of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Final Fantasy XV: July 2017 Update Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Final Fantasy XV: Royal Pack Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Comrades March 2018 Update Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades December 2018 Update Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades March 2019 Update Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trials of the Dragon King Wanderer of the Rift Different Future Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (35%) Final Fantasy XIV (PS5) (85%) Final Fantasy XIV (98%) Heavensward (84%) Stormblood (84%) Shadowbringers (75%) Shadowbringers: Death Unto Dawn Endwalker (82%) Endwalker: Newfound Adventure Endwalker: Burried Memory (70%) Endwalker: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble (52%) That's 21 platinums, plus a dupe VIIR plat. Theatrhythm won't take long. And XIV (PS5) I only don't have on principle.
  2. Do wish we could just go back to the nearest 10 or 20 floors if we die. Needing to start all over is just stressful, even if no single part of it is super difficult. I'll manage it eventually, since I want to maintain 100% FF trophies, but it's certainly annoying. I'd much rather Ultimate trophies.