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  1. Do you want to go to the end of the rainbow?
  2. yes Do you dance like nobody's watching?
  3. No Do you want to give a rifle to a fellow member of your squad?
  4. Did you know good things come to those who wait?
  5. No Did you need a map to deliver the food?
  6. Did you know time waits for no one?
  7. Plasteel and Silica Unlock all other trophies
  8. Jazz One or Uno
  9. Did you delivery the goods on time before the timer ran out?
  10. No Do you want to be the fight night champ?
  11. ICO Run - not the best times but enough to get Castle Guide Graveyard - 18:49 Windmill - 27:09 Stone Pillar - 33:57 East Arena - 39:26 arrival East Arena - 47:55 departure Waterfall - 1:00:57 departure - piston and water wheel jump on first attempt Gondola - 1:03:44 Water Tower - 1:07:11 West Idol Stairs - 1:15:55 on arrival Main Gate - 1:26:14 messed up on the gears once before exiting the shadow fight and queen battle was flawless - as mentioned its doable but more than 2 mistakes and had to redo as the time was tight so no room for error. I got the piston jump and water wheel jump on the first attempt in the waterfall area so that was crucial to keep the time close. The last save point is at the main gate - all the battles and the ending went with no issues. I used the first video that Ellieeeeeaeeeeee posted. Total time 1:59:23
  12. Flowers - Flores - off topic when the Spanish discovered Florida - it was the day of the flowers - dia de las flores in Spain - so that is where Florida got its name Found what you are looking for or what you are looking for found you
  13. Did you drive that hot rod through the streets of New Orleans?