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  1. What is the oldest song in the world?
  2. Sharks Sharks Sharks War Bear or Love Bear
  3. Science Daffy or Donald Quack!
  4. Do you like the Beatles song? Todo lo que necesitas es amor (All you need is love)
  5. Yes Do you want to pick your own fruit?
  6. Do you like that song "All you need is love"?
  7. Yes Do you like to dunk for apples?
  8. Do you really want to go after Jason and the Argonauts?
  9. Gretchen27 - I only played Amnesia Memories because if was a freebie from PS+, and wanted to try something different but - yeah those endings were something else - the bad ones!
  10. Fudge Caramel flavored or Cheese flavored
  11. Do you want to be in Sinbad the sailor's crew?
  12. Yes Do you want to spin a top?