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  1. 7774
  2. show me a picture of guacamole
  3. Why is it that mo money is mo problems?
  4. Yolk
  5. yes, Did you let the dogs out?
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  7. Do you know where I can find a money tree?
  8. Danganronpa Red Coat or Blue Coat
  9. When I first started playing PS3 I didn't think that much for trophies, that is why I have a few games that I played before or after MP servers were closed. All of that has changed now, before I play a PS3 game I make sure if the MP is still open, if not then I don't even start the game. I have more new games to play than on the backlog; but I have not started them yet as I tackle the backlog and this event has help me bring down my count of unfinished games and unearned trophies. After Sony announce that it was shutting down PS3 only to reverse their decision, has made me focus on PS3 games this year trying to get the MP trophies out of the way don't have much left but its still a work in progress. Each month I play a little of each game from the backlog as I have been decent on not adding to the backlog if I do play a new game I try to finish it before I start a new game all at the same time playing the games from the backlog so I keep chipping away slowly to the backlog.
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  12. Yes Do you air guitar in the shower?
  13. Do you know what the roots are made for?