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  1. Twice - and it rolls two times
  2. Succubus Bonaparte or Wellington
  3. Have you ever tried the Big Bubba from Jerrys?
  4. No Do you like atomic hot wings?
  5. No Do you like mayo on your french fries?
  6. Base jump Drink from a bottle or drink from a glass
  7. No Do you like to put an egg in your hamburger?
  8. Gretchen27, I have been burned before on a few games, so MP is always priority in getting that done first before I begin SP.
  9. Machete don't text!
  10. Once a week Wash dishes in sink or Wash dishes in DW
  11. Do you want free food for a year?
  12. No, Do you have a juice maker?
  13. Do you like WOW burgers?