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  1. But doesn't there need to be a Zeny give away for the method to work?
  2. I know that it has to be somewhat soon, but does someone have a page that informs you about it?
  3. Since I didn't see anyone post it before, I assume, I am among the first people. But I don't care about it too much, what I care about is that I can help. Many people have had problems with trophies not popping and at least my reason for that was that I was playing the game in coop and one of us had to leave every once in a while to have a bigger screen. This let to the level completion criteria not being met even if you finished it. So even though this is a Lego game, don't play coop and simply pass on the same controller after a while.
  4. Yes, the area should be the same. I got the other trophies for getting enough studs and doing one quest, only the one for finishing wasn't popping.
  5. Did Sonic, Adventure Time, the Simpsons and the Goonies so far. The first two didn't give me the trophy for beating the Dlc even though I did it. I even tried going back to the Sonic level and loaded into the last boss fight through chapter select and it still didn't work. Does someone have the same problem or a way to fix it? Haven't tried fully replaying the levels yet, but that should be left as the last option. Playing it on PS3.
  6. I couldn't really find many Infos about it and found it on PS now.
  7. Almost a year later but I'd like to know this as well.
  8. A similiar thing happened to me today. I was playing with a friend of mine, when a third person, looking like Rais, joined. All of a sudden the credits were rolling, followed by me being teleported to the main menu and being congratulated for beating the game. We just finished the Snake in grass chapter. Unlike you my other story trophies haven't popped and I hope that I can still unlock them regularly.
  9. Like many other people I am look to complete the last recipes and as far as I understand you get 10 more by giving the story npcs their favorite dish/ a dish with their preferences such as salty, sweet etc. The way I am doing it is having a recipe that can't be made for regular customers, so that I don't waste ingredients. Whenever a story npc appears I equip their favorite recipe and unequip it once they receive their food. I have been at it for 4 hours and not a single recipe. Some people wrote that it takes about 50 meals served.
  10. How much I hate it when they don't put every single DLC onto the disc or don't release an updated disc version. Having some on the disc and some in code form is just as annoying 😂 Thank you everyone.
  11. As the title says. There are many versions, many Dlcs, many of them being barely obtainable, hence the question. Thank you in advance.
  12. Just beat the Streetfighter dlcs and the Akuma 40 seconds mission was nigh impossible. He's constantly defending and attacks with that black energy focus move that was introduced in SF4. He's taking a hit without being stunned and retaliates, even making him heal back the hit that you just dealt.
  13. Thank you for your answer.
  14. I own the Japanese version of the game, went to the Japanese Psnstore and found out that the Dlc characters are not available anymore. If I am mistaken please let me know. Either way, I know that games are usually not region locked but Dlcs are. Is there any other store I could use to download the Dlc characters? Japan belongs to Region 2 and IF I understand it correctly I can use any other Region 2 store, correct? https://heavyarm-asia.com/what-is-region-defination-for-ps4-ps5-and-switch-games/