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  1. That answer must be a fucking Joke right? They release a PS5 Version on their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY and won't fix a damn game breaking bug "in the near future" despite their awareness? What the actual fuck?
  2. If I really need to start over that'd be a f*cking joke from Bethesda. But thanks for the advice.
  3. As this issue is pretty common with the next gen versions, I highly encourage all players to regularily save the game every thirty minutes. Or even better, just wait until Bethesda fixes this as it can literally destroy your game experience both mentally and in-game. There's a current issue in the PS5 vanilla version (not a transfered file from PS4, no mods, no anniversary upgrade!) where the game changes to a black screen after loading a save file. U can hear the sound from the loaded file but the screen just turns black with some fog swirling around and the controls being locked. Does anybody now how to fix this? I already found out that the save data is not broken. Also, everything after my 4th save file does work, so the saves that won't load for me are "quicksave" and "autosave" 1 to 3. They were all saved in a time span of 5 minutes, i think this is some important information. Also if you are thinking that it has something to do with the saves being no manually saved one's, it doesnt. There are many reports of regular Saves also having this problem.
  4. Same here :/
  5. Here in Germany holidays will start as of tomorrow and I wanted to platinum all six God of War games in them. So I think this is the perfect time to go for them am I right xD. Thank you so much for doing this, you are truly worthy of wielding the Blades of Chaos https://psnprofiles.com/series/21-god-of-war Do they count? I want to platinum every game except God of War 4 as I already completed it.
  6. Hey folks, just wanted to tell everyone here that there's an extremely easy method to get yourself a browser on your PS5. For the people who don't know, you can't just open your browser on the PS5 because Sony simply didn't want to allow us players to use it. Funny thing is, there IS a browser installed in every PS5 as some games need to direct you to a certain website in order to show you the licenses and all that. Now if you type google.com and send it to someone in your messages, just press X on the message. Feel free to visit any website you want to. That's really it. Have fun
  7. Solved the problem (atleast worked for me...): After trying several times, I just installed the PS4 disc. After that, I went on the game and pressed on "show product". Now it should just Show you Little Nightmares II, which you can only add to your wishlist. After tbat, press on the three dots and choose "standard edition". No it should say "free" with a Disc symbol next to it like with all the other free upgrades. I already tried this for several times now, guess they fixed it now.
  8. Hey everyone, At the moment, you aren't able to download the new free PS5 Upgrade if you have the game in the disc format. The problem is that the PS5 version doesn't count as an upgrade. The PS5 version is only being sold together with the PS4 version digitally in a bundle, so there's no single "Upgrade version" for disc users. Does anyone know how to solve this? As of knoe, you can't just change the version of the game in the home menu, you also can't buy the license for the PS5 upgrade as it's only sold together with the digital PS4 version.
  9. Well I figured it out now: (I don't have the license for H1 and HII) You can play the levels for free, all the levels from the whole Trilogy. But if you wanna play the campaign of H1 and H2, you gotta pay.
  10. I don't understand anything rn... I just started the game and I have all levels unlocked, also those from Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 2 Expansion. Can't I get the trophies by playing those levels?
  11. Can confirm this!
  12. I personally think that tp'ing to every position would take too long, just typing in 1-690 seemed okay for me. But this crap game just won't work. They should just fix the alle explorer notes crash and everything'd be alright but they are busy making more dlc's so they can sell them for another 50 bucks Edit: I typed in the GiveAllExplorerNotes command and got the veteran paleontologist and 40% trophy, 50-100% still don't spawn but atleast the game didn't crash :/ New Edit: The command gave me all the dossiers, nothing else
  13. Yes This game is so fucked up tbh... I can't get 2-5, the notes 72-80 and 100-idk
  14. Already did that :/ I tested something... I started a new file again and erased the old one, then I tried using GiveExplorerNote 2 first and it didn't work either 🤔 Edit: I fixed it somehow by typing in GiveExplorerNote 43, then every other command worked... very strange. I appreciate your help! New Edit: I don't know why but notes 2-5 just won't work... every other does
  15. Thanks. Now I have the problem that everything after GiveExplorerNote 1 doesnt work...