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  1. Yeah that’s basically what it is. Just like those games there are both single player and multiplayer in my faction so hopefully the trophies can be done offline pretty easily
  2. Very surprised you tapped out all 6 in a minute lol. Must’ve been a lot of noobs that don’t know the submissions
  3. I'd say keep trying because you could get lucky with the matchmaking or find a boosting session. All you need is 4 new players to get the trophy just have to keep persevering 😁
  4. Because of PS+ there's a strong chance that undisputed is harder because most of the skilled players dont play blitz whereas a lot of new players are. OWC is filled with good players who are playing to try and get matched up against new PS+ players because of the lack of division matchmaking.
  5. You have to be lucky to match up with your partner(s) because there is a huge influx of new users. In terms of how many times you can match up with one account, I managed to get the same account twice in one run, although the first time was in fight 1 and the second time was in fight 6, so I doubt you can match them twice in a row. Also, you can only match accounts that are in the same round as you, one round above, or one round below (If you're in round 3 you can match with users in rounds 2, 3, and 4). Hope this helps
  6. Not sure but should work still
  7. There’s a glitch you can do with one controller to add 4 people it’s easily found on YouTube.
  8. Thanks for the help. Definitely a bummer adding an extra few hours but I love this game. Would definitely recommend to anyone and one of my GOTY for 2021
  9. Hello, I’ve just finished my playthrough of Guardians of the Galaxy and wasn’t going for collectibles until chapter 7 so everything before that point I have barely anything collected. I am wondering what the best way is to get the remaining outfits and collectables for the platinum because I’ve seen many different things. I would be pretty bummed if I have to do a second playthrough because there’s so many games I want to play (even though this game is amazing). Any help would be appreciated
  10. Thanks so much this worked for me. Saved me many boosting hours
  11. So the only thing you need to do again is the misc trophies? That would be great
  12. Good luck to all the guide writers out there who make all our lives a lot easier while trophy hunting! 🙂
  13. Never heard of this show but excited to play because it's from telltale. Easy purchase
  14. 99% sure the pay-per-view Extreme Rules will be the last chance to get this trophy on the 26th.
  15. Damn this sucks for people wanting to play it, I had a fun time with it last year. Hopefully they will make a new one with a similar style when the next season releases. Limited run copies might go up in price now.